Location:Chicago, IL (USA)
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Emerging from the murky depths of the contemporary phenomenon better known as Chicago is the unusually energetic suburbia, and the guys of ///seizethemoment. are no strangers to this stereotype. Having released a reissued EP and numerous demos to accompany them, ///seizethemoment. (pronounced "Seize The Moment") have found their calling in the non-"cliché" alternative post-hardcore and/or screamo genre. Whichever name you prefer to call it, the band has come a long way from their pop/punk beginnings back in late February of 2003.

With Matt Bracken on drums, Tom Mikailin and Steve Bliss administering vocals and guitar, and Matt Nosek throwing out the screams, STM delivers radiant vocals to the sound of the stirring instrumentals they've chosen to coincide.

Apart from the love for music, and their fans, there are other reasons why ///seizethemoment. continues to flourish.

"Basically my goal in this band is to make a difference somehow through music" guitarist/vocalist Steve Bliss says, "that's my main goal......make music that is to our liking and hope that it can lead us to a path where we have the ability to speak to people by the masses and make a difference in something."

"People always ask us if we're a christian band" begins Tom Mikailin (guitar/vocals), "Technically, we're not, but that doesn't make us bad people. We're not out there to just be poster boys on people's walls. That's disgusting. We have morals, but we also don't want to limit ourselves to one specific thing. We all believe in God, but we don't want to be referred to as just a christian band."

For ///seizethemoment., the name is a lot more than just a decorative title.

"To me it means what it would mean to most people" explains Bliss, "take advantage of the opportunities presented to you, play each show like its your last, live each day like tomorrow isn't promised because we take those things for granted in everyday life......to do all these things to me is seize the moment.....if we as a band can be fortunate enough to be successful in what we do, we will seize the moment that we have in the spotlight to attempt to improve society. The 3 slashes (///) in the beginning of the name are symbolic, in the way that they really dont mean any one thing. They represent that the band stands for a lot more than people think. The period at the end symbolizes that we are here for a reason and is kind of our reminder of why we are here; it keeps ourselves in check."

You can expect to see more from ///seizethemoment. in the coming future.

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