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What Reality Shows are Made Of
What Reality Shows are Made Of
03/10/09 at 08:49 PM by mick2late
My cousin Pam is set to get married on August 15th of 2009. She has been engaged for over a year and the entire family is absolutely ecstatic about the wedding, especially my grandparents (Pam is the first of any of my cousins to get married). I guess as far as weddings go, everything has been going smoothly leading up to this one. That was until the other day, when my other cousin, Carrie, decided to take center stage.

My cousin Carrie just got out of a long term relationship this past year. After canceling their wedding on three different occasions, my cousin Carrie and her ex-fiance broke it off for good after he was convicted as a sex offender. Turns out he was fucking his 11 year old cousin while he was dating my cousin...He was 25. Check him out on Family Watchdog.

Now, my cousin Carrie has always been a selfish person. Everything has always had to be about her. In all honesty, she may be the most selfish person I have ever met in my entire life. For example, my mother one time bought my cousin Renee, Carrie's younger sister, a fake Louis Vuitton purse from Chinatown at her request. When my cousin Renee received the purse, my cousin Carrie freaked out, completely enraged that my mother did not buy her one. At the time, Carrie was working as a teacher. Renee was still in high school. The bag cost $35.00.

As you can see, Carrie has had some issues, both relationship wise, and perhaps mentally. When the family found out the my cousin Pam got engaged, Carrie could barely contain her jealousy. She was the only person who did not congradulate my cousin Pam and the only time she even showed any interest in Pam's wedding was when she wanted to get a peak at Pam's engagement ring.

Recently, though, Carrie has been dating a really nice guy and finally seems to be straightening her shit out. In fact, a week ago he proposed to her. In my opinion, it is rather quick for Carrie to jump into another engagement but she seems genuinely happy so I wasn't going to fret over it. That is, until she decided to announce to the entire family that she had set the date for her wedding. The date? August 7, 2009...6 days before Pam's wedding. To say the least, the family absolutely lost it. In reality, we shouldn't have been surprised, as it always has to be about Carrie, and the family even joked that she would pull a stunt like this, although we never thought she really would. The worst part of the situation is, though, that her parents don't see anything wrong at all with Carrie getting married 6 days before Pam, even though Pam, her mother, father, sister, and my brother all won't be able to attend the wedding. And lets not forget the economic ramifications. After all, Carrie will be inviting the same exact people to her wedding as Pam did to hers, meaning two gifts to be bought, as opposed to one. Plus, what about the family members who are supposed to come in from out of town? How are they supposed to do that for two weeks in a row?

But, in my opinion, the whole ordeal is just not right morally. I mean, c'mon! Your cousin is getting married and you decide out of the 12 months of the year to get married a WEEK before her? You don't do that shit to your family. It is so obvious that Carrie just wants this to be all about her. After all, she was supposed to be the first one to get married, that is, until her fiance decided to sleep with his 11 year old cousin. Plus, Pam has been engaged to her fiance longer than Carrie has even known her! The whole situation is just so fucked up and clearly a rift has arisen in the family. I'm just so disappointed in my cousin Carrie's actions and antics, but the fact that her parents actually don't see anything wrong with the situation. Jesus, my family needs a reality show, or at least be the inspiration for one.
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