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time slips away
time slips away
07/04/12 at 02:06 AM by fallen glory
Laying beneath the tree they used to share she remembered all the time she spent with him.All the nights,afternoons,the happiness,the fights…the life they spent under the stars,just children of a tainted world but yet held captive by it’s beauty. She would lay in his arms all night and just admire him,the way he would smile,the way he would chuckle at all the small twinkles and gleams in the sky. Turning her thoughts to rainier days she could remember the anger he always carried with him like a storm,anger at his father,anger at his mother,anger at love,and the unforgiving coldness of abandonment.But she was always at there at his side,she could always see the anger in his heart fade under the stars as she would stroke his temple with her hand and he would always gaze at her and wrap his arms warmly around her,loving,happy,real. He always led her to real and exciting places and events,how they would get into such trouble and he would always laugh and tell her “time slips away every moment,why waste any bit of it not running through life without the right person?” However..she knew,all good things would end sooner or later.they had a falling out one day under the very tree they shared so many fond memories under.”i’m sorry..but i have to let go now..”he had told her”what?….why?!”“i just want you to know that i love you…and…that no matter what happens it was beyond our control…i love you..i love you….i love you so.” “so you leave?just like that?,all the fighting and the laughing and the fucking love we have is just gone and dead to you?!…GO..i..I HATE YOU!”she could tell that she did the damage she wanted to as she saw the hurt in his eyes..and in a split second he was gone as fast as he had come into her life,the wind rustled her hair as she watched him go into the wheat and on back home. For a long time she hadn’t heard from him and she couldn’t force herself to date again because she loved him so much..but part of her still hated him for him leaving.She tried calling him,texting him,even writing him letters..but what she didn’t know was that he had been in the hospital during the long months they had been away from each other. She received a call early spring from one of his best friends informing her on everything and how he spoke of her and his best friend couldn’t resist telling her just to see a smile on his friends face.When she showed up at the hospital door,she opened it to find him there…and he looked as if he were frail and in he was pale and his lips were chapped and faded but when she looked into his eyes a warmth rekindled 2 young hearts that morning.She sat down and talked to him about all she had done since they last talked,about her starting college and also selling some of her art.Then he told her what happened. “that night when we..broke up it was because i found out that i have cancer,the doctors told me i was going to die and…well i didn’t want you to grief over me..your heart and smile are too beautiful to be shattered by something so morbid.” when he saw the concern in her face and the tears slowly following he pulled in with “but it’s ok! they tell me i should be ok to get out in a couple days haha then maybe we can catch up?” to which she calmly and warmly replied “i think i would love that very much….so so much.” she smiled at him and did what she had wanted to since she had watched him go that night so long ago under the stars.
she kissed him
the next day she drove out to the tree and snapped a quick picture to show him that morning.”Hey there lovely!” was his first words to her that afternoon when she stepped into his room and kissed his forehead sweetly.”I’m not that lovely am i?” she said with a shy giggle.”well i would have to be one crazy bastard to not think so!” he replied with a smile.He then did something she didn’t expect:he stood upright. When she laid her eyes on him he looked strong as she had last seen him and he looked amazing and wonderful and handsome and every good thing she could think of and she could think of nothing else but to go and hug him.When they left the hospital later in the afternoon they went to the tree and watched the wheat field and the ocean in the distance and laughed and talked about the world and he spoke of his mother and being left alone with the doctor bills and having to beg his brothers up north to help him pay the bills off.”i really think i might make it aha….i really do..” she watched a tear fall from his face and down onto the dirt before the great oak.”i have no doubt that you will sweetheart…when..when you are finally out of the hospital would you..would you like to maybe come stay with me awhile?we can come here as often as you like.”she said this quickly as if shy and scared that he would say no.”well..i think i would absolutely love that.”he smiled with a light warmer than any she had known as he said this.As the sun went down they packed up and headed for the hospital and he kissed her goodbye slowly but surely and whispered in her ear: “thank you for being here for me when nobody else would…i fear for those who don’t have the love and support that you put forth for myself..” she took his face in her hands and looked him in the eyes.”you will always have my love understand?always…always and forever.” “always and forever.” he replied
the next afternoon she sat at the grand oak with a picturebook of the two of them and flipped the pages and tears streamed from her face as she held a bloodied blade..she had knicked the veins in her wrists not too long ago.. Earlier that morning when she had gone to visit him and take him with her she had arrived to find him gone.
the doctors told her he had died over night.
ok.since this is easily my saddest and maybe most well thought out story i have done in a very long time i would love to know thoughts on it they would be most appreciated and this is a sad ending yes,however if anybody wants a happy one then i would be more than happy to edit and give them an alternate version.
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