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The most Profound
Review as criticism
10/11/12 at 08:10 PM by WordsandMusic
The older I get, the clearer things get for me. I'm still a really far way from absolute clarity, but I'm seein clearer then I was. It's come to my attention as of late, the major disservice we do our favorite bands/artists by putting their art under a microscope and basically sucking the love out of it. I'm all for good music, talent, solid songwriting....but I draw the line at ripping apart an artist because he/she/they do something I don't expect. That said, IF I take another swing at an album review, it will be for no reason other than to celebrate what I think is a great album, and to point out highlights. The world has enough negativity, I don't want any when I read about the new Anberlin record.
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self-absorbed scene kids.
12/22/08 at 09:19 PM by WordsandMusic
I realized when I signed up for this site Id get my fair share of bull shit, but ppl bashing other ppl for their preferances is just juvenile. Get over yourselves. I promise you the bands you think youre "defending" ALSO think youre an asshole.
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America vs. Canada
11/14/08 at 02:09 AM by WordsandMusic
I read an interesting article in Readers Digest today (I was in a waiting room). It listed the most important political issues for Americans and Canadians. Canadians, economy, environment, poverty. U.S., economy, terror, war in Iraq. I was thinking, one really only need to know this to understand the differences between our countries. Im convinced its not the American populations fault, but they are (generally speaking) incredibly arrogant and self-absorbed. The issues that worry them are either in defense of their international ego, or out of total selfish motivation. Granted, the economy there is pretty rough, but you need to look no further than G.W. Bush to find the cause of that. He was so busy in avenging the victims of 911, and flexing the USAs military muscle, he sorta, well, seemingly overlooked his own back yard entirely. Not convinced? Maybe go visit the residents of New Orleans. Many, especially the poor, are STILL waiting for help. But at least, in exchange for the New Orleans residents who lost their lives, homes, and more because of the US Govt's incompitency, they managed to find those weapons of mass destr.....or wait, no no, I remember now, there were no weapons, Bush made that up. Did they catch Heussien? Sure. Is he responsible for 911? No, thats Bin Laden. So what did he accomplish? Nothing. Except that now, The USA is internationally NOT respected and seen as bullies. Canada on the other hand, we want the world to be cleaner for our kids, we want the poor to have a respectable life, and sure, we want a strong economy. And where did Canada's armed forces deploy? Well, Afghanistan, where Bin Laden actually IS. Interesting. Dont misunderstand, Im a dual citizen (canada/usa), and under NO circumstance do I think EVERY American is like this, or thinks like this. I believe its a trickle-down effect. The rule of the Bush's is OVER! America is free to think for themselves, and now your votes will ACTUALLY count for the candidate you voted for! Anyway, I dont wanna bash on the USA, what I do want to do is shine a light on things, perhaps a perspective OUTSIDE of the rich Republican adgenda. Canada is EXCITED for Obama, and for your chance to reclaim your former glory as a powerful, respected, peace-loving nation.
Tags: Bush, politics, Obama, Iraq, Canada, U.S.A.
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Gillian was a Horse
10/23/08 at 10:28 AM by WordsandMusic
So, a couple days ago AP.net posted my very first crack at a review. I'm not sure it was great, but I dont think it was terrible either. As a fan, Im not great at being critical. If youre interested, its for an artist named Damien Jurado.
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I'm Number One!
10/20/08 at 10:14 AM by WordsandMusic
So, sitting here sipping my coffee, listening to The Glass Passenger, I stumbled on a girls blog. She is obviously a caring person, and it got me thinking. What do I do to advance the greater good? Sure Im friendly, some even say charming, but whats the good in that? Friends of mine, along with my amazing wife are starting a ministry downtown in the city we live. A city ripe with homelessness and drug addicted people that by all accounts, are a waste of space. The ministry has been dubbed "The Centre" (yes, "re", we're Canadian). The point is to offer counselling, drug, eating disorder, personal, family, psychological, crisis and the like. Not only counselling, but also FREE access to medical professionals, and a "wholistic" approach to health (body mind, spirit). We are Christians, and you can say what you will, but these peoples hearts are for the hurting. I may or may not have a part in it, I hope I do. So, to my new bff morningstar, and to all of you, be encouraged, and inspired to dream big, and love people, you may be suprised what comes of it.

PS-new Appleseed Cast will own me. and you.
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