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Music Mends Broken Hearts
I Can't Help Myself Google, Geez.
06/25/06 at 01:31 AM by Jason Tate
I typed in "Sidekick 3 upgrade price" into Google ... take a look at the first result. I don't think that's very helpful.
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How Cute.
06/24/06 at 09:48 PM by Jason Tate
It's me. And no I don't view that website.
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I Am Bored, Bored, Bored.
06/24/06 at 07:14 PM by Jason Tate
Oh I am so bored.
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06/23/06 at 11:10 PM by Jason Tate
Do you ever get the feeling that we started in the middle? Or have you ever had the sense that we've been lying just a little? I mean, come on, it's not like we've known ourselves that long.

And I can't say I really blame you for being bored with the beginning, always staring at the score to figure out who's barely winning. But don't you know there is a reason strong move slow.

And I'm okay, if you're okay with wasting time. But when you trace you always see the bottom line.

We are tracing - I hope you know.

And if you want to know the moment I knew that I was still alone, I found I'd never learned your number I only stored it in my phone. You'd think by now I'd know the shape of calling home.
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Love, Lust, and False Integrity
06/23/06 at 09:43 PM by Jason Tate
You'd be surprised how many of my mistakes, I really intended to make.
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06/22/06 at 10:47 PM by Jason Tate
Turn the sheets down and the music up. I'll always be your best fuck, the boy with the worst luck. And c-c-can you see me from where you are tonight? And c-c-can you feel my heart beating? I've got nothing left to lose, still sitting here with everything to prove. Get used to the light, she whispers, "get used to the night" - I've got a bad feeling and worse intentions. Turn left, turn right, g-g-get it together and don't let the clapping of my h-h-hands get in the way of the moves you make. Stop and think about what you're doing. So how fast is too fast? And how slow is too slow? I'll give you both, you'll take nothing - same story, different girl, d-d-don't say I didn't warn you. When it comes back to you, I always lose. Hey there girl, d-d-dance for me. Hips and sweat mean nothing if you can't look into my eyes. What was that you said about letting my eyes get used to you? What was that I said about letting your fingers do all the talking? I'll wait. I always wait. I'll try not to stutter when I tell you I love you, you'll try not to laugh when you walk away. It never was nothing.
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Yes, I'm a Dork.
06/21/06 at 05:57 PM by Jason Tate
24 days.
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Turn Up the Punk, We'll Be Singing...
06/17/06 at 03:29 PM by Jason Tate
"May your music break my ear drums and your pavement scrape my knees, and the next time I get up and try leaving town - shoot my fucking plane to the ground. I saw new things in the same old town that year after I decided being dead inside wasn't an option. I think I can be too romantic, yeah I think I was just too romantic. I see life alive in so many peoples eyes. Let's hope we won't be dead inside. Even though it's warm down here, don't let it lull us to sleep. Streets gentrified like it's no problem. Boys in bands still singing about killing their girlfriends, people leave communities while their still struggling. Come on everybody, sing along, we're to blame - punks start dealing with their own white privilege. We tell all the boys to stop being so aggressive actually giving a shit about the place we live in."

- Latterman
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The Best Seattle Band Is No More Anyway
06/17/06 at 12:28 AM by Jason Tate
One GAD is enough, we don't need three. CaseyBatesCore is starting to pull at my last thread.
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Birthday Wishes!
06/16/06 at 12:02 AM by Jason Tate
Happy Birthday Jennifer! Hope you like your present.

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Brangila I Am Not
06/14/06 at 07:19 PM by Jason Tate
Those interested in my social/personal/dating life need to take a step back. I am not Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt - seriously, back off! It's pissing me off and it's none of your fucking business.

And learn to spell you "curious" assholes.
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06/14/06 at 07:12 PM by Jason Tate
I love the trouble I get in from people for shit I have no control over. Dicks.

At least Skiba survives.
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Anyone Rich?
06/14/06 at 10:32 AM by Jason Tate
Someone offer me 2 million dollars for this website so I can just walk away.
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06/13/06 at 10:35 PM by Jason Tate
When you are great, people often mistake candor for arrogance.
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06/13/06 at 06:11 PM by Jason Tate
Yaaaaaaaaawn. I love naps.
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