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Location:Boston, MA (USA)
Genres:Alternative / Rock
Record Label:Unsigned
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Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, the four musicians that form the entity entitled Paris certainly have a fascinating story to share. Upon meeting in 2009 while partaking in a previous musical affair, vocalist and guitarist Lynn Gunnulfsen and drummer Brad Griffin soon met eye to eye on one thing: something didn’t feel quite right. Towards the end of their run together with their previous band, they met guitarist Alex Babinski. “When we met him and he and I were writing together it was just instant chemistry,” says Gunnulfsen. Soon after the band clicked with Babinski, they gracefully entered the studio to create the being in which rock n’ roll fans everywhere would soon begin to know as Paris.

“During that time we entered the studio together, several changes came about… an entirely new sound, new approach to writing and more. Since we had a whole new approach, we only felt it would be right to just become a whole new band,” Gunnulfsen states. It was around this time that the band was introduced to bassist Brian MacDonald and once again felt the instant chemistry they experienced with Babinski. “From then on, we felt as if we had finally found the perfect line-up for the direction we wanted to take. It was gratifying!” adds Babinski.

Whilst continuing their time in the studio over as one single essence, the band has taken time to return to ad bits and pieces to each composition to be sure that each piece fit exactly with the rest. The four of them find it difficult to pinpoint exact influences but Gunnulfsen is satisfied saying, “We didn't want to aim for any particular sound, but we wanted to keep it really gritty and in your face, yet catchy with a sense of grace to it. Beauty and the beast in music form, in a way.”

To summarize what Paris offers musically, it’s easy to sense that they bring a concourse of strong emotion straight to the table. That being said, the band has flawlessly used their teen angst to form a remarkable EP due out late summer that is sure to astound the music scene. With a tight knit line-up, unshaken balance, alluring vocals and a drive unlike any other, the four members of Paris are ready to step onto the nearest stage at any given time to show you just what they’ve got.
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Last Updated: 03/25/13
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