Great Glass Elevator

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Location:America, CA (USA)
Genres:Experimental / Pop
Record Label:Atlantic Records
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The Billboard
Taken from "The Midnight Hurrah":

MY: For the record, might I get a roll call of the names of the band members?

GGE: Matt Mason, Josh Stephens, Barrett Slagle, Andrew Honore, and David Braun.

MY: How did all of you meet? Were you friends before the band, or did you meet through the formation? For that matter, how did the band come about?

GGE: We met in a midnight rage of peyote. Some of us were friends, some weren’t.

MY: What is it that you intend to accomplish by putting your music in the public eye, and are there any personal goals that individual members have for their involvement with the band?

GGE: We intend to take over the History Channel. We want people to like music we think is good. Our goal is to have a happy day.

MY: Did you guys really form on Valentine's Day?

GGE: Yes.

MY: Your biography mentioned that you guys try to combine your original (recorded) sound with an energetic live performance. Do you tend to write songs with the live performance in mind? What are the differences and similarities between the studio approach and the live approach?

GGE: We write songs to fit with sounding fantastic live. The live approach is simply running around with clothes on, and the recorded approach is to not.

MY: Is there a song that the band was particularly proud of after it was recorded, or a favorite song you like to perform live?

GGE: We love performing “Drunk On Another Planet,” which is a new one we recorded in Barrett’s living-room, and that song we are particularly proud of recording, as well.

MY: How much thought goes into the set list for any given show? Do your performances mainly follow certain dynamics or is the progression random?

GGE: There really is no thought involved. No one really knows what songs we are going to play; it just kind of happens.

MY: Aside from the instruments you play, are there other roles you guys take on in the band? Is there a primary songwriter or a leader?

GGE: Andrew does booking, Josh wears goggles, Matt is pre-med and the band doctor, David likes pop punk, Barrett is key master, and we all write songs and lead each other into space.

MY: How open are you about the songwriting process in terms of writing and arranging?

GGE: We usually mess around and something comes out that we shouldn’t try.

MY: Is anyone from the band familiar with music theory or is anyone classically trained? Or is it more a matter of what feels right when a song is being written or arranged?

GGE: Barrett is classically trained in theory, Josh is jazz trained, Matt doesn’t give a shit, Andrew likes funk, and Dave chants.

MY: I read that there are a few pre-show/practice rituals—Slagle and Mozart before shows and Del Taco before everything—Are these true? Are there any other rituals that you partake in when it comes to the band?

GGE: No they are not true whatsoever. Those things happened one time. The only rituals we normally partake in are jumping and snapping a lot, and play-doh.

MY: Is there any particular reason for naming the band the Great Glass Elevator?

GGE: We couldn’t think of anything else and we were able to get www.greatglasselevator.com; everything else was taken.

MY: Describe music, what it means to you, and why you have chosen to be a part of it.

GGE: Listening to the music, it means we have a fondness for pop, psychedelic(s), girls, alcohol and ecstasy.

MY: The band seems to have a broad range of influences, but are there certain artists whose influences seems to come to the forefront in your music?

GGE: Pink Floyd, The Flaming Lips, The Verve, Broken Social Scene, jazz, Neu!, John Frusciante, a lot of funk, and Narwhals.

MY: If each of you could recommend an album to me (or anyone at all, really) which album would that be and why?

GGE: Anything by The Verve, or Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, or Pink Floyd; The Flaming Lip’s The Soft Bulletin, and any Peter Gabriel era Genesis (Selling England by the Pound, Foxtrot, Nursery Crymes)

MY: What are the plans for this coming year?

GGE: Touring, writing, recording, loving, more costumes and theatrics.

MY: How much time would you say you all put into this band?

GGE: A un-estimate-able amount.

MY: Any thoughts or advice that you might give to someone hiding in a hole, waiting for the right time to write or perform their own music?

GGE: Be original, be respectful, take over the world.
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