The Abattoir Murders

The Abattoir Murders
Location:Charleroi, PA (USA)
Genres:Metal / Other
Record Label:Bridgeport...
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Over the past three years "The Murders" have been through line up changes, member losses, break ups, car crashes, broken fish tanks, and the most wonderful times of their lives. Each member has grown to be best friends, bringing the sound that are in each band members heads to life.

The band formed in 2002 out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as Alex, Matt, Josh, & Jesse (formerly of The Ezekial)... the band was then named The Robot Hum. After one month the band parted ways with Jesse to stumble upon Paul G to play drums and Anthony to sing. This was the steady line up for nearly a year before the band took a brief hiatus and renamed The Abattoir Murders (pronounced Abba Twar). The Murders kept that same line up for months. The band recorded "Mr. T's Night Fuck" in April of 2004 and planned on recording an EP during summer 04'. This did not happen. Matt was obligated to persue further schooling as was Paul. In September 04' the band then came together with Jon Collins formerly of spazcore band, There Were Many to play drums. Shortly after Jon joined the band, Josh wanted to part ways with the band and the band took a hiatus for almost six months. The band regrouped in March of 2005 as Jon, Alex, Anthony, & Josh. Learning from previous mistakes they plan this time to endure a long non stop road of fun, love, and fighting.

The Abattoir Murders entered the studio to record their debut EP with Eric Klinger of Pittsburgh, PA in January 2006. The album has been titled "MASADA" and will be available everywhere on March 21, 2006. Tour dates have been scheduled from February 2006-July 2006.

The band has been lucky enough to share stages with all of the following bands plus more... As I Lay Dying, Zao, Albert React, August Burns Red, See You Next Tuesday, Himsa, Circle Takes The Square, Nora, The Bled, Saosin, Between The Buried And Me, The Red Chord, Darkest Hour, Still Remains, The Acacia Strain, Animosity, The Letters Organize, The Blackout Pact, Spitalfield, Comeback Kid, The Loved Ones, Ligeia, Sadaharu, Arms Bend Back, Keepsake, Matchbook Romance, Drowningman, The Minor Times, The Number 12 Looks Like You, The End, Fear Before The March of Flames, & Daughters!
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Last Updated: 12/03/06

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