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Band Name - Album Name (Reviewer)
The Suicide Machines - War Profiteering Is Killing Us AllThe Suicide Machines - War Profiteering Is Killing Us All
Reviewed by: Brandon Allin
The Our Friend, Surrender - The Deceiver & the ChariotThe Our Friend, Surrender - The Deceiver & the Chariot
Reviewed by: Nathan Tompkins
The Burial - Lights and PerfectionsThe Burial - Lights and Perfections
Reviewed by: CellarGhosts
I Am War - Outlive You AllI Am War - Outlive You All
Reviewed by: justbradley
A Past Unknown - To Those PerishingA Past Unknown - To Those Perishing
Reviewed by: Niko John
Glory Days - Broke In New YorkGlory Days - Broke In New York
Reviewed by: hiddentrack
The Behold... Arctopus - HorrorscensionThe Behold... Arctopus - Horrorscension
Reviewed by: dmcaloon
Fist Full of Lies - If it Wasn't For This, I'd Still Have EverythingFist Full of Lies - If it Wasn't For This, I'd Still Have Everything
Reviewed by: Zac Djamoos
People On Vacation - Holiday VacationPeople On Vacation - Holiday Vacation
Reviewed by: ChaseTx
Lifehouse - AlmeriaLifehouse - Almeria
Reviewed by: justbradley
Blackburner - Planet Earth AttackBlackburner - Planet Earth Attack
Reviewed by: hiddentrack
The Marquee - White RoomThe Marquee - White Room
Reviewed by: duritzfan13
I Can Make a Mess - EnolaI Can Make a Mess - Enola
Reviewed by: justbradley
We the Machine - DissenterWe the Machine - Dissenter
Reviewed by: justbradley
Lost On Purpose - AshesLost On Purpose - Ashes
Reviewed by: Kelly Doherty
Skyler - Long Gone EPSkyler - Long Gone EP
Reviewed by: cavanaughpark09
Public Access - Fleeced EPPublic Access - Fleeced EP
Reviewed by: Brandon Allin
Forget Cassettes - SaltForget Cassettes - Salt
Reviewed by: Rich Duncan
The Adored - A New LanguageThe Adored - A New Language
Reviewed by: Rich Duncan
The Perfects - The Perfects EPThe Perfects - The Perfects EP
Reviewed by: average_jane
History Invades - In Vision Vanish InvisibleHistory Invades - In Vision Vanish Invisible
Reviewed by: Travis Parno
Jesse Malin - Glitter in the GutterJesse Malin - Glitter in the Gutter
Reviewed by: Gregory Robson
The Middle Eight - UnwindThe Middle Eight - Unwind
Reviewed by: Susan Frances
Sean Wagner - Long Lost PhotographSean Wagner - Long Lost Photograph
Reviewed by: Susan Frances
Televandals - Madison Avenue Reality EPTelevandals - Madison Avenue Reality EP
Reviewed by: ActionActionFan
Bishops Collar - Bishops CollarBishops Collar - Bishops Collar
Reviewed by: The Personist
Knight Area - Under A New SignKnight Area - Under A New Sign
Reviewed by: flks511
All We Have - Rain CityAll We Have - Rain City
Reviewed by: Bazy0
The Jim Ivins Band - Songs of Life: The Kathy Ivins ProjectThe Jim Ivins Band - Songs of Life: The Kathy Ivins Project
Reviewed by: cavanaughpark09
Abram Shook - Sun MarqueeAbram Shook - Sun Marquee
Reviewed by: Gregory Robson
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