F.A.Q: Common Complaints, Rumors, and Lies
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I've heard you screw over bands and labels.
If this is something you actually believe, nothing I type here will have any chance of changing your mind. We do our best to keep a professional relationship with every band and label we work with, but as with every company, there have been times in the past where miscommunication have occurred. However, we firmly stand behind our claim that we have a positive working relationship with all of the bands and labels we cover. While some staff have personal tastes - we do our best to not let this impact our relationships with the artists we feel the community wants to read about.

[Insert Band Name] totally sold out, why do you cover them?
Because we want to, and we don't care. The term "sell out" is dead. We don't care if a band makes money doing what they love, we simply care about the passion and emotion they put behind the music they create.

You stole this news from so and so.
We collect our news from a variety of different places. User submissions, press releases, word of mouth, and various other avenues. Many websites are on the same mailing lists and this is why you may see the same news on other pages.

We do our best to credit any news from an outside source. However, because we allow user submitted news there may be times when a user has read the news on another page and submitted it to us via our submission form. If we posted news in this manner unknowingly from an uncredited source, we are very sorry and a simple email letting us know will fix everything.

You post a lot of gossip and unverified news.
The simple answer is that yes, we do. We always do our best to confirm or deny a story before it's published on our main page. However, there are times when we're not able to do this. If that's the case, we will always do our best to inform you of this. We subscribe more to the belief that we are a blog/message board with a more informal approach to "journalism." Sometimes rumors are being spread around the internet and we'll call attention to them in an effort to get an answer direct from the source on their validity. We only do this if we're unable to reach the band or label to begin with.

To be honest, don't take anything we do too seriously. It's better that way and it keeps us from having to act like a stuffy publication.

You don't post about [insert band name here].
At any time you may submit news to us, we can't cover every single band by ourselves and depend on user submissions to stay up to date.

Your musical taste sucks!
In order to not go crazy around this community - you must realize this: An opinion is a person's ideas and thoughts toward something. It is an assessment, judgment or evaluation. An opinion is not a fact, because opinions are either not falsifiable, or the opinion has not been proven or verified. Opinions and taste vary from person to person. You may consider something "great" that another considers "trash." You may think something is "good music" that another considers "bad taste." In the end, it's how you relate to the songs and how they make you feel.

I heard [insert band name] hates you.
So? They probably rode our coat-tails as long as they could and then decided to place a well-placed knife in our soft backs. Thanks guys. True friends stab you in the front. We've heard that some bands just use us and pretend to be our friends in order to get promoted - that's fine, karma will catch everyone in the end.

You're not punk.
Correct. We're not. Most of the music we talk about isn't punk either. Our name comes from the music that has evolved out of what was once punk music. We cover as wide a range of music as we can.

You are paid to post news, write a good album review, or promote this certain band.
Simply untrue. The only paid advertisements on the website are clearly labeled as advertisements. News, reviews, and editorial promotion is not paid for by anyone. All of the money/ads takes place through a third party and the staff and owner of the website have very little, if any, communication or knowledge of what takes place behind those scenes.

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