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Shit Worth Reading: April 18th, 2012
Shit Worth Reading: April 18th, 2012
04/18/12 at 05:44 PM by Jason Tate
Damn, been a pretty insane day around the website. It started out with a really cool Q&A video with Brian from The Gaslight Anthem that we posted up late last night (check it out if you haven't), and then the crazy threads just seemed to keep coming: The Wonder Years, Paramore, Dick Clark, and a really fun article on pop-punk all dominated the news. That one was a lot of fun to write and participate in -- hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

I'm only going to comment for a moment on The Dangerous Bummer.

I'm unsure what the band really gets out of the idea that they should email us something that's a flat out lie, confirm it when I ask if it's true, tell them I'm going to post it and if there's anything they want to include, please let me know -- and then after posting it pull the whole "lol you post anything ur not credible" shtick. Laughs? Like, it's a joke that they can lie and get shit posted? I'm bored with their entire victim pity party to be honest. At some point: be it other bands, ex-managers, their label, virtually anyone that's ever worked with them -- they've had an issue with them. I think it's clear where the pattern is. I think it's clear where the problem is. Maybe the world isn't actually out to get you? Fuck.

At this point I don't really want to post the band's press releases, let alone do them any favors. My time is finite, and I'd much prefer to just spend it focusing on bands that aren't a walking disaster. I don't think I've ever seen a band implode as dramatically as they have over the past few years. It's honestly sad to watch. A lot of talent, IMO, and a lot of opportunities most bands would give a lung for ... squandered. I'll pass on TDS duties to other staff. Fuck it.

Anyway, enough of that. Here's the stuff I think you should check out for the day.

Horrible Cards - Birthday Edition
The Oatmeal is hilariously random.
One-Third of High School Students Own iPhones
According to a report by Piper Jeffray analyst Gene Munster, one-third of high school students now own an iPhone. In addition to the 36% that said they own an iPhone, 40% of respondents to the survey said that they plan on buying an iPhone in the next six months.
The Potential Problem With Kickstarter
While Kickstarter is quickly proving itself to be a wonderful way for entrepreneurs to find funding for projects that no investors will go near (see: The Pebble), it’s also a great way for people with no idea what they’re doing to get in over their head with a couple thousand angry customers expecting results yesterday.
Tumbler Reverses Course, Will begin Selling Ads in May
After several years of saying it was opposed to selling ads, tumbler has apparently seen the light and on May 2 will begin offering advertisers space on Tumblr Radar, which highlights its top posts and gets approximately 120,000 daily impressions.
The Noteboard Is An Amazing $10 Foldable Pocket Whiteboard
Basically everything I've ever designed has at one point been on a whiteboard. - JT
Internet Ad Revenue Reaches $31B In 2011, Mobile Up 149 Percent (IAB Report)
Search remains the biggest piece of the pie, with $14.8 billion in revenue, up from $11.7 billion in 2010. Not surprisingly, however, as a percentage, mobile is the fastest-growing sector, more than doubling from $0.6 billion 2010 (the first year that the report tracked mobile numbers) to $1.6 billion 2011. Display advertising grew 35 percent to $11.1 billion overall, with video in particular accounting for $1.8 billion.
Spotify Details New Global Partnership With Coca-Cola
The folks at Coke explained that music has always been a huge part of Coke’s marketing efforts, going all the way back to a series of ads featuring Ray Charles nearly 50 years ago. That said, the partnership will focus on four key pillars: global, technology, social, and a commitment to music. Spotify explained that Coca-Cola will be a huge factor in bringing Spotify to new markets and new corners of the world.
I Am Condemning Free on Principle, So Should You
Free is not only a bad business model, but it is short-sighted and short-lived. No service can remain free indefinitely and that’s why it is negligent not to question a new free service when it comes out, because “figure it out later” can often end up being something that you, the user, aren’t going to be OK with and that is relevant.
Tim Cook and Walter Isaacson Named to TIME's List of 100 Most Influential People
TIME magazine today released its annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world, and two of the selections have close ties to Apple: CEO Tim Cook and Steve Jobs biographer Walter Isaacson.
Apple Working on Local Backup Servers for iOS Devices Needing Genius Bar Replacement?
According to the report, the systems would essentially be a local wireless backup system capable of quickly obtaining an iCloud backup from a device and temporarily storing it while the device is swapped out for the user. Once the replacement device is powered on and activated if necessary, Genius Bar staff would be able to quickly pull that data onto the new device to provide the user with a fully-updated and functional replacement device.
Things that change the world tend to sneak up on us all. If they were obvious enough to be immediately recognizable, everyone would be working on them. You have to start somewhere.
"Apple iPhone Will Fail"

Amazon vs. Best Buy: A Tale of Two Retailers
The first chart pretty much says it all.
Amazon Buys Rights to Ian Fleming’s James Bond Novels

On Facebook’s billion-dollar acquisition of Instagram
Companies generally prefer to bring in ranks of lawyers and bankers to scrutinize a deal before proceeding, a process that can eat up days or weeks. Mr. Zuckerberg ditched all that. By the time Facebook’s board was brought in, the deal was all but done. The board, according to one person familiar with the matter, “Was told, not consulted.”

So far, this is actually one of the qualities I admire (and am insanely jealous of) Zuck having at Facebook. He just does ... there aren't 80 committee meetings. He's not having to ask permission (each step adding to the odds of someone fucking it up). - JT
Yahoo’s Turnaround Plan: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
Yahoo’s CEO Scott Thompson apparently has a bold new plan for Yahoo, that involves cutting out the fat and executing ideas better. While that may sound like something every company should be doing, that’s because it is. It’s nothing revolutionary, but it is worth noting that Thompson will be shutting down 50 Yahoo properties in the coming months, and will be consolidating redundant technology platforms.
Permission to Procrastinate: Wait to Get a New Laptop
Unless your laptop is on its last legs and you have to move quickly, there are compelling reasons to wait until at least the summer, and probably the fall, to buy a new machine, especially if you are looking for a Windows PC, but even if you are in the market for a Mac.
David Carr on Amazon and E-Book Pricing
The Justice Department finally took aim at the monopolistic monolith that threatened to dominate the book industry. So imagine the shock when the bullet aimed at threats to competition went whizzing by Amazon — which not long ago had a 90 percent stranglehold on e-books — and instead, struck five of the six biggest publishers and Apple, a minor player in the realm of books.
Which cities shape our musical tastes? Atlanta, Montreal and … Oslo
A new paper by two Irish network scientists, Conrad Lee and Pádraig Cunningham of the Clique Research Cluster, tries to answer the question by analyzing listening habits on Last.fm, a popular music Web site that pinpoints users by geography. The researchers found that, in North America, Atlanta tends to propel trends in hip-hop music, while Montreal leads listening habits for indie music. Over in Europe, meanwhile, Oslo is the big trend-setter.
In 1790, Congress passed a law requiring ship owners to buy health insurance for their employees.

The real story on shipwrecks: Women and children last
Swedish economists Mikael Elinder and Oscar Erixson crunch the numbers on shipwreck survivors and find that women and children fare the worst, while ship captains and crew members have especially high survival rates.

So Leo should have survived! Fucking Kate. Ruining everything. - JT
Warren Buffett Moves Quickly to Disclose 'Not Life Threatening' Prostate Cancer
Warren Buffett moved quickly to tell Berkshire Hathaway shareholders that he has stage I prostate cancer, taking less than one week from the time he first received the diagnosis.
Income inequality is rising.
The gap between America's highest- and lowest-paid workers is widening. Labor Department figures released Tuesday show that between the end of the recession in mid-2009 and the first quarter of 2012, earnings of Americans at the top--meaning those who earned more than 90% of all workers--rose 7%, before adjusting for inflation. During the same period, wages of those at the bottom--meaning those who earned less than 90% of all workers--rose 2.5%. That pay difference predates the global financial crisis: Between 2003 and 2007, wages grew 12.9% for high earners, compared with 8.4% for the lowest-paid 10% of workers...In the first quarter of 2012, people in the bottom tenth of the work force earned $360 or less a week, the Labor Department said. The typical worker among the top 10% of earners earned $1,858 or more a week. Between 1979 and 1989, wages for top earners rose 75%, while those for the bottom tenth of the work force climbed 54%.
House Republicans are planning a slew of tax votes.
House Republicans are pushing an ambitious summer tax agenda, including a series of politically charged votes on everything from expiring Bush income tax rates to capital gains, while laying out a timeline for broader tax reform, according to several sources familiar with GOP planning.
High gas prices are driving motorists to cut their fuel consumption
As prices have neared and in some cases topped $4 a gallon, drivers have cut their consumption of gasoline to its lowest levels in a decade, driving less and buying cars that are more fuel-efficient. The adjustment has slowed the climb in gasoline prices, which until last week had risen for 10 consecutive weeks, and could preserve some money for Americans to spend on other items as the economy struggles to recover more convincingly.
The untold tale of how NASA almost lost the Discovery shuttle in 2005.
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