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Can we tear down the scene?
Can we tear down the scene?
10/07/10 at 12:22 PM by incognitojones
I was browsing through iTunes looking at my friend's band's CD and checking out the comments. Tides of Man's new CD was linked next to theirs so I read the comments for it as well. It was mostly positive, which is what I expected, until I read this one:

Which just left me speechless for the most part. Is this how kids are really thinking right now? Can they only appreciate bands that bring in nothing new in terms of innovative music and just create the same sound over and over again? From this it seems to me that whoever wrote wants Tides of Man to either be a band that plays breakdown after breakdown with whiny choruses or a band that plays electronic-infused breakdowns with electronic choruses. There seems to be no other options. The author here is almost incapable of accepting new and original music, or really any music outside of the very limited genres provided to her by labels like Rise, Fearless, and even Equal Vision now. And when Rise actually supports a talented band like Tides of Man, the kids just want more of the same shitty meaningless 'music' over and over.
If this post is an indication of how kids in the scene think these days I find it very sad and discouraging. Anyone in a band with a unique sound or doing something new cannot be accepted. The only bands that these kids will like are exact copies of one another. Devoid of original thoughts and ideas. It sends a terrible message to people out there who are in bands trying to gain a larger audience and to those young kids who are starting a band. When I was younger I wanted to start a band after I saw a local band playing music I never even heard before. They weren't ripping off another artist or trying to sound like anyone else, they created their own sound and it made me want to the same. Now when I see local bands play and ask what they sound like its always either Devil Wears Prada, Attack Attack, Asking Alexandria, A Day To Remember, or pretty much any of the interhcangable Rise bands out there. These kids aren't playing what they want to play, they're playing what kids around them want to hear: boring monotonous music, usually with a gimmick. Its sickening to see these kids trying so hard to play brutal breakdowns and poppy choruses only, and work on their image more than their musical ability.
I've seen one band form in a year from the ashes of a couple other forgettable bands. They've spent a good deal of money getting multiple flashy layouts, management, recording at Chango studios where all bands go to sound the same, and to promote their sound and style as a typical Rise band. Seemingly no effort is present in their music, its the same recycled scene shit that's been done over and over again for the past few years, but kids eat it up. I've talked to them, they started the band to get signed on Rise and are doing everything they can to sound like every other Rise band. Its not just this one band anymore, I've seen multiple bands spring up with one song poorly done and very expensive looking layout and promo pics. They've played barely any shows, and the ones they have played they've been incredibly sloppy, its obvious they spend more time promoting and working on their crabcore moves than playing music. Is this really what kids want? Passionless music controlled by image?
On the other hand there the actually hardworking hardcore bands and The Wave, the bands with actual passion about music that are doing it for the right reason. But this seems to be the underground movement in contrast to the shit that's gaining the most attention. I really honestly hope legitimate bands start gaining in popularity and the trendy crabcore Rise shit finally dies down. How many bands have to be touring together before the kids realize they all sound the same? How many bands have to release the same record over and over again before these kids say enough? When will kids realize they don't have to play four breakdowns in a song and cover whatever's on billboard to get attention? I see a lot of really talented bands break up all the time because kids want to hear the same shitty band play breakdowns and whine for ten songs, and then dance for a little while. How much more of this before the labels realize they've signed this band before, or they already put out this album? Its getting ridiculous. I think this band is the epitome of what I'm talking about, one of the most generic names, sounds, looks, and overall bands I've come across when looking at myspace bands and raging in my room.


I hope Gatsby coming back ends all this bullshit. I miss bands trying to sound different instead of entirely the same. I wish music being art instead of just image. If one more shitty Rise band gets signed....
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