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Shit Worth Reading: May 3rd, 2012
Shit Worth Reading: May 3rd, 2012
05/03/12 at 06:34 PM by Jason Tate
Another day coming to an end, another time for me to go re-cap a bunch of stuff that I think is worth reading around the internet from the past few days. Been a rough couple of days for me ... I'm stressed up the eyeballs over here - ugh, more on that later ... so, here we go.

Mark Zuckerberg Will Personally Sell ~$1 Billion Worth Of Facebook Shares At IPO
The hot details: the company is selling 337.4 million shares at a price range of $28-$35. — And part of the share sale is insiders selling, and that includes CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

That is so much money. I can barely comprehend it. - JT

Yahoo admits CEO falsely claimed to have computer science degree, calls it ‘inadvertent error’
Embarrassing. Come on. - JT
Why Did You Even Write The Article?
Its powerful components should hopefully make it a very swift device. We’ve not had enough time with the new phone to make any firm conclusions about its camera and software tweaks, but we’ve got high hopes for good performances all round.
Welcome to Zynga; I Hope You Like Shoving Shit at Your Users
Here’s how the game works: Pick a word from a list of three, then create a drawing so a Facebook friend can guess that word and you can win points. For the ad product, imagine inserting words like “Doritos” or “Coca-Cola” in among “golfer,” “bikini” or “fireworks.”

Let's see how this goes for the game ... - JT

Samsung S-Voice
Love that purple tint. Where do they come up with such innovative designs?
While We’re Talking About iPhone/Android Market Share Numbers
Meantime, here in 2012, the iPhone once again accounted for a majority of Verizon’s smartphone sales, and Apple earned 73 percent of the total profit in the handset industry. That’s a nice niche.
Sales Versus Surveys
If I wanted to be a dick, I’d suggest that these surveys skew toward Android because Android buyers are more likely to be dumb enough to waste time answering market share surveys. But I don’t want to be a dick, so I won’t.

Feisty John Gruber is the best writing on the internet. - JT

Bing Strips Down Results Page To Make Google Look Like “Search Overload”
I'm almost willing to start using bing. Almost. Google's results are polluted with shit I don't want. - JT
Employee Of The Month Grabs $25k In Costco Shopping Spree
Angela Wong won employee of the month at WhaleShark Media (crunchbase), and with that came a three minute grab everything you can at Costco shopping spree.

Wong did a practice run the day before, which paid off. She managed to grab $25,000 in stuff in the three minutes, including three big screen TVs, 10 Nikon cameras, three Dyson vacuums, two Roomba vacuums, two HP computers and a case of Dom Pérignon champagne.

And the best part – “The company allowed some extra time on the clock so that Wong could pick up 10 cases of beer for the entire staff.”
The Google+ "Dickhead" Problem
The problem, as Wheaton points out, isn’t that Google+ is a bad product — with the latest redesign, it’s actually pretty well done — it’s that Google is being way way way way too aggressive in shoving it in everyone’s face.


The Next iPhone’s Name
Regardless, I think logic dictates that the next iPhone will simply be called “iPhone” and be referred to by Apple as “the new iPhone” just as, at this point, none of Apple’s other products use numbers.
Jeremy Keith on Website Optimization
Well, here we are fifteen years later and thanks to the rise of mobile, bandwidth is once again at a premium and we can be pretty sure that plenty of people are accessing our sites on slow connections. Yet again, mobile is highlighting issues that were always there. When did we get so lazy and decide it was acceptable to send giant unoptimised images down the pipe to our long-suffering visitors?
‘The Scream’ gets auctioned for $119.9 million
Edvard Munch's “The Scream,” which sold for a record $119,922,500 at auction in New York City on Wednesday.
House GOP budget puts avoiding defense cuts above poverty programs
The House Budget Committee meets Monday afternoon to put the final touches on the more than $300 billion 10-year package -- the opening shot of a fall campaign to preserve defense spending without bowing to Democratic demands for new taxes. Monthly food stamp benefits would be cut, hitting millions of single-mother households by summer’s end. Unemployed workers would be dropped from the rolls until they spend down their cash savings below $2,000 -- one-fifth of Romney’s famous $10,000 bet. Working-class, often Latino, parents would be denied child tax credit refunds if they lack Social Security cards proving they are authorized to work in the U.S. These are immigrant taxpayers whose average annual wages are $21,240 and generate far more for the Social Security system in payroll taxes than any refunds they receive.
Chairs suck.
Fact. - JT
Obama’s approval ratings: better than expected
Unemployment remains above eight percent. Housing prices still haven’t bottomed out. The stimulus has been criticized. The health-reform law is unpopular. Americans are extremely pessimistic about the economy. So, given all this, isn’t it a bit weird that President Obama is holding steady at 47 percent in the polls?
Comparing Romney and Bush: Has Republican economic thinking changed since 2000?
Republicans were pushing tax cuts when we had surpluses and a strong economy and they’re pushing them now that we have deficits and a weak economy. And, in both cases, they used the economy as the argument for why we needed big tax cuts right now.
Is Obama More Popular Than He Should Be?
But this pessimism never eroded Mr. Obama’s approval as much as it arguably should have. There are several ways to show this. One way is to predict Mr. Obama’s approval based on the economy and other fundamental factors, and then see whether his actual approval matches, exceeds, or falls short of the prediction. To do so, we use 60 years of quarterly data on presidential approval, which contain polls from 1948 to 2008, and construct a statistical model of approval.
Elizabeth Warren: Guilty of Being White
Tim Murphy tells the dark, sad tale of Elizabeth Warren's "Native American" fooferah. Short version: Harvard used to list her as a "Native American" member of faculty. She didn't correct them for years. And she's only 1/32 Native American, at least, borrowing the heritage from her maternal great-grandmother. It's killing her (at least right now), in part because "Massachusetts has a large population of political columnists who make teepee jokes."
Billy Graham Joins the Campaign Against Gay Marriage
Asshole. - JT
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