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Technology Round-up 4/15
Technology Round-up 4/15
08/22/10 at 02:11 AM by CyberInferno

Facebook has acquired Instagram for $1 billion (yes, billion with a ďbĒ). The company has 13 employees (who are all super rich now) and earns no revenue at all. Do you think this was a smart decision? [Discussion only--no poll link]


The U.S. Government has filed an antitrust suit against Apple over their e-book pricing. Apple has responded to the allegations.

The iPad might be making its way into more cockpits.

Thinking about getting a new iPad with 4G LTE? See how AT&Tís and Verizonís iPad LTE offerings stack up against each other.

AT&T has started releasing unlock codes for out-of-warranty iPhones.

Why develop something when you can buy it? Apple is considering a serious investment in Sharp for their TV technology.

Apple has released a tool to remove the Flashback virus that has infected over 600,000 Macs worldwide.

Intel may already be shipping chipsets with second-generation Thunderbolt ports for new Macs. As further evidence that new Macs are on the way, several stores appear to no longer be stocking current models. Overall, it was another good quarter Appleís computer division: Apple claimed 10.6% of all computer sales.


Spotify has announced that they have a ďspecial announcementĒ next week. Free/cheaper mobile access? Or will Adelleís albums finally be streamable to free subscribers in the U.S.?

Facebook now allows people to download all their information for archival purposes.

New builds of Firefox feature the option to disable all plugins by default and re-enable them individually.

Wolfram Alpha now analyzes the content of books (no, it wonít help you write your papers).


Google has announced a $10.65 billion quarter. To celebrate, the company is splitting its stock price. Perhaps itís tired of losing to Appleís price?

The Republican National Convention has named Google as its official social platform. Considering most of the people on Google+ tend to be younger (and consequently more liberal), this could have interesting effects on the election.

Google+ got a facelift. Itís pretty nice, too. Perhaps it can sway a few timeline-hating Facebook users to jump ship.

Google Play Music has added labs that include an HTML5 player.

Google claims to be content fighting for low-end tablet sales and letting the iPad dominate the upper echelon of tablets.

They say the best form of flattery is imitation. Well, Google is complimenting Windows 7 with new builds of Chrome OS.

A new beta of Chrome 19 has live tab syncing.

See what Google would have looked like had it been released in the dial-up terminal days (via Engadget).


Dolby Labs and Phillips are working toward glasses-free 3D HDTVs.

Best Buy has released the details about which 50 store locations will close. This is actually not a sign of the company struggling; they are simply shifting their focus to smaller, mobile stores.

Audiophiles looking for the best portable music player need look no further than the Cowon Plenue Z2.

Check out Sonyís (really ugly) SmartWatch.

Time Warner and Verizon have started selling new bundled packages.

A new Kindle update provides additional translations.


AT&T is reportedly spending $150 million to promote the launch of the Windows-Phone-7-based Nokia Lumia 900. While this may be more expensive than their campaign for the iPhone, thatís really just an indication that the iPhone doesnít need as much advertising to sell. In further Lumia 900 news, the fix for data connectivity has been released. The device is now effectively free for AT&Tís new subscribers and upgraders.

Sprint plans to activate LTE on the 800MHz band by 2014. Is this an admission that WiMax is destined to fail?

Verizon will implement a $30 fee for customers to upgrade phones.

Republic Wireless, an innovative wireless carrier that expects users to place most calls/texts over WiFi and only charges $19/mo. for unlimited data/text/calls, will open up its reservation system next week to allow more people to join this summer. For people with WiFi access at home and school/work, this could be an ideal solution for saving some money.

Two more high-level executives have abandoned the RIM ship. Is the once iconic Blackberry doomed?

The LG Viper for Sprint has been announced.

The low-end HTC Golf will feature ICS and Sense 4.0.

If you have an HTC One S with chipping ceramic finish, HTC will replace it for free. And if you have an HTC One X with battery issues, an unofficial fix has been released.

Check out a review of the HTC One V and the HTC Titan II.

Sony has released details on when its Xperia phones will get ICS.


Test out Windows 8 on an iPad with a new Splashtop release.

Adobe Reader 10.2 for Android and iOS supports signing and filling out forms.

The Facebook app for PS Vita now supports photo uploading.

Netflix 2.0 for Windows Phone has been released.

ICQ has released a new mobile app for iOS/Android and an iPad version. Of course, ICQ hasnít been popular since Quake II was released (when AOL bought it), but good luck to the company nonetheless!


A 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 should be released this month with a 10-inch version coming out next month. Check out a review of the 7-inch version.

A roadmap for Microsoft Office 15, Internet Explorer 10, and Windows Phone 8 has leaked.

Kubuntu 12.10 has been released for PC or Mac users looking for a different OS.

Check out reviews of the super-slim Samsung Series 9 laptops.

Adobe plans for a massive release with Premiere Pro CS6.

Good news: an open-source Nvidia linux driver has finally been released. Bad news: the closed-source proprietary driver still kicks the crap out of it.


Got a screw with a stripped head? Learn how to remove it.

Hate shaving? Hate the price of razors? The $1/month shaving club can at least fix one of those problems for you.

Neighbors playing their music too loud? Let them know with this sample complaint form.

Hide iOS notification labels for apps you donít care about updating.

Check for updates of your jailbroken iOS apps with Curiosa.

Clean up your computer desktop by consolidating everything into three icons.

Remove whitespace from the new Google+ layout.

Access advanced Windows applications from your start menu with WinPlusX.

Learn how to ďBuild Your Own VPN to Pimp Out Your Gaming, Streaming, Remote Access, and Oh Yeah, SecurityĒ


Sony is cutting 10,000 jobs. Ouch.

Apple, Amazon, and Google have all been accused of dodging UK taxes.

Contributor: CyberInferno (Chad)
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