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nonsense, it is.
nonsense, it is.
05/20/11 at 08:08 PM by corrupt_rocker
I'll admit, I am a bit high right now. Or just a bit buzzed.
Today was one of those days that just shouldn't have happened, like you could have been perfectly without it. I didn't have to work today, which made me ecstatic especially after yesterday but everything else today was lame, I probably would have enjoyed work more. As much as I cherish the time I spend with friends, I don't know how they do the same thing every day. Just sit around, play video games, smoke, watch tv and wait for me to buy them food. I don't know if I've said this in a previous blog and I'm not concerned enough to go and check but I don't mind buying things for any of my friends because they've all been nothing but nice to me however, I do mind being used for my money and people telling me how to spend my money. If I work for what I make then it is my decision, and only my decision, on how to I choose to spend it. Being the pushover that I am, I tend to let people influence my decision making but I hate it. I absolutely hate it.

Travis in particular, always tells me to give him money, complains about how I spend my money, and sometimes will only invite me somewhere because I have money. Like seriously, that's fucked up. I know, I'm stupid for sticking around but a part of me thinks that there is a real friendship between him and I, who knows though. Then there's Murphy, we kinda flirt sometimes. It's weird. I want him but at the same time, I don't. He just seems like he'd know how to satisfy me and I mean that in a completely physical way. Recently, my goal has been to find a boyfriend so for me to just want someone for the sake of wanting them seems contradictory. I have no idea what to do though, no opportunities have really come up. I have a feeling something will happen in July but that's if I even make it to the show, I doubt Chris even cares. Yeah, I'm still on him, lame I know but it is what it is.

Got my grades back from school (even though I'm only a part time student). Two A-'s and one B+. Not too shabby, I suppose. If I somehow magically end up at school next semester, I'll make sure my grades are all A's :).

The world is supposed to end in a few hours...are you excited? Or do you doubt that it's going to happen? I'm on the side of the doubters. From my minuscule amount of Bible knowledge, I'm pretty sure that humans cannot predict the end of the world and that's that. Not much more to be said on my part. lol I sound 'ignant'.

That's the other thing. I went to see Face to Face at Best Buy Theater this past Wednesday. Epic show. The opening band; The Darlings made me fall in love. Not only are all the band members undoubtedly sexy but they also have a style similar to Social Distortion, whom I adore. They had about a half hour/forty-five minute set and each song sounded great; lotta energy, good rhythm, and a smooth balance between the music and the singing. Did I mention that they were great eye candy too? They're from Cali and it was there first time to the East Coast, so they were excited. The second opening band was Cerebral Ballzy, a punk band from I don't even know where. The lead singer was ridiculous; it was obvious that he was on some type of hard drug and he just seemed like a dumbass. If you're into the stereotypical punk band, you'll definitely dig this band but if you aren't then they just come off as really untalented. But they do have two non-caucasian members, which is always a plus in my book. The third band was Strung Out, great performers but SO LOUD FOR NO REASON. They were the reason I woke up with my ears ringing. I thought they were a hardcore band, but they didn't seem to be. Just fast and furious, a bit sloppy but the energy of all the members made up for it. They were all up near the crowd, it was cute. Then Face to Face came on; they are incredible live but I did not like the lead singer, Trever Keith. He seemed really cocky which I understand because they've been together for about 20 years and they know that they're a great band but still, no need to be so full of yourself. It made his seemingly personal lyrics look like lyrics he wrote because the last words rhymed, not because he meant it.

Joe texted me back after a week saying "how are you?", I responded but of course he didn't answer. He's lucky he's gorgeous or else I'd hate him, hah just kidding. I really wish he would just answer though, make my life easier even though I never have much to say.

Alright, I'm dozing in and out of sleep. I think it's time I start heading to bed. Hope you have a nice night.

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