PJ Bond

PJ Bond
Location:New Brunswick, NJ (USA)
Record Label:Black Numbers
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PJ Bond was born on his older brother’s second birthday, thus the catalyst for his now and again inconvenient timing. However, the unfortunate position as middle brother and a “leaf in the wind” mentality have given PJ the fortunate ability to evolve, always with a consistent, solid–as–nickel core.

A steady diet of Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins and Blind Melon as a young teen proved to be a steadfast base in the pavement that would lead PJ to the punk/indie basement scene of New Brunswick, New Jersey.

As a founding member of Outsmarting Simon, PJ established the band early on, and after several years of indefatigable touring, they were signed to Triple Crown Records, just two months before college convocation. Sure, a common story, but all this happened well before the age of MySpace. PJ and his mates cut their teeth the old fashioned way: D–I–Y.

When the other three members of the band found themselves being called back to the halls of academia, PJ soldiered on in the unpredictable music world. He quickly found himself playing various instruments for a slew of bands including Marigold, The Color Fred (Equal Vision Records), and Charlotte Sometimes(Geffen/Interscope Records). While acting as a hired gun, PJ felt a void in his heart with the absence of his own band. He missed the long lost days of no bullshit music–making, touring, and camaraderie. There was only one way to go––to amass a new facade in the form of an ambitious catalogue of ardent and honest singer/songwriter jams. It would seem some time alone has done him well. This is the most personal and from–the–heart music PJ has manufactured to date. These are the documents to many a late night, long roads, failed relationships and devoted friends.

On a break between tours in December of 2007, PJ secluded himself in his younger brother’s house and made a record. Soon after he was back on the road, but in March 2008 PJ self released “fall, tonight” on his label, Maroon Set Recordings. Over the course of the next few months, more songs were written, and in December 2008, PJ felt the annual clock ticking inside of himself, like a salmon swimming up–river each year to spawn. He recorded 31 demos in just one night. Afterward, he ran down the street to a New Brunswick basement show, something he’s found himself doing time and time again, a true constant in his life.

The release of his next full length record is slated for the coming months, but if PJ’s clock continues to tick in the full circle fashion it has grown accustomed to, one could expect that it’ll definitely be pumping through headphones by November.
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Last Updated: 01/03/11
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