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Kelly Doherty's Blog Entry

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Something To Write Home About: My Adventures In Emo
Something To Write Home About: My Adventures In Emo
08/03/13 at 11:07 AM by Kelly Doherty
Growing up is bloody difficult. It's all lovely kids' tv and pop songs and then 'bam'!, you're 14 years old. But being 14 years old isn't just an age, it's a mandatory lifestyle choice. That acne on the side of your left cheek? The acne that resembles a black metal band logo? That exists because you've had the audacity to bless the Earth with your company for fourteen years. That feeling you get every time you talk to someone of the opposite sex? The feeling like someone has just discovered your secret stash of Spice Girls' singles and is waving them behind the back of that unsuspecting girl/boy? That's only present in you because you're 14 years old. For some people, 14 is the age that they retreat in to their basements for the rest of their lives to make an existence out of Mountain Dew...[read more]
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11:34 AM on 08/03/13
all hope lies in Doom
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xapplexpiex's Avatar
Great blog entry, Kelly. I relate to it a lot. Growing up I was the only one I knew that enjoyed Sunny Day Reall Estate and the likes.
Also, I always hear good things about pg.99, but can never find them on iTunes and Spotify.
11:46 AM on 08/03/13
Sean Shelton
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Sean Shelton's Avatar
I really enjoyed reading this, thanks very much! You mentioned quite a few of my favorite emo records, i'm really glad there are others with an obsession of the genre, especially who know what emo really is.
I shall have to listen to a few of the bands you mentioned I haven't listened to, very excited!
01:03 PM on 08/03/13
Registered Member
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Stephin_DC's Avatar
I enjoyed that.
American Football and Clarity changed my life.
01:33 PM on 08/03/13
Registered User
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That was an awesome read. I can totally relate. I remember the first time I heard Stay What You Are, the world just stopped. Sadly, it's taken me nearly 10 years to get into some of the other stuff at the time, but then I suppose some things just have to gestate for a while before you "get" them.

Either way, keep the dream alive. :D
01:57 PM on 08/03/13
Zac Djamoos
no shade in the shadow of the cross
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Zac Djamoos's Avatar
This is how I feel right now, Kelly. Good blog and nice Christie Front Drive reference.
06:02 PM on 08/03/13
memories from ashes
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thenewline's Avatar
I also grew up in Ireland, and thought I was the only child in Kildare blasting Texas Is The Reason or Mineral in my headphones. Being the a tad older, I felt even more so alienated. But thankfully I moved to the States, where I was able to find like minded friends. Kids who were just as obsessed with Something to Write or Diary as much as I was.

Then high school hit, and that's when drive thru became a power house. God my teens ruled, when Midtown and Jets to Brazil were active and touring.

I'm thankful for the time I grew up in, and the memories of legendary bands I got to see.
07:44 PM on 08/03/13
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JamieTheSonger's Avatar
Kinda reminds me of Adam Pfiedler's old blogs. Write more of these thing please
09:07 PM on 08/03/13
Registered User
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dearmsterri's Avatar
Great write up, Kelly! Something to Write Home About, changed my life, possibly forever. 14 was the age when my friends and I began to "hunt" for bands the same way you did. It's great to read someone in Ireland did the same thing. When I first heard American Football I nearly fell off my chair. Simply amazing.

I hope you do more blogs along these lines. Always looking for more great bands!
04:40 AM on 08/04/13
Screw Flanders
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jpd19125's Avatar
very well put. i was fortunate enough to live in philly my whole life so i take getting into this genre(s) for granted.
05:24 PM on 08/04/13
I'll buy you a raincoat
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Yellowcard2006's Avatar
So you like Guilt Show and On a Wire now? Because they really are great albums.
11:28 PM on 08/04/13
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TheBaroness's Avatar
Well said.
02:25 AM on 08/05/13
Editor @ Rockfreaks.net
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viZ^'s Avatar
I never comment on anything on here, but just wanted to say that there's at least one dude over in Denmark who didn't get clued in before seeing the video to "The Middle" when he was 18, but has been pursuing a very similar ambition (becoming the most knowledgeable 'mo-sage in the country) since, continually trying to convince everybody that bands like JEW, TBS, Brand New and Emery are among the best bands in the world.

Great to see someone like you has found an outlet here. You're not alone, keep fighting the good fight! :)
07:23 AM on 08/05/13
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barkjon's Avatar
This is great, and exactly how I feel sometimes.

thanks for holding it down for the emo guys here
02:02 PM on 08/05/13
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KilledByAnAngel's Avatar
I enjoyed reading this. Though I do have to say that I felt very old when you mentioned that Paramore was one of your gateway bands! I started out with pop punk as well (it's the common drug) but my key albums were The Ataris - Blue Skies and New Found Glory - Nothing Gold Can Stay, both of which had just come out. From there, it was Cursive (Kasher took a while to grow on me), Death Cab and then Dashboard. And then a whole entire world of Sunny Day Real Estate, Mineral, American Football (and Owen) and Jawbreaker/Jets To Brazil.

I will never forget the bullshit alienation of walking down my high school corridors with a Dashboard patch that my girlfriend had stitched onto my backpack, listening to the people behind me trying to make fun of me. Everyone was all talk, but no one was ever stupid enough to actually try anything. I had just enough punk rock in me (infusions of NOFX and Anti-Flag helped) that I wasn't to be trifled with. I got the last laugh though. It was the same twats making fun of me for listening to Brand New's Your Favorite Weapon that would, years later, go nuts for the amazing Deja Entendu.
12:54 PM on 08/09/13
Kelly Doherty
i'm overcome with emotion
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Kelly Doherty's Avatar
So you like Guilt Show and On a Wire now? Because they really are great albums.
Oh, of course!

Thanks for all the comments!
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