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INTERVIEW: It Prevails (Wasteland - Salem, OR 1/7/11)
INTERVIEW: It Prevails (Wasteland - Salem, OR 1/7/11)
01/08/11 at 06:25 AM by Jake Denning
It Prevails has been around for quite some time. They've been signed to Rise Records, Rain City Records, and now a label in which you'll have to keep reading to find out. I was able to talk to Ian Fike and Aaron Marsh for quite some time behind the venue; It Prevails doesn't get nearly as much coverage as they should, definitely my favorite band to come from our Portland, OR scene.

Jake Denning: For the record, what is your name, and what do you do in It Prevails?

Ian Fike: I'm Ian, and I'm the Vocalist
Aaron Marsh: I'm Aaron, and I play Drums.

Jake Denning: Who would you say are It Prevails influences?

Ian Fike: Wow, it stems back a long way, but i'd definitely say the first and foremost would be Shai Hulud, Strongarm, Further Seems Forever and Burn, any melodic hardcore band that pretty much paved the way in the 90's, we tried to just emulate, we felt the integrity and reach, just the grasp of those bands, their sound we really wanted to emulate that

Aaron Marsh: Drum-wise, my flavor pretty comes from Strongarm and alot of Further Seems Forever.

Jake Denning: Today is the first day of the "Dollar Menu, Where's The Venue?" tour; What can you tell us about this tour?

Ian Fike: Well, I'll tell you what, what's cool about this tour, is that there's alot of melodic influence on this tour; whether it be a really heavy band or a band like us where we try and blend alternative rock, there's alot of melody on this tour and that's why all the bands involved are extremely excited to be involved because, when we tour the U.S. sometimes some of our fans don't come out because they want to see another band like us, well here's your chance, there's 4-5 bands that sound very similar, so we feel that this is a very strong lineup for a tour like this, there's alot of fun, alot of friendship.

Aaron Marsh: Agreed

Jake Denning: It Prevails released the "Findings" EP in 2010; Can you tell us about what the EP is about, particularly the lead single "Placed In My Hands"?

Ian Fike: Absolutely; "Placed In My Hands" and the rest of the Findings EP is all about whether it's losing a family member, losing somebody close to you, whether they died or not, it's just something that you feel you've either grown apart from, or people or a group maybe that you've found yourself away from, but you've taken from them. It's about reflecting something that you've found in somebody else, somebody that's no longer around you and pushing it through yourself; that's what it's all about. And that's what's life's all about, taking your influences, direct dialogue, whatever it may be, anything that influences you from somebody else and trying to portray it through yourself and that's what "Findings" is all about, and that's all we've really tried to accomplish since then, just being what we want to be, and try to reflect all our influences through ourselves, but not come across as cheesy, or rip someone off really.

Jake Denning: What are your opinions on leaks and downloading? The EP eventually leaked online a little bit after it's really limited release.

Ian Fike: Leaks and downloading; It's sensitive, it's weird, because everyone does it, and i'm not going to say that everyone in It Prevails doesn't do it, but what we will do is give our music away for free to some people, but what we won't give away as some of our fans notice, is our lyrics. We will not post our lyrics, because we feel like the exact lyrics are for the people that have purchased it, and we'll send our lyrics to anyone that's purchased our music from us, because we feel that they deserve it. And we've found that people that most people who have bought it won't upload our lyrics because it's kind of our rhetoric. Yes, people will take our music, but we won't give them the exact lyrics; call us crazy, but we just kindof choose to do so.

Aaron Marsh: Yeah, it's their reward; you purchase it and you get the exact lyrics

Jake Denning: Rumor has it the It Prevails has signed to Mediaskare Records; If so, why has the band decided to sign to a label, if not, why has the band chosen to remain independent?

Ian Fike: It Prevails has signed to Mediaskare. We are extremely happy to be involved with Mediaskare, because we've been friends for such a long time, it's just shows it's a really the best thing for us, and everyone at Mediaskare really believes in us and wants to help us, and we're friends with all the bands on the label, and we're really happy to be part of the family.

Aaron Marsh: Especially with our very first tour, when we first left Oregon for the first time, was with a Mediaskare band, The Ghost Inside (called "A Dying Dream" back then). Straight out of the gate we were best friends with them; Baron we've met on a few occasions and even though we weren't even on his label back then and he was still nothing but a good guy to us and showed us a fun time, no negative side at all.

Ian Fike: And now he's willing to help us even further, see the next chapter of It Prevails, and see what it has to offer; we feel that it's the strongest yet.

Jake Denning: Personally, what are your favorite song to perform live and why?

Ian Fike: Favorite song to perform at this point would easily is a new song called "What You've Been Searching For". It's going to be on our upcoming full-length on Mediaskare, but it's my favorite right now because it pertains to the most current lyrics/thoughts in my life, and the current music that Aaron and I have been working on; everyone in the band has been working so hard on the new album and we feel that this song reflects what this album has to say really well.

Aaron Marsh: I feel it's pretty much the next step from where we all left off from "Capture and Embrace". We've just progressed another level as musicians and we've all progressed as letting alot of emotion come into our music and it came out as the next chapter.

Jake Denning: Ian, alot of people became aware of It Prevails because of Hundredth's new CD ("When Will We Surrender"), in which you did a guest spot on the song "Willows". How did this opportunity come together?

Ian Fike: Well, Hundredth has been a fan of ours for a really long time, even before they were even on Mediaskare, they've been contacting us for a number of years, and we've always stayed in touch; we've admired their push and self-will to write really good music, and put that first and foremost, and we really admire that about Hundredth. That's why people ask us why we're such close friends, because we feel that we write very similar music, in the sense that we don't try and write breakdowns, and we don't try and push certain ideas on people, we just try and push what comes naturally, and we feel that both our bands are very similar in that sense. So when we found each others bands, we just found it made sense to do guest vocals on each others releases; me and Chad and I did so, and we couldn't be happier. I love the fact that i'm a part of their first album, "When Will We Surrender", and it's easily in my top 10 releases of 2010. I'm very very happy to be part of that record, it's reflects nothing that I don't want to put in my own music, so when they asked me to be a part of it, it just felt amazing.

Jake Denning: What's next for It Prevails in 2011?

Ian Fike: You can definitely expect a new full-length album out by August/September, we already have the front of it written, after this tour we're going to the studio to start tracking it directly. We're going to put up a new track up in about 2 months, and we're definitely going to have the album out. We're going to be on tour all year, expect us to see us all around the world; we're going back to Europe, we're going to other countries, around the U.S. a few times.

Jake Denning: What sets the Northwest scene apart from the rest of the United States?

Ian Fike: I think the Northwest scene is much more collective, much more tight knit; the people that believe in the certain type of sound will come out to the show will have the attitude that "I'm into it forever", as opposed to "the sound right now", and i've always really respected that. Portland and the NW in general has treated It Prevails really well over the past 3 years especially, since we've come into our own. Alot of times before when we were coming up, Aaron and I didn't get a whole lot of love. Now in the past 3 years, It Prevails has gotten a whole lot of love, and it's exactly what we've wanted. To see the Northwest come through for us like that, we couldn't be happier

Jake Denning: Anything else you'd like to say to your fans?

Ian Fike: I'd like to say thank you, for 2010, the great year, anyone that has saw us in the United States, Canada, Europe. Anyone that supported us, bought our EP, anything. Thank you so much for kicking us off for this next year, it's going to be bigger and better. We only hope that all our fans keep sticking with us, and enjoy our new album, because we've been working really hard on it and we love everyone.
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