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It starts and stops and starts and stops again
It starts and stops and starts and stops again
11/22/11 at 06:32 PM by Drew Beringer
We'll all look the same someday and even now the robot starts to think. I wonder what it dreams

Thursday was much more than just a band to me. They were my friend through the speakers, their music was the one confidant I could always trust. High school is never easy for anyone. There was plenty of bad moments for me in high school. Like everyone else I had my ups and downs and, also like everyone else, was looking to something to relate to, something to identify with it, something to celebrate. I found that something one afternoon after coming home from school. As a 15 year old, I didn't feel much responsibility to anything, so instead of beginning homework, I turned on MuchMusic (what many of you know today as Fuse) and was zoning out to a pathetic stream of music videos. I was about to turn off the TV when I heard that drum intro. You know what I'm talking about. The urgent beginning to a song called "Understanding (In A Car Crash)" by this band named after the fifth day of the week immediately caught my attention. The screams, the passion, the crude chaotic nature of the music video, it was all there and I was hooked. After the song I immediately dialed up my AOL internet to find out more. They were on this small label called Victory and their new album had come out in October. Being 15, I couldn't drive yet but I had my temp license so I waited for my mother to come home from school and then begged her to let me drive to Best Buy to get this Full Collapse. She relented and an hour later I had the album in my hands. Little did I know that this would be the album to change my life. Needless to say, it was the only album I listened to for the rest of 2001 and early 2002 (before a band named Taking Back Sunday released their debut, if it wasn't for Thursday, I would probably have not discovered that band that early). Everything about Full Collapse is fantastic. It's heavy, it's dark, the lyrics and vocals were impactful, it had everything you wanted in a post-hardcore album. Because of this album I met my two best friends in high school because they noticed a crudely drawn dove logo that I drew on my backpack with a magic marker. My musical palate is what it is today because of Full Collapse.

since I replaced the I in live with an O, I can't remember who you are...

My friends and I were ecstatic when we heard the news that Thursday would be releasing their new album War All Time Time on a major label in the fall of 2003. We loved the eerie video and tone of Signals Over The Air and were anxiously counting down the days till we would drive to the record store to pick it up. Little did we know at the time the hell Island and Victory put Thursday through during the process, but at the time we were stoked when they debut in the top 10 on the Billboard. "It was about time other people recognized their greatness" we told ourselves and others. We never cared if Thursday was our little band, we wanted everyone to be affected and touched by their music. Indeed, a mini moshpit starting in my friend's Dodge Neon when the opening of "For The Workplace, Drowning" came pouring out of his crappy speakers. It was a moment of pure bliss and I'll never forget that feeling of the pre-download days of going to the store and ripping the plastic off to hear your favorite band's album.

There is blood on the tracks tonight and rust inside our veins. Will it ache every time I hear the storm running behind me?

Two Thursday albums were released while I was in college. I was changing as a person and learning new things about myself and what I believed and so on. Typical college kid stuff. This time would also deliver some endings and new beginnings for my favorite band. In 2005, they released their final record for Island, the atmospheric A City By The Light Divided, which was the first indication of the tonal shift in Thursday's music. While there was still some classic Thursday ("At This Velocity" and "We Will Overcome" two of the better examples), the band started to experiment a bit more with their sound by including some interesting post-rock work that mirrored The Appleseed Cast. It was polarizing at first, but I grew to love it over time. The album underperformed compared to the sales of their previous albums, but I never loved the band more as I appreciated them growing as musicians and pushing their boundaries. They'd leave Island and eventually signed to punk powerhouse Epitaph Records, which re-invigorated a lot of fans knowing that the band would finally have the label support they always wanted. What emerged was their most underrated album to date.

First we're cut from the cloth in perfect shapes. Then we're tied in a knot and we're left to fray

Thursday's Epitaph debut Common Existence released during the final stages of my college career. Released in the dead of February, it was a perfect album for the cold darkness that was settling outside. If A City By The Light Divided was about rediscovery (as I was finding myself at the time), then Common Existence was the band maturing in their music, as my friends and I were on the verge of graduation. This album harkened back to their older albums, as it was a bit more brash than its predecessor. It still maintained the moodiness that was introduced on A City By The Light Divided, but it was a bit more refined. On “Resuscitation of a Dead Man,” vocalist Geoff Rickly sings, “Can you feel a pulse?/It’s been stopped for so long./Let’s restart it!” And that's what it felt like on this album, that Thursday had finally found their true sound and were progressing towards something spectacular.

Stay true.

A mere 7 months ago I wrote this about their latest (and ultimately final) album No Devolución:
QuoteThe band has never sounded this synchronized as a unit, as each song is the perfect blend of atmospherics and vocals, which can be attributed to the sextet's relationship with prodcuer Dave Fridmann, now three albums deep.

I'd been listening to Thursday for over 10 years now, I feel like I'd grown up with them and matured with them at the same time, and this album was no exception. In fact, I'd go on to say how this is Thursday's best release ever, as they took numerous chances and dared to push their boundaries. This album is incredibly deep, textured, and moving - from the gentle haunt of "No Answers" to the triumphant battle cry of album closer Stay True, this album is the culmination of an illustrious career of a band who never coasted, never took the easy road, and always challenged themselves and their fans. I wouldn't have wanted to go out with any other release, as this is the closest we'll get to a flawless Thursday record. What started as something I shared with others (Full Collapse) ended as something that felt personal to me and only me (No Devolución).

12:03. Our last goodbye

And so this day will be remembered as one of the most bittersweet of my life. While I am incredibly sad that Thursday is no longer, I am thankful and grateful to Geoff Rickley, Tom Keeley, Tim Payne, Steve Pedulla, Tucker Rule, and Andrew Everding for always being there for me, for challenging me, for inspiring me, and giving me the best music someone could ever ask for. I'm thankful that Thursday has left me 8 great releases (the six albums, Five Stories Falling, and the 2007 retrospective), as they are something I'll always cherish and hold in high regard, passing down to younger music fans for years to come. What began in basements and VFW halls turned into something much bigger, inspiring countless bands and even more fans. I know Thursday said thank you to us today in their statement, but I wanted to write something to show my appreciation and thanks for them. Their music is the reason I have this passion for other music and why I write. Thank you for changing a 15 year old kid's life and sticking with him throughout his young adult life. There will never be another Thursday and nothing will ever replace them for me. Thank you from the depths of my heart.

Some things run deeper than blood. No answers. No answers when you're not around.
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