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08/19/10 at 04:44 AM by Jake Denning
Jake Denning: Thanks for taking the time to interview and hangout, you played a really good set today and I had a lot of fun

Jake Denning: First off, you say there's no such thing as a guilty pleasure in music; With that in mind, what bands have you had the most fun watching on this years Warped Tour?

AWK: I mean, every band i've seen, i've been impressed with, and that's something I was not expecting, and have not seen before. Meaning every group had a level of musicianship, intensity, power, spirit, of professionalism as well, not to mention, kindness, goodwill, an incredible group of musicians. With that being said, some of the ones we really enjoy are of course The Casualities, Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band, Dillinger Escape Plan, Bring Me The Horizon, Whitechapel, Suicide Silence, Real Big Fish, of course Face to Face, the list goes on and on. Bring Me The Horizon, i'm going to play with them tonight I think, I played with them last night, just the heaviness of these groups, the brutality, the intensity. Of course, every band has to put so much effort in to just executing this version of their life everyday, they win my respect. Anybody I haven't mentioned its just because there's so many bands out here.

Jake Denning: This is the last day of Warped Tour for 2010. How has this year been different on other years you've been on the tour?

AWK: Well, we were in the tour a bit in 2002, then we did the entire tour in 2003, just like this year. It just seems more efficient to me, more well run, I mean, I dunno how to say it, just very professional. And I mean that in the best way, there's no wasted energy on a bunch of BS, a bunch of drama, a bunch of nonsense. People get down to business, the attitudes and work ethics have been extraordinary. This place is like a miniature city, and the effort and the focus and the determination and the goodwill it takes to build it everyday and to maintain it is incredible, its really really incredible.

Jake Denning: What can you tell me about the new Andrew W.K. Party album planned in 2011?

AWK: Oh! Well, i'm very excited just that it's happening at all. We don't have exact release date, and there's not many details at this point. But I'm continuing the recording process as soon as we get back from this tour back in New York City, and there's just a lot to come as far as more tours with the full band, brand new album, lots of different music, there's so many things that i've been working on for so long, and now that we have our business in order basically, we're able to finally get everything out there in a major way. The next few years are gonna be, in my eyes, the biggest party yet.

Jake Denning: You had a really awesome show on MTV2 around 2005 called “Your Friend, Andrew WK” where you would read letters sent in by viewers, giving advice and even visiting some of them and help them out. I really miss the show, and I know a lot of fans likely do as well, a lot has changed technology-wise in the last 5 years. Is there any chance of bringing the show back in a different format, where fans can send in an email, or possibly even a youtube video asking questions, and you possibly do a 10-15 minute video every week answering them?

AWK: Great great idea, thank you for ya know, suggesting that, and being aware of the show “Your Friend, Andrew W.K.”, the show we had on MTV2; That was an incredible experience, very intense, and very worth everyone's efforts, especially the people that wrote in and actually participated, and gave their life over to the show. It was a chance just to connect with people, trying to get our attitudes right, trying to get my mind right and everybody's else's mind at their best, just to have fun together, and try to do what you can do to make someone else's life that more hearty, I suppose. We actually have been doing a weekly, hour long interactive live video chat party; and i've been answering people's questions there, we've been talking about all kinds of life ideas, it's on stickam.com, I have my own show there, i've been doing every week, i'll be doing it tomorrow, you can tune in there, it's usually on in the afternoon, participate, ask questions, see me, i'm doing all kinds of things on that camera, it's a chance to party, using this computerized device.

Jake Denning: Moving on to your Cartoon Network show, “Destroy Build Destroy”. Season 1 contained 6 episodes, Season 2 recently wrapped up with 8 episodes, and Season 3 is confirmed for the 2010-2011 Season TV Season, what can you tell me about this upcoming season, anything new?

AWK: Well, yeah, every episode is new, that's why it has to be a new episode, haha, which is really a challenge not just for me, but for everybody's involved to keep the level of destruction increasing, to improve the quality of the gameplay, the competition, I mean, this show has legs and it's off and running, and it's an incredible opportunity for me to be involved. Cause I get to run around, screaming my head off, while there are really 500 foot mushroom cloud fireballs, I mean, fireballs with smoke rings around them, that stay in the air for 15 seconds and its very very very intense. The kids that come on the show are the best kids in the whole world, the level of smarts that these kids have to do what they do and compete in the manner that they compete is very inspiring to me and very fun. The new episodes contain NFL football players, the new episodes contain NASCAR car drivers and racing, I mean, LEGENDS!, in the new episodes we even have a demolition derby! Not to mention all the destruction and explosions you've come to expect, and THEN some, so definitely tune in. As soon as the new school year starts, I believe the new episodes will start coming on. Cartoon Network, Destroy Build Destroy.

Jake Denning: Over the span of your career, you've done solo albums such as 55' Cadillac, Full band party albums, TV shows, you've even taken over the duties of a local weatherman for a day. What's next for you Andrew? Is there anything you haven't done yet that you want to pursue? Maybe a radio show? Maybe start your own record label? Maybe write a book?

AWK: Well, I actually did just recently start a record label, I appreciate you asking that, because that 55' Cadillac album was the first album released on this new label that I started in London, England. Now, this label was originally called Skyscraper Music Maker, but, long story short, due to some contractual issues and some people I been working with over the years, things got complicated in between 2005-2010, 2009, we had thought we had figured out a little loophole to start this label, base it in the U.K., base it in London, and in the end, we had to change the name of the label. But, the good thing is, we just put out a new album on there, it's the re-release of the 2006 Close Calls With Brick Walls/Mother of Mankind release, its been re-released on this new label, AND there are two fantastic artists that have debut EP's coming out very shortly. The first artist is called Allister X, has a release called “The Git”, this is his second EP release, pardon me, and the second artist is for Cherie Lily, her “Work Remix” EP. These are great new things for this label. The name of the label is now Steev Mike.

Jake Denning: What is your definition of “Party Hard”? Do you necessarily need Alcohol to do so?

AWK: No, you don't need anything really, all you need is to be tapped into some idea of what you enjoy; it could include alcohol, it could not; It could include lemon juice, it could include vinegar. There's all kinds of things out there to drink, and not drink. To me, Partying is doing what you enjoy, celebrating the fact that your alive, and making the most of it and pushing yourself to make intense experiences, have some memories to think about as you get old in life, ya know what I mean? Go for it! Don't hold back. It's a mindset, a way to live.

Jake Denning: Today's the last warped tour date, located in Oregon. What are your thoughts about Oregon when you stop here?

AWK: It's a very beautiful place, very very lovely. My wife, went to college here (University of Oregon), again, my wife, she's our singer, she joined our band in 2005-2006, playing shows, her name is Cherie Lily, C-h-e-r-i-e next word, L-i-l-y, the energy she has on stage, she's like a superhero! And she actually went to school here, specifically for snowboarding, so she can snowboard. She was a competitive snowboarder, very very good, just the jumps and the flips, completely insane, i've never been able to get on a snowboard in my life, barely able ski. So I think about her, and how beautiful the lands are here and how pacific the vibe is here; I have a friend that lived in Portland for years, and I remember the first time I came here and played, and I was blown away. I've heard about the city for so long, and I get to experience it more and more, I fall in love with the area more every time i'm here

Jake Denning: What do you enjoy doing when your not playing a show or writing an album, etc.?

AWK: Well, I like eating a lot, to be honest, that's one of my most favorite things, food in general. Just all the kinds of food, deserts, sweet and salty stuff; in New York City where I live, there's an incredible amount of restaurants, and its all so so so food, it's one of the greatest things about living in any city really, having access to so much good food. The food on Warped Tour has been fantastic, way better than the food in 2003 from what I remember.

Jake Denning: Any last words to say to your fans?

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