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Inside AP.net: The Blogs
Inside AP.net: The Blogs
06/12/11 at 04:39 PM by Jason Tate
Back to the new AP.net member profiles. The next tab to explore is the "blog" tab. Seeing as you're reading my blog, this is probably of some interest to you. The blogs still have their own "section" of the website, where you can browse through people's blogs and all that ... however, for almost all intents and purposes: the blog section is brand new. There's not a single line of code in the new version that exists in the old. There's a few reasons for that, the main being that it was time to give them the features they deserved.

One of the things I thought long and hard (that's what she said) about, was what the blogs were to the website. With things like Facebook and Tumblr and Twitter ... what did our blogs bring to the website? For me I see them as a place for people to share things with our community that they don't have another place to do. If you don't want to create a thread about something, you can blog about it. It works great for staff wanting to write articles. It works great for guest blogs that we can push to the main page as news articles. It works great for features. It works for people who spend a lot of time in our forums and want to broadcast recommendations to all their followers on AP.net. It's not a full fledged blogging platforum like wordpress or tumblr ... but I think the niche exists and they do serve a pretty important purpose on the website (we have over a thousand of them on the site). Sooo, I wanted them to have the features that could live up to this. I wanted when someone posts a blog to be able to let people know better. So, it'll get pushed to the friend feed, the personal feed, and there are individual RSS feeds as well (for importing to other blogs platforms if you'd like). I wanted people to be able to treat them like a thread or news post: so if you post in one it gets added to your "followed threads" panel, if you're quoted it gets added to your "who quoted me" section, if you want to have email notification of new replies: you can do that, quick reply works, mult-quote works, adding attachments works, inline auto-embed of media works: the whole nine.

I added a quick blog feature for the owner of each blog up at the top:

Sometimes you just have something you quickly want to blog about and you don't need a full page to do it. Of course, sometimes you do want to use the full post a blog page: so it got revamped as well. It looks almost identical to the new posting page I showed earlier. You can add actual attachments like you can in posts - not just the stupid tinypic upload garbage we have now.

The blog posts on the page are kept extremely simple. Clean and basic.

Hovering over the blog entry gives you a few more options:

So that, just like the news articles, you can quickly share a blog you enjoyed reading. A more full image of the blog section can be seen here.

What does the inside of a blog look like? Wellllllll, it looks very similar to what the inside of content pages are going to look like (news posts, reviews, interviews, etc.) ... and it has a very similar side-bar to all threads. Actually, it looks identical to this.

That's the first time I've shared any of the content pages (because they're still being worked on actually). So, feel special.

You can quickly see the title, quickly return to the blog if you'd like, quickly view the author's profile, share the blog on twitter/facebook/email, and the tools menu is just like on threads: post a reply, follow the thread, view last post, and see who's posted in the thread. The user's rank badge is viewable if they have one (red = staff), the user's profile pic is hanging out, as well as some stats like how many people are following this user, how many people have viewed this particular blog, how many replies there are on this blog entry, and how many blogs in all the user has written.

Hmm, I think that's everything for the moment.
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