Location:Bowling Green, OH (USA)
Genres:Electronica / Rock
Record Label:Unsigned
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Teamnate is made up of keyboardist/music arranger Brandon Scott and vocalist Alan Plotts. Brandon frustrated with his last failed project, Talk About the Debutantes, had been experimenting with various music producing software and hardware in his spare time. It wouldn’t be long before he discovered Alan’s vocal talent. After considering whether or not getting back into the music scene would be a good idea, Brandon ultimately decided to invite Alan over to have a listening session of his latest work. Alan walked to Brandon’s downtown apartment above a popular Bowling Green bar not sure what to expect. After a few hours working over prerecorded tracks it was obvious that the two had something special worth pursuing.

About The Music:

Teamnate is an electronic band utilizing various hardware and software synthesizers to produce their unique sound. Armed with a strong music theory background, Brandon is able to compose musical arrangements that captivate any audience willing to give it a chance. The music fits into a genre known as tecktonic, which is techno electronic. The first thing many people notice about the music is the glitchy blips, harsh bass lines, and the amalgamation of several genres into a tight, yet aloof package.

Alan, a classically trained vocalist, adds an intense, exciting timbre to complete the entire ensemble of a well crafted song. The songs cover a wide range of subjects involving personal experience and self discovery. Teamnate doesn’t like to focus on exaggerated themes or rehashing old ideas. What really makes a strong song for the band is if it challenges them both musically and mentally during the creation and performance of the piece.

The Name:

We get a lot of questions about the name since neither of our names is Nate. So here it is.

Teamnate derived from our friend Nathan Buker’s idea of a perfect community he plans to build when he’s a billionaire. It involves an island and a barter system and all the lovely things we like to put in our versions of a perfect world such as; ice cream fountains, beer slides, etc etc. The name is also a play on the word teammate because they’re so close together in spelling.

Fun fact: If you take out the vowels in Teamnate, you’re left with TMNT.

What we’re up to now:

After completing our EP which is now available for free download at ETANMAET.com, we are ready to take on the country to spread the good cheer TeamNate has to offer. The EP features six original songs with the exception of Andy Ft JT as stealing the chorus from TI and Justin Timberlake's hit song "Dead And Gone". We've been playing out and enjoying our growing fan base and hope to continue our efforts. We have plans to go on tour this upcoming spring and need help finding dates to play. Please contact us if you have interest in having us play in your town. Be it a house show, basement show, warehouse, venue, wedding, grandma's birthday, we'll be there ready to make your legs move.
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Last Updated: 08/16/10

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