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The Last Car in Alaska

The Last Car in Alaska
Location:Clemson, SC (USA)
Genres:Rock / Punk
Record Label:Unsigned
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Album ReviewLast Car in Alaska, The - Comfort
Posted by average_jane on 10/25/07
The Billboard
It's rare to see a band with roots planted firmly in the punk rock scene come together at a college in the south, but its also rare to find a band with such determination and drive. The Last Car in Alaska, hailing from Clemson, South Carolina, is slowly becoming an oasis of rock in the upstate of South Carolina. By mixing the heart of a young band with the desire for great songwriting that most bands don't exhibit until well into their career, the Last Car is making a name for itself.

The band came together in late 2004 with a desire to create a sound that challenged themselves as musicians while always trying to remain more melodic than technical. With lyrics that are sometimes bitter, sometimes nostalgic, and always heartfelt, Vocalist and Guitarist Dan Ubilla intertwines poetic melodies around Drummer Andy Campbell's angular, heart-pounding rhythms. Bassist and Vocalist Jared Weinstein complements and completes the trio with catchy basslines hiding right below the surface of the songs.

One inspiration for the group has been The Sugarland Run, a band that came out of BYU in the early part of the decade. The Sugarland Run showed a lot of promise and delivered a great album before ultimately succumbing to the pressures of school and work. Their full-length featured a song called "Richmond, Va" that references "the Last Car in Alaska" as a final refuge for hope, and the band decided to use that line to carry the torch for The Sugarland Run. Amidst classes, clubs, and work, the Last Car in Alaska has managed to stay focused and started to spread their name and music across the upstate of South Carolina. The band is now looking to spread their music farther, and with the talent and the passion that this young band has already shown, its an exciting time to be a fan of the Last Car in Alaska.
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Last Updated: 09/09/06
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