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White's Blog Entry

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What comes before Plan B?
What comes before Plan B?
07/11/11 at 09:49 PM by White
Music is degrading. When you listen to a band, you're not focused on them as people, or their personalities, or the production. You're focused on the vocals and guitars and drums and bass (if you can even hear it). You listen to music for enjoyment, not to admire the band as people. It's not like when you listen to a song you think "Wow, these are people I want to hang out with and get to know" when you listen to it; you think about the guitar riffs or soaring vocalizations (for your own enjoyment, not to solely relish in their talent), and about that part in the song that gives you chills. It's not even like you respect them as people. What I'm saying is 100% true. You don't listen to music because you respect the band members or their personalities, or what they've done in...[read more]
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08:44 PM on 07/14/11
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I am really, hopelessly, honest to god confused here. Unless I'm missing some over the top biting sarcasm, I'm at a complete loss for words. You're joking yes? I mean no disrespect, I'm just choking on my own shock.

In the event that you are entirely serious;
The first set of lyrics you mentioned about the throat slitting, perhaps you're seeing it too literally... I would assume most sane, average people would see that as a metaphor, "you can be as hurtful as you like and I'll forgive you and more." I don't know of a single soul who could see it another way.
The China statistics... the delicacy they enjoy is solely part of the culture and if you believe it's connected to the fact that they have been in bands well... I'm sincerely sorry for you. Lots of people all over the world have been in bands and enjoy food accustomed to their culture, however vulgar it is. Being in a band =/= eating puppies.
Did you know that every single person I've ever talked to has and does listen to music? Do you know that my very good friend, who has never so much as lied to anyone I know, committed a single crime, or purposely hurt anything, listens to music constantly? He is not an oddity. Yes, some music is severely violent, angry, and encourages people to commit unjustified and wrongful acts but most of it does not. There are psychopaths out there that will take the slightest thing anyone says and turn it into a terrible murder scene but lets face it, you cannot hold music responsible.
About the stuff with women and silly expectations, you remind me of my dear mother. What about Disney? What about every other movie, book, television show? Sure there is conflict but in most romantic comedies it's resolved, no? At any rate. I enjoy drawing, painting and such, and for the most part I enjoy portraying happy, or at least content, people. Now that could just be me. But when I create I create what I wish for and want. Life being imperfect, I am not happy 24/7, but I enjoy creating happy scenes. Music is art, and art is the artists vision of the world. They view the world, their head re-arranges it, spits it back out, and that's art. So if all one band does is write happy love songs, then that's their prerogative. Maybe us as women should take a more realistic approach to life - I do. On the flip side, maybe our expectations should be raised. To prey on your little rape bit on the end, perhaps if women were more choosy with who they were with, we'd have less date rape, less spousal/child abuse, less divorces, etc. I don't see this raising of expectations as a bad thing whatsoever. Especially if men see this and think "Wow, this is what women want. I really do love this girl...so maybe I should do these things for her." And therefore it creates a better relationship.
Runaways escaping an abusive family, a bad situation, or just running away for the heck of it deserve a chance at a successful life as much as we do. If they turn to music to feed themselves and perhaps solve their problem and return home, then good for them. Though I don't support making music just to make money, it's no different than the great Andy Warhol. These kids aren't the first to do it and they won't be the last.
The druggies of the world that support their habit with one of the most divine creations of man should be ashamed, as I'm sure they're not. I can't disagree with you on this part. But again, you cannot hold music responsible. It's only these people that choose to abuse it. I know many many people who are in signed bands that make money on their music and do it only as a hobby. Now what's so wrong with that?

Now in the event that you are not serious, just ignore this and treat it as a compliment to the amount of... stuff you have piled here. :)
11:59 AM on 07/16/11
Get fucked by a giant metal bird.
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White's Avatar
You didn't seriously sign up for the sole purpose of making that comment, did you?
12:18 PM on 07/17/11
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Sauce's Avatar
Like you have no idea :)
12:08 AM on 11/06/13
Every Time I Ty
I don't bother
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Every Time I Ty's Avatar
This is why you're my favorite. Admist the satire there's some genuinely insightful observations made here, not to mention it made me laugh out loud several times. I guess it also explains your penchant for post rock.
Also LOL at the guy above me.
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