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Band Name - Album Name (Reviewer)
Brooke Miller - You Can See EverythingBrooke Miller - You Can See Everything
Reviewed by: CellarGhosts
Daniel Ahearn - Pray for Me By NameDaniel Ahearn - Pray for Me By Name
Reviewed by: Adam Pfleider
The Jakes - Shake My HandThe Jakes - Shake My Hand
Reviewed by: Travis Parno
Fear Before - Fear BeforeFear Before - Fear Before
Reviewed by: Drew Beringer
Fairmont - TranscendenceFairmont - Transcendence
Reviewed by: Susan Frances
Copeland - You Are My SunshineCopeland - You Are My Sunshine
Reviewed by: topher465
Living With Lions - Make Your MarkLiving With Lions - Make Your Mark
Reviewed by: Deborah Remus
Forgive Durden - Razia's Shadow: A MusicalForgive Durden - Razia's Shadow: A Musical
Reviewed by: Drew Beringer
Emery - While Broken Hearts PrevailEmery - While Broken Hearts Prevail
Reviewed by: Blake Solomon
The Killers - Hot FussThe Killers - Hot Fuss
Reviewed by: alice+interiors
The Kills - Midnight BoomThe Kills - Midnight Boom
Reviewed by: alice+interiors
The Watson Twins - Fire SongsThe Watson Twins - Fire Songs
Reviewed by: hockeyguitar99
Sound and Fury - Sound and FurySound and Fury - Sound and Fury
Reviewed by: hockeyguitar99
Backseat Goodbye - Dressed Up Like DreamsBackseat Goodbye - Dressed Up Like Dreams
Reviewed by: hockeyguitar99
Downstares - Cobras and MatadorsDownstares - Cobras and Matadors
Reviewed by: Klatzke
Crystal Antlers - EPCrystal Antlers - EP
Reviewed by: Scott Irvine
The Syncope Threshold - End of the BeginningThe Syncope Threshold - End of the Beginning
Reviewed by: Klatzke
Serianna - Serianna EPSerianna - Serianna EP
Reviewed by: Klatzke
End of the World - French ExitEnd of the World - French Exit
Reviewed by: Susan Frances
Crooked X - Til We BleedCrooked X - Til We Bleed
Reviewed by: Susan Frances
The Last Almanac - A MemoirThe Last Almanac - A Memoir
Reviewed by: OKComputer1016
The Comeback Tour - And Then He Dreamed...The Comeback Tour - And Then He Dreamed...
Reviewed by: Matthew Tsai
BangBangBang! - BangBangBang!BangBangBang! - BangBangBang!
Reviewed by: Deadbolt01
Allred - The SoundAllred - The Sound
Reviewed by: ryantrek
Civet - Hell Hath No FuryCivet - Hell Hath No Fury
Reviewed by: ikikwe
Jumpercable - EPJumpercable - EP
Reviewed by: Blake Solomon
Throw the Fight - In Pursuit of TomorrowThrow the Fight - In Pursuit of Tomorrow
Reviewed by: Deborah Remus
In Harbour - The Hardest Part is Learning to SwimIn Harbour - The Hardest Part is Learning to Swim
Reviewed by: Travis Parno
Me As Time - MovementsMe As Time - Movements
Reviewed by: Klatzke
Last Day Standing - A Chorus to ShadowsLast Day Standing - A Chorus to Shadows
Reviewed by: Susan Frances
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