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Adrian Villagomez's Blog Entry

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Movie Review: The Incredible Hulk
Movie Review: The Incredible Hulk
06/17/08 at 10:10 PM by Adrian Villagomez

The Incredible Hulk

Director: Louis Leterrier
Writer: Zak Penn
Release Date: June 13, 2008 (USA)

Riding the wave of success created by Iron Man, Marvel has just released their second summer superhero movie of 2008, The Incredible Hulk. After the disaster known as Hulk from 2003, Marvel went back to the drawing board for this “sequel,” overhauling the franchise and planning for better results the second time around. Thankfully for the comic book faithful, or anyone looking for a fun popcorn flick, The Incredible Hulk is far superior to its predecessor.

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07:29 AM on 06/18/08
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sevinw0rds's Avatar
Here's to hoping Marvel keeps that house in order and doesn't keep antagonizing Norton and Favreau!

Well done on the review though, Adrian...Liv Tyler wasn't given much to do in this film, and I always felt it would have been great to keep Jennifer Connelly for the restart, even if it might have been a tough sell. She just has this empathy in her eyes that works real well for Betty.
08:15 AM on 06/18/08
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mightymice's Avatar
Good Review.

I was reading that alot of what Norton wanted to add to the film was left on the cutting room floor for several different reasons (I.e. a shorter run time)... I'm interested to see if they release an extended version of the movie to DVD and if it does a better job of fleshing out the story surrounding all the action.
08:40 AM on 06/18/08
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ZeoVGM's Avatar
I absolutely loved it. It wasn't as good as Iron Man, but that's in the top 5 comic movies ever for me.

Though what it lacked in relation to what Iron Man had, it made up for by having a final battle that kicked ass, which was my only real problem with Iron Man: a lame final fight.
08:57 AM on 06/18/08
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Adeniz19's Avatar
that cloverfield similarity is so true. my gf and i just looked at each other and thought they switched movies on us when they went to that scene haha
10:54 AM on 06/18/08
Shinigami Is Watching You
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Shatter590's Avatar
given the load of crap marvel has put out recently, the Iron man/Hulk double punch was a breath of fresh air.
12:11 PM on 06/18/08
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cassusriff's Avatar
This was a surprisingly good movie. There were a few snags, but the ending battle was definitely awesome.
05:16 PM on 06/18/08
Registered User
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bloodyr0mance87's Avatar
i agree with this review. it was a good movie, but not great. i think that they should have released this before Iron Man, seeing as it was a superior film. the final battle was awesome, and i'm excited to see where this franchise goes, although this does work as a pretty good stand-alone film, unlike Iron Man, which left more questions and a desire to actually see the forthcoming sequels.
06:56 PM on 06/18/08
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Freeride's Avatar
Nice review, I agree with the cloverfield thing but it didnt worry me, i loved cloverfield.

I am just really hoping they take the hulk story further, they need to make planet hulk into movies. Its one of the best marvel stories I have read and made me have a whole new respect for hulk.

I think they were missing a couple of things about the hulk and banner also, like you said, Banners intelligence but also hulks hate for bruce banner, his arrogance towards humans and I think he needed more lines in the movie. The Hulk isnt a big dumb piece of muscle and most people who have read the comics would know that but for some reason it was like he was an ape or caveman when really he isnt dumb at all but it can sometimes seem that way when he speaks in 3rd person or says Hulk Smash!

I thought it was definately a step up in marvel movies much like Iron Man was, I was even more happier when i watched spiderman 3 the night after and seen how dumb and shitty it was compared to these 2 new movies.

I just wish fkn stan lee would fuck off out of the movies.......stealing credit for other peoples work.
10:38 PM on 06/18/08
Registered User
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thiswokendream's Avatar
I was not in love with it but it was damn entertaining from start to finish. Definitely the best action flick so far this summer. But watch out because Wanted and The Dark Knight are coming and I hope for nothing but the best of those two.
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