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Five and Alive: Wait, Wat?
Five and Alive: Wait, Wat?
01/08/10 at 01:15 PM by Adam Pfleider
I've had the privilege to interview some pretty interesting people this past year. One of the reasons I prefer interviews over reviews or any other writing is getting a perspective from the artists about their work. We all perceive music differently, sometimes I'll have an interview, and someone will say something that really makes me think for the next week, or even couple of months.

The past six months of interviews were pretty awesome, and I've definitely taken some advice from them. The lovely Deborah Remus has also given one of her choices to the pile this week. These are our favorite quotes from our 2009 interviews.

What quotes have you heard from an interview that really intrigued an internal discussion or you thought added to the marketplace of ideas? Doesn't even have to be an interview we did here on Absolutepunk or a direct quote if you can't remember it. How did it shape your opinion of music or the industry in the end?


1) Frank Turner - 10.1.09 - ďI think that itís [punk rock] that sort of invades your life. When you get into it when youíre younger and grow up with it, itís kind of there no matter what youíre doing or where you go.Ē

Iíve been told that Iím going to grow out of it completely, but to be honest all Iíve done is discover more bands and get more involved. I hate using myself as an example because Iím only 19, but Iíve had the opportunity to meet some people in their 40ís who are in bands or own record labels. Some of these guys have gone to university and worked towards degrees in law and zoology, but at the end of the day theyíre working with punk bands and they love Broadway Calls just as much as I do. These are the people that make this quote from Frank Turner a reality and itís comforting to know this really isn't a trend. It ďinvades your lifeĒ more than I think anyone ever imagined it would. (Deborah Remus)

2) Jacob Bannon (Converge - 12.3.09) - "...just leave your own mark in this world. That's it. Let it be a positive one. It's really, truly as simple as that. If you stick to that, and you stay focused on that as an individual and the positive aspects of life and positive music...just positive anything. There's so much negativity in this world, I just don't want us to help spread that."

I've never been a person about money. It seems that we live in a society based on our wallet as opposed to our merit. Sure, I'd love to live comfortably, but both in financial terms and peace of mind. Anytime I go into doing work, whether for this site, serving part time or writing in general, I put my best into it. I want people to walk away from it ready to discuss what they read with their community. Whether they agree or disagree with statements made, a progressive discussion is all I hope to leave behind. For Bannon to say this about his band leaving behind that sort of legacy really hit me hard, and was the one thing I took the most away from in my interviews last year, and will carry in my career from this point forward.

3) Cathy Pellow (Sargent Houes - 09.5.09) - "We believe very much so in fostering ďcommunity,Ē and have such a great respect and appreciation for the fans of our bands."

There's not enough praise I can give for how Sargent House is run, and the roster it contains. It reminds me of older labels like Dischord, BYO and Touch and Go, where there were heavy hitters and smaller gems that were worth discovering in the roster. Pellow has been a network of mine since the beginning of my writing career, and she has always been very welcoming to my coverage whether I was writing for a smaller site or this one. As for the "community" thing, it's something that far extends that of a label, but the "community" of family, friends and even users who further discuss their ideas on this site. Journalistic integrity aside, consider me the Jonathan Lally of Sargent House.

4) Kevin Devine - 10.29.09 - "I think there's a lot of good music out and plenty of people looking to enrich their lives listening to it and seeing it live. I don't think anyone will sell 10 million copies of anything musically ever again, but I do think people have never had more access to music, more ways to find out about bands, and I think people will keep seeking out things to enhance or mirror their experience, or to provide a social context, a way to meet like-minded people, a night out. So I think, I hope, if you keep making things of a certain quality that you like and believe in, people will find you."

I'll never get sick of talking to Devine. Whether it's the numerous interviews, or just off the cuff conversations we've had, he's constantly got something thought provoking to say. Even though I'll be the first to admit that the music scene is quite flooded, and no one really has time to grasp a new band for more than a couple of seconds, let alone be able to afford the numerous shows and tours as of late, Devine makes a point that music is okay, and there is plenty of us seeking out the good and sifting out the bad. He also denotes that the good will strive forward with hard work and quality art. The next decade is safe. No one panic! (at the disco...)

5) Jade Puget - 11.23.09 - "We have long since begun not to worry about people wanting us to stay the same, because they should know by now we are not going to. This is who we are, and we're not going to make the same record again. If those people like a certain record, or a certain sound, then they can just listen to that record."

I had a friend who hated the new AFI album. He's been a fan ever since I can remember. In fact, I'm pretty sure he was one of my friends that got me into them. Well, he sort of denounced the band after Crash Love, until he read my interview and what Puget had to say about his attitude and many others. It changed his thought process, and gave him a new found respect for the band. It's not so much the quote, which I think says a lot about fans of bands like Say Anything, Thursday, Thrice, etc., but the fact that the quote retreated back to a positive influence in someone's thought process (see #2 choice quote).
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