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Brendan Kelly talks about illegal downloading
Brendan Kelly talks about illegal downloading
07/25/09 at 12:45 AM by RyanFTW
And it makes a lot of sense:

"Anyway, what were we talking about? Oh, yeah! My opinion on music suddenly being free. Right. Love it. I think itís awesome. Canít say enough good things about it.
Look, this is a stupid conversation 100% of the time, and hereís why. Everyone would rather make money. If thereís a dude just digging holes because he loves digging holes, and then suddenly digging holes becomes profitable, and he can just do what heís been doing but heíll get a check for it, heíll take the fucking money (unless heís retarded). So pretending that the money just cheapens everything or it doesnít matter is, every time, disingenuous or plain old stupid. Youíd be dumb not to want to get paid for doing something you love. If I could get paid to hang out at a bar or get blowjobs from my old lady, Iíd jump at it. So IN WHAT FUCKING UNIVERSE IS A MUSICIAN GOING TO BE HAPPY THAT MUSIC IS SUDDENLY FREE???? BUT BUT BUT BUT, thatís the small half of why this is a stupid conversation.
The big half is this: itís free. It is. Thereís nothing you can do about it, thereís no point in acting like youíve been slighted. You havenít. Shitís changed. Remember the guy digging holes? When digging stops being profitable, he can either go back to digging like he did before, for the love of it, or he can fucking adapt and move on like HUMAN BEINGS DO EVERY FUCKING DAY, YOU PUSSIES!!!!!!
Look, there used to be an industry built around shoeing horses. There were places that made horseshoes, people who put em on, took em off, people that built the nails, I donít fucking knowÖbear with me. Well, at some point, probably right around when the car started getting popular, these poor schlongs all went out of business. You know why? The world changed. All the bitching in the world about tradition or how itís gentlemanly to ride a horse or how this one is right and this one is wrong didnít sway anything. Shit done changed and the option is, cry about it and look absolutely pathetic, or fucking sack up, look around and figure out what the fuck youíre gonna do.
I canít stand listening to these fuckers in the industry bitch about illegal downloadsÖNot because I wouldnít like more money. Of course I would, but itís so fucking wimpy. Itís like crying because itís raining. Hey, pussy! Itís gonna keep raining. You can either catch a cold crying out there, or you can fucking look for a place to dry off. I mean, musicians gripe and gripe because their profits are shrinking, and sure, that sucks, but the idea that since they used to make X amount of dollars and now they donít, theyíre allowed to just complain and throw a fit is just childish. Hey, I used to be allowed to shit my pants, and then some lady would come along and wipe my ass and put new pants on me. I used to shower in a room full of ten year old boys, I used to be able to eat cupcakes all day and never gain a pound. Thereís A FUCKING MILLION THINGS that change on this earth, every day, and some are a real bummer (not being able to just eat cupcakes) some are the result of taking responsibility for yourself (shitting my pants) and some are just what fucking happens when shit changes (Iím no longer ten). This situation with music is really all three, but humans are at our best and most innovative when we adapt. Thereís never been an exciting discovery made from complaining about the way things used to be. Thereís never been progress made by sitting stubbornly in the rain or the road and thereís never been a blowjob received by someone who was such a pussy that the world turned and they just rolled over and cried.
Thatís why this is a stupid conversation. I donít have time to complain about the fucking tides, man. Iíve got real shit to worry about. Right? Good. Now, can everyone please just shut up about it forever? The old way is done now. Fucking get used to it. Thank you."

-Brendan Kelly
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