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Epitaph Records is thrilled to announce the signing of Gallows, touted by Kerrang magazine as "the world's most exciting new band." The legendary punk label will release the band's already completed and much acclaimed album Orchestra Of Wolves, with the addition of three exclusive bonus tracks for North America, on July 10. "Punk rock is back and its new name is Gallows," says Epitaph president Brett Gurewitz. "This is the band we've all been waiting for."

Comprised of Frank Carter (vocals), Steph Carter (guitar/vocals), Laurent Barnard (guitars/keys/vocals), Stuart Gili-Ross (bass) and Lee Barratt (drums), Gallows hail from the gloomy streets of Watford, UK where they formed in 2005. Inspired by early 80s hardcore bands like Minor Threat and Black Flag, 90s Swedish hardcore such as Refused, the metal riffs of Mastodon and the discordance of underground bands such as Swing Kids, and JR Ewing, Gallows' ultimate goal was to wrestle punk back from the fashion police and re-invest it with the passion, brutality and menace that characterized their British forebears.

A band with a lesser vision might be swept away by the massive hype that has surrounded the group and their debut release, but Gallows remain firmly rooted in their DIY upbringing and are determined to make their mark in the states with blood, sweat and guts. Never pulling their punches, Gallows instill the most technically sophisticated punk songs with a brutally honest social vision, unflinchingly tackling topics such as hometown violence, date rape and broken homes. The Gallows' message ferociously paints a picture of camaraderie, self-preservation, confrontation and escape from mundanity.

While Gallows' impending release has stirred up massive international interest, it has also reignited fervor in punk/hardcore fans everywhere. Moving past the simple rage that fuels many bands passionate outcries, Gallows are not afraid to show heart. On title track "Orchestra Of Wolves," Carter wails the final lines "the hardest thing/you'll ever learn/is to love and be loved in return," a whisper of humanity at the end of a viciously honest diatribe about sexual predation. "The key factor in this record's brilliance is that Gallows know how to write ambitiously technical hardcore songs using highly personal subject material and turn them into sing-along friendly anthems that even your gran will be tapping her foot along to" (Drownedinsound.com).

Gallows' live shows are nothing short of pure madness - "a carnival of love and hate, after which their fans limp home slathered in blood, spit and sweat" (The Observer). Having already ravished and abused crowds at SXSW 2007 in Austin, TX, the group plans to conquer the US city-by-city on the Main Stage at this year's Warped Tour.

Epitaph has something and everything to scream about.

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