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It's almost...
It's almost...
05/01/12 at 07:14 PM by corrupt_rocker

And I was SO excited, until I realized that I haven't made any plans for vacation.

What is a girl to do? I mean, I know I need to meet some new people...but where do I start? Where do I go?
Food Not Bombs has NOT been working out for me at all. I tried to have the first meeting this past weekend, and no one showed up. I'll keep trying, it's definitely worth a shot. I know I want to go to a couple shows. I want to exercise. All that good stuff, but that still leaves me with a TON of time.

So what are other people planning to do?

I think I may take 2 summer classes ar the local community college, and maybe a dance class. I'll also be having band practice on the weekends, but other than all that I'll still have so...[read more]
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08:08 PM on 05/02/12
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