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littleblackcher's Blog
Casette Printed Skinnies Jeans and Little Inspiration Hunt
04/25/12 at 10:39 AM by littleblackcher

Some days when i've got one specific task to complete my inspiration is totally dead, i sit staring at the screen and trying to form the ideas into some original shape. On other days however, when I don't plan anything, the ideas just jump out of anywhere, perfectly formed and ready to go, like if I didn't have anything to do with the whole process :) I love this kind of spontanous work, it's more easy to digest, straightforward and inspiring :)

This was the case with LBC Deal Hunting Squad, which worked well as email marketing campaign, but I should really sit and work on it to keep it live - which means to create more deals and upload them online :)

Today I was working on completely different promotion, and I hope you're going to like it, it's brand new LBC Explorers Club, little place where you can discover unusual and quirky things about all the clothes available at LBC! For example the first item to go were Darkside Casette Tape Skinny Skinny Jeans - made from super thick industrial feel denim, with camouflaged back pockets ('hidden' pockets) and cute little Darkside logo stitched on the back with silver metallic thread.

I absolutely adore these Casette Skinnies Jeans, the print is so unbelievably strong and bold, it will fix the whole outfit for you, just add simple black vest, sudded wristbands and layered chain necklaces - perfect for those sweet & rebel days :)
Tags: jeans skinny, girls jeans, casette tape print skinny jeans, scene jeans, darkside
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Kat Von D Inspired Collection
04/21/12 at 10:01 AM by littleblackcher

Kat Von D is Queen of many hearts, and this season she rules in LBC-land! Check new collection inspired by Kat Von D - from Angel Corset Hoodie, divine Wings Necklace to Bondage Camden Leggings!
Tags: kat von d, bondage leggings, angel wings hoodie, hoodie and jacket, scene clothing
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Best Alternative Hair Dyes - Top 3!
04/09/12 at 12:47 AM by littleblackcher

We've spent whole of this week going through the reviews of Alternative Hair Dye brands available on the market, and there's been few discoveries. We compared only few leading (and at the same time most accessible) hair dye brands. The final score / performance was based on how long the dye lasts on hair, how does it wash out / fade, how well does it work on non bleached hair and also what's the after care required in order to preserve the colour. Here come the results :)

1. In the first place hands down comes Special Effects. This 100% vegan friendly hair dye really impressed us with the vibrance of the colour and mainly how long does it stay looking radiant without fading. Basically Special Effects hair dye out-performed other brands by the fact that after few washes the colour doesn't just go flat and liveless, it changes of course with every wash, but instead of 'washing off' it transforms to different dimention shade, e.g from deep magenta to neon pink - impressive!


Tags: hair dye reviews, hair dyes rank, special effect hair colour, manic panic, star gazer
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Ashley as Sinister Easter Bunny in LBC Slash Tights
04/09/12 at 12:44 AM by littleblackcher

Tags: poizen industries, black ripped tights, scene tights distressed, webbed tights, scene
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How to Get Most Vibrant Colour with Special Effects Hair Dye?
04/06/12 at 12:08 AM by littleblackcher

I've been reading about Special Effects hair dyes today, and I'm pretty impressed with the quality of these dyes as submitted by the users. These dyes are dominantly temporary hair dyes (as most of the alternative colours giving the vibrant rich shades) yet the colour stays from 6 weeks up to 4 months!

That's quite good, but the best thing about Special Effects is that with every wash the colour doesn't just fade, it kinda gets brighter, revealing vibrant new shade. For example the girl in the photo has used the Special Effects Virgin Rose hair dye, which in the beginning gives quite deep magenta shade, but with every wash the colour gets slightly brighter, and it turns into Neon Pink, so it's still vibrant and rich.

It's also worth noting that with Special Effects shade (as well as Manic Panic, Star Gazer etc. etc.) the final effect depends on the colour base of the hair before dying, if it's pre-coloured, if it's dark or fair, but if you want to get the most vibrant colour it's advisable to bleach it first (with manufacturer's bleaching kit). Also wash the hair with cheap shampoo (which strips the hair clean) and don't use any conditioner prior to dying. Leave the dye to develop according to the instructions on the box, yet with these Veggie dyes (which don't contain ammonia) you can leave it for longer, some users recommended leaving the Special Effects for up to 2 hours for more vibrant shade.

Also good tip: if you have any of the hair dye left over, mix it with the hair conditioner and use it after every wash to preserve the colour for longer!

Tags: special effects, hair dyes, dye your own hair, pink scene hair, hair dye reviews
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How To Give Your Tshirt Glam Punk Make Over?
03/20/12 at 06:13 AM by littleblackcher

Today I've been uploading new Poizen Industries Girl Tshirt online, and I've realised it has got pink cross stitch details at the bottom and by one sleeve - it makes such a huge difference, it just looks so wicked & punky, the simplest ideas are really the best!!! But you can do it yourself and give any of your old Tshirt bit of Glam Punk look! Take hot pink yarn and create 3 - 4 stitches along the seam - by the sleeves or at the bottom!!! Yes, 3 simple stitches can transform your old-boring tee into new wicked edgy top, and it takes few seconds - I'm gonna do that myself tomorrow :)))

Tags: poizen industries tshirt, scene girls tshirt, scene clothing, white zombie tees, shop
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Don't Crush My Dreams...
03/20/12 at 06:02 AM by littleblackcher

Tags: fancy dress wings, pink angel wings, fancy dress costumes, pink fairy wings
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How to Cut My Curly Hair Scene?
03/14/12 at 04:53 AM by littleblackcher

I have a curly hair but I REALLY love the scene hairstyles (I still like my hair when it's curly) and I'm wondering do I need special haircut for my hair to look Scene?
HELP! please... (I'm 12 turning 13 though, I don't know if this will make a difference but I look 14)

Thanks :) Laila xxx
Tags: curly scene hair, cutting hair scene, how do i cut scene hair, scene hair cuts
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Little Black Cherry hunts for new Hoodie Jacket!
02/02/12 at 11:50 AM by littleblackcher

it's been extremely cold today again, it's still Winter after all... The forecasts say there's another three weeks of cold, which doesn't make me happy. I'm going to London Edge this weekend to order new stock and the temperature in Londres is supposed to be around -2 degrees!

I think first I will visit Poizen Industries stand, it's going to be pure indulgence, plenty of plushie, acid, cyber, lolita treats, from Fluffy Bunny Hoodie and Jacket to cutest eye popping girls tshirts. I just need to remember not to order all at once, it's always a temptation, because you never know when to stop :)

Tags: hoodie or hoody, poizen industries, hoodie with ears, online shopping clothes, scene
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Cupcake Cult Monster Hat gets Top Place on Bestsellers list in Little Black Cher
01/13/12 at 11:16 AM by littleblackcher

I have finally sorted out our Best Sellers page today, it's finally up to date and shows what have been the most popular in last few weeks :) Poizen Industries have made really good job with their Plushie jet black and neon pink Monster Hat, it's been so in demand last month, especially with all Christmas shopping :)
It's extremely appealing, made from cuddly fabric that covers your hair and ears and cheeks so there's no risk of feeling cold when you wrap up :) You can hide your hands in big paws, and each comes with it's own little monster claws - that's too cute!!
I felt in love with this Monster Hat as soon as I opened our first Poizen Industries clothing delivery, it was funny day to see all these Monsters, Dinos, Pandas and crazy paw bearing creatures hijacking our office. They became part of our everyday lives now, and believe me once you try this Cupcake Cult Monster Hat with Spikes there's no turning back to your ol'regular beannie, your soul belongs to cupcake & co!
Tags: poizen industries, girls clothing, girls hats, black and pink hat, emo clothing
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How To Make Skinny Jeans Fit Your Style?
04/30/11 at 08:44 AM by littleblackcher

Ok, today I'm so inspired by super skinny skinny jeans, baby zebra skinnies to be precise. I've grabbed these babies few weeks ago, and honestly they work like magic every time. Don't want to repeat opinion old as the world that skinnies jeans are back, as we all know that. But difference is all in the design - material, colour, fit and comfort. Jeans Skinny should be well fitted on bum, and shouldn't require extra trips ot shops to make them look fab. They should fit into your style, and the clothes you already have ;) Now, when it comes to my Baby Zebra Skinny Jean, they can transform my old boring plain vest or cardi into glam rock chick outfit! Honestly, even my green waterproof parka looks like from fashion catalogue when i wear it with zebra skinnies to my local co-op! It's insane! These Girls Jeans do half work when it comes ot pimping a style. Best investment of last year. Hope there's few more to come still :>
Tags: skinny jean, girls jeans, zebra skinnies jeans, scene emo clothes shop
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Do You Use Formspring? Vote now!
01/24/11 at 06:00 AM by littleblackcher

vote in our Poll now:
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LBC works closely with Face of Plymouth and supports local talents wanna tune
07/29/10 at 12:01 AM by littleblackcher

Maggie Tuczapska from Little Black Cherry has decided to take fresh approach to shooting store's new clothing collection 2010. Online store's owner teamed up with Plymouth Uni students to create Summer photoshoot in the spirit of Glastonbury Festival. Three young photographers showcased their creativity and fresh ideas to capture outfits perfect for any festival goer. In went all funky LBC apparel, american NewBreed Girl T-shirts - so popular with teenage girls, Death Kitty Hoodies (worn by Hollyoaks' Lauren Valentine), unisex Skinny Jeans, trilby hats and fun accessories to complete the look. Little Black Cherry aims to accommodate Scene tastes influenced by Scene Queens as Audrey Kitching, Hanna Beth, as well as music stars, like Fall Out Boy, 30H!3, All Time Low and more.

The photoshoot has taken place in Plymouth University's studio, courtesy of Head of Photography Simon Standing. The photos were being taken by Sam Gilmore, Rachel Heath and Kirsty Thomas. Although in the heat of their final year exams, they were happy to work with Little Black Cherry once more. This is last chance for them to do a shoot together, as these young Plymouthians plan to move to London to expand their talents on bigger scale.

LBC shot with their regular models Lithuanian alternative model Ruta Kazenite, Plymouth Argyle junior's coach Clint Lancaster and Face of Plymouth'08 winner Debbie Grayson. Whole team had fun styling the outfits and coming up with new ideas - big thank you goes here to Sam Gilmore, who was directing the models, and his fantastic ideas were winner every time.

Little Black Cherry will be shooting next collection in October, wanna tune in? Give us a shout!
Tags: face of plymouth, photo models, alternative models
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WIN Goodie Bag Worth 20!
07/27/10 at 11:01 PM by littleblackcher

LBC knows good things taste better when shared. That's why we're giving away (yeah, just like that!) totally awesome and freaking cute Goodie Bag worth 20! It's full of Scene Treats to brighten up your days and re-store the joy! But how to get this amazing Goodie Bag?

There's one sure way - take part in our Survey! Click the link below to start the fun, answer few questions and Goodie Bag might be flying your way! Don't hesitate, get clicking now:

Tags: win goodie bag, scene clothes, newbreed girl, win skinny jeans
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Mr v Mrs Stripe Round 1 - Who Wins?
07/21/10 at 04:27 AM by littleblackcher

Mr & Mrs Stripe were once happy couple, but small differences between them were getting in the way. It started with innocent famly dinner, when Mr Stripe sticked to his favorite Black and White Striped Men's Hoody, while Mrs Stripe would rather see him in fresh Black and Red Stripey Jacket.

She, herself, was devoted lover of color, so wearing black and white all the time was bit too much!

She created whole collection just to prove Mr Stripe wrong and show whole different faces of Stripes - from delicate pinstripes on Skinny Jeans, to striped detail on Trilby and great Stripey Stripey Kitty Ears. But who wins this battle? Judge for yourself now:

Tags: striped ladies hoodies, stripe skinnies, mens zipper jacket
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