Location:Greensburg, PA (USA)
Genres:Metal / Hardcore
Record Label:Ferret Music
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Posted by Handraa on 08/16/09
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Posted by OKComputer1016 on 06/28/08
Album ReviewZao - The Fear Is What Keeps Us Here
Posted by abusedcat on 06/18/06
The Billboard
Zao's new album "The Fear Is What Keeps Us Here" is due out in June. Recorded by Steve Albini (Nirvana, The Pixies, Neurosis) the album combines the dark and creepy vibe of "Liberate" with the rock n' roll thunder of "Parade Of Chaos" or "Self-Titled" and the metallic fury of "The Funeral Of God." Zao's storied career was recently documented on a breathtaking 2-disc DVD set boasting over SEVEN HOURS of content called "The Lesser Lights Of Heaven." Underoath, Unearth and As I Lay Dying all got their start opening for Zao. The band's music, stage show and lyrics have influenced everyone from Thrice to Fall Out Boy. The last two years have been Zao's most active ever, touring with Bleeding Through, Shadows Fall, In Flames, Trivium, Every Time I Die and more. Catch them on this spring's Ferret Music Tour and with Demon Hunter & Spoken this summer.

Q: Are you a Christian band?
A: Not in the sense that you are probably thinking. If the term "Christian Band" to you means we sing about Jesus all the time and preach in between songs at concerts then no, we're not. Some of the members ARE Christian but some are not. We're open minded about it with each other... you should be too. The lyrics are usually about whatever Dan is in the mood to write about which could be anything from horror films, to political issues, to personal issues, you name it.

Q: Why won't ZAO play in my town?
A: That could be any number of reasons, none of them are personal. We're willing to play anywhere. Unless you live in Cuba, it's probably because either a) we're guests on a tour that we had nothing to do with the booking of or b) it's OUR tour and no promoters made an offer or c) a promoter was interested and there was no available appropriate venue.

Q: What happened to Russ?
A: He went on a medical leave due to his knee being injured in August 2005. In the interim, he got married and is working at home and spending time with his wife. Rock 'n Roll doesn't wait and Zao soldiered on. At this stage, we don't expect his return or want a replacement. If/when he decides to return, we have his area of the stage (in addition to a bunch of cushy gym mats) waiting for him.

Q: Can you please put (insert old ZAO song here) up on the myspace?
A: We are only allotted 4 spaces (hey, take it up with Tom, not us). Therefore, we have delegated the myspace to be a home to more recent Zao fare.

Q: Can my band open for you guys? What time is your show? How Much?
A: 9 times out of 10, we're touring as part of a package so the bill is full. In those RARE occasions where we are doing a one-off with locals, here's what you do: call the venue, ask who the promoter is, call the promoter and state your case. As far as times and prices, we haven't the foggiest. They are always different and we usually find stuff like that out the day of the show or the day before. So calling the venue is your best bet.

Q: Where can I find your cd's they aren't in my town
A: If your local store can't order them for you, your best bet would be to hit up either Ferret or Solid State. If those don't work out for you Zambooie is always a safe bet.
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