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Keagan Ilvonen's Blog Entry

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Skatefest 2010/ The Receiving End of Sirens Reunion
Skatefest 2010/ The Receiving End of Sirens Reunion
05/09/10 at 02:38 PM by Keagan Ilvonen
Originally when I first got wind of Skatefest I was skeptic because it had been some time since the event had happened and the idea of The Receiving End of Sirens reuniting seemed so unbelievable. Sure it has only been two years since the band completely disbanded, but for someone who grew up listening to and worshiping the band and never had the opportunity to see them was an awful feeling. So when it was confirmed that they would be playing Skatefest with Casey I instantly bought tickets, knowing that I would be there no matter what. There are just some things in life that mean so much to you that others wouldn't understand and I knew that May 8th would be one of those nights for me.

When I finally...[read more]
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02:47 PM on 05/09/10
Beej 347
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Beej 347's Avatar
i saw TREOS with senses fail and new found glory almost 3 years. amazing show. glad you got to see them.
03:07 PM on 05/09/10
Daigle lol
don't tell me what I can't do!
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Daigle lol's Avatar
One of the best shows I've ever been to, people were from all over the place.. I thought I came far from Maine, but there were people from Tokyo, California, Texas.. crazy stuff.

And I wanted to be in the front for TREOS, so I had to deal with Vanna fans kicking and screaming and punching for 30-45 minutes. Ridiculous.
03:11 PM on 05/09/10
I'm a slave to the details.
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hydraulicheart's Avatar
I am so incredibly heartbroken that I missed this show. I remember the night they announced their disbanding. I was a freshman in college and laid outside on the great lawn with my headphones on and listened to Between The Heart And The Synapse front to back in the dark. Reading the news post put me to tears, and I have never felt that emotion toward a band break-up before.

A huge thank you to stayillogical for being a kind stranger and calling me during "This Armistice". Words cannot describe how much that meant to me.
03:14 PM on 05/09/10
Jimmy Bentley
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bentleyj98's Avatar
I was honestly a little annoyed. I am 18 and haven't been there from the beginning but when my older cousin showed me them, I really started to get into them. Unfortunately the friends I went with didn't feel the same and because they were my ride home, I had to leave because they were tired before TREOS even played. I am pretty upset about this. I know it would have been an amazing experience.
03:35 PM on 05/09/10
Registered User
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Janosiff's Avatar
My friend and I drove 5+ hours from south Jersey to see this! They're one of my favorite bands ever, and I had never seen them before and I was NOT gonna miss out on this opportunity! It really was one of the most amazing shows I've ever been to, if not THE most amazing! I was sad when it ended though and realized I had to drive 5 more hours back home. I'll never forget that night though!
03:40 PM on 05/09/10
Regular Member
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sta7ic's Avatar
Our Last Night is an up and coming bad for sure whether this reviewer likes it or not. There's a reason they went from 200 friends on Myspace to being a top 70 album on iTunes this past week.
03:42 PM on 05/09/10
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CPF--FBR's Avatar
any talks of a TREOS tour?
03:46 PM on 05/09/10
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sevinw0rds's Avatar
Of the five times I saw TREOS live, only once were they headlining and it was easily one of the best experiences ever in terms of sing-alongs and blurring the line between audience and performer. It feels like you're up there with them when everyone in the room knows each word. Such nice dudes also. Even if they're done for good, I can't wait for that DVD.
04:24 PM on 05/09/10
Registered User
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saorock's Avatar
Our Last Night is an up and coming bad for sure

Lol, you got that right!

But seriously, are you saying that album sales = good music? Because when I checked the iTunes charts Justin Bieber, Godsmack, and Ke$ha were in the top 10 albums, and I do not consider any of those good music.
05:10 PM on 05/09/10
Keagan Ilvonen
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Keagan Ilvonen's Avatar
Our Last Night is an up and coming bad for sure whether this reviewer likes it or not. There's a reason they went from 200 friends on Myspace to being a top 70 album on iTunes this past week.
Did you even read what I said? I didn't deny the fact that they have talent and I actually said if they try something new they could easily stand out from their horrible scene. But until then they are basically just like everyone else.
05:28 PM on 05/09/10
The Lamp Post
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bdil's Avatar
Looks like an awesome show, I wish I could have gone. Nice review, but I feel like you gave EOTC more credit than I would have and dismissed Vanna sooner than I would. I can't really criticize though, this is much better than I could write.
05:35 PM on 05/09/10
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xlife2lifelessx's Avatar
Great review, TREOS absolutely killed it last night. I was so happy to see them again. I understand your feelings on Vanna and I agree with your stance. However, this is a hometown show for them and regardless of what they write now people in the MA whatevercore scene will love "We Ate the Horse You Rode in On" and "Dead Language for a Dying Lady." I would assume that you have listened to Vanna's The Search Party Never Came EP and I think thats where a lot of the love comes from, I know thats where mine is.
05:36 PM on 05/09/10
Musician, Network Services Engineer
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astaticskyline's Avatar
Keagan, excellent review. I was at the show, and it was a night I will never forget. Such amazing energy all around.

It's pretty hard for me to agree 100% with a review, but oddly enough, I agree with your review of every band. The lineup was great, but honestly, some bands could do so much better. GET OUT of the screamo-metal thing thats so big still... these bands all are the same exact thing, but with different band names. Do something different. Break out of that mold, guys, some of you are better musicians than that. I could not tell the difference between Vanna and Our Last Night, for example... these bands have got to try something new.

TREOS was magical.
05:37 PM on 05/09/10
Ryan Gardner
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ThisMusic193's Avatar
Sounds like a truly phenomenal zenith of a show!
05:42 PM on 05/09/10
Protested Hero
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Protested Hero's Avatar
Hahaha, I agree with the Vanna bit. It was the most annoying, painful, thing I've ever had to sit through.

That being said, Moving Mountains absolutely killed it, those guys are so good. Envy, TDH, Polar Bear Club, and TREOS were all at the top of their game. Great great show overall.
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