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Fancy a Piercing but Parents say NO?
06/03/10 at 03:48 AM by littleblackcher

We all love changing our look every now and again - new hair, heavy make up, new clothing style... We also like trying something more permanent - tatoos, piercing, hair dye (maybe not super permanent change, but still tricky to get rid of when it goes wrong). Now, how to convince your parents you really want to get piercing, dye your hair,
or start wearing something new and different?

We collected few really helpful (and tested!) tips from you, check them out now and if you've got any of your own tips too, share them with us!

"If you want to convince your parents you really want piercing, try doing things to get them change their minds. Such as
  • getting good grades
  • cleaning without them asking
  • if u do things such as smoking, drinking, or even drugs, try to stop, so you can show them that u can be responsible.
If they see a change in you, they might feel the need to reward you."

"I wanted a lip piercings but my mom wouldn't approve. I tried convincing her into it, but she kept saying no. So I went against her and pierced my lip myself. She was disappointed in me, but I talked to her. It was just a stud, and the one thing that got her to let me keep it was "you have tattoos, those are permanent. I can take out the piercings, if you're scarred." ha, it worked. And now I have snakebites. I guess you can pull that line if your parents have tattoos. :D"

"Try getting the magnet piercing first and then tell your parents it's real - note their reaction and if they are like gasp about it, take them out and show them, but if they don't make too big of deal about it just tell them that they are real and later go get them done 4 real..."

"What I did to convince my parents was I went online and got all the info about taking care of piercing and the cost and everything and showed it to them to prove I had thought about it and knew what I was getting into so they knew I was serious about it and that it wasn't just a phase or something I wanted because one of my friends had it done..."

"Well, if you pay for it with your own money and tell them that you will help out around the house I'm sure they will let you. I'm 17, I'll be 18 in february.. but with my parents if you pay for it then its okay, they wouldn't
like it if i did but once it's done they get over it eventually... so good luck!"

"You could say that's the only thing you want for christmas or your birthday. oh and comprimises are good too. example: my mom wants me to have good grades, so i asked her.. "so if i get all straight A's will you let me dye my hair purple?" and she said yes. something like that sort of comprimise. good luck :)"
Tags: piercing, scene kids, emo shop
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Going To Festival? See What To Pack!
05/15/10 at 05:41 AM by littleblackcher

Festival season is nearly here! From muddy Glastonbury to posh Wireless, whatever the place, occassion or music, we all wait for these events. It's more then just pure music apprecciation, it's time to go crazy, forget about everyday rules, and eventually mingle with celebrities!
Now, what to take with you to stay safe, warm and comfy? There are two secrets to festival fashion:
  • leightweight
  • layers
Festival goers know there are far more important issues then looking good - first of all you need to feel comfy to enjoy music - often in rainy weather, cold or late at night! Check the weather forecast before you take off and pack accordingly
STYLE IS A BONUS, NOT A NECCESSITY - anything goes, so go crazy!
Pack List:
  • Wellies - opt for plain version rather then novelty prints as flowery wellies will make you look like farmers' market reject
  • Casual dresses / tunics - easy way to make an outfit, and they look awesome with wellies!
  • Scruffy pants / Skinnies to hide dirt

Tags: festival outfits, scene clothes, emo shop, skinny jeans
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Show The World How It's Done!
05/02/10 at 04:32 AM by littleblackcher

Show The World what's your Style! Share a photo of you wearing LBC gear (LBC skinnies, t shirt, hoodie etc) set in super awesome outfit and upload it to our Facebook fan page!

Pros: you get super fun times, show the world your awesomnesss, and once we publish guide 'How To Wear...' based on your outfit, you'll get £20.00 shopping voucher to spend at
How can you beat that?
Cons: none so far

Get creative, stay awesome and show the World How It's Done!

Share Your Photo now:
http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Little-Black-Cherry/33348414885?v=wall&viewas=122826457 4&ref=ts
Tags: scene clothing, shopping voucher, share photos
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How To Cut Side Swept Bangs?
04/06/10 at 06:40 AM by littleblackcher

If you're trying to cut a side fringe or go from short to long, tilt the scissors so that they're nearly facing down, (literally, so that the pointy bit of the scissors are nearly pointing to the ground) and then cut your hair starting at mid-length going down ^_^

Also, to keep the bangs staying on the side, simply clip them with hair clip after your wash your hair, and every time you go to sleep - that way they will stay the way you want them.

- by Jessica Robinson
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Do I Need Piercing To Be Scene?
03/26/10 at 08:02 AM by littleblackcher

Being Scene is often associated with getting piercing, although there is loads of Scene Kids who don't have any piercing at all. Is it neccessity? We think not. If you however seriously think of getting piercing, at least consider these few things:
Where are you planning on (self) piercing?
Earlobe? You might be ok. Ear cartilage? Not a good idea. Nose? Even less of a good idea. Lip? Worse idea. Eyebrow? Don't even go there. Nipple? Are you insane? Anything below the waist? Sterilize yourself now to prevent the stupidity from spreading.
1) Why do you want to pierce yourself?

-Did your parents say no to you getting that piercing?
-Are you being pressured by someone to get a certain piercing to 'fit in'?
-Do you think it'll just be a good laugh?
-Is it for some form of self injury?
-Just to piss your parents off?

If it's any of these or reasons similar, don't do it. It might be fun now, but you are doing permanent hole in your body, not to mention all possible complications and infections.

Read more advice and opinion on piercing...
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How To Create Messy Hair When Blow Drying?
03/12/10 at 12:04 AM by littleblackcher

You love messy puffy hairstyle and want to get sexy hair in seconds? There's really quite easy way to do it - when blow drying your hair, try to crease your hair with other hand, and blow dry the creased bit. Do it gradually with all your hair until it's completely dry. Then simply spray with flexible hairspray or put some hair wax in it and you're done! This will create puffy messy hairstyle that will last!
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CHRISTMAS GIFT SET - Pink T-shirt and Neon Green Gloves
11/22/09 at 05:13 AM by littleblackcher

CHRISTMAS GIFT SET - Pink T-shirt and Neon Green Gloves
Ladies quality Christmas Gift Set

Disturbia Pink Skull T-shirt and Neon Green Striped Long Gloves
Pick your size from drop down menu!
Buy now for Next Day Delivery!
Tags: christmas, gift set, scene clothes, pink ladies t-shirt, fingerless gloves
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New Face of Little Black Cherry’s revealed in Christmas Photoshoot
11/17/09 at 04:27 AM by littleblackcher

Marlene Tuczapska from www.littleblackcherry.co.uk has teamed up with Face of Plymouth’08 and photographer Rebecca Bond for Christmas Photoshoot. It’s main purpose was to showcase store’s new arrivals: Men’s and Ladies Vacant T-shirts, Fingerless Gloves and Jewellery. Professional eye of Rebecca Bond, young Devon’s photographer created relaxed atmosphere. Along Debbie posing for photos were Clinton Richard Lancaster, experienced young model, and just starting up Shelby Whyte and Ruta Kazenite. Rebecca and Debbie are often seen working together, and Marlene was happy to join forces once more with the talented duo. Clinton Lancaster was glad to model with Debbie again, as both met during their preparation for Face of Plymouth 2008 contest.

All items were set together in urban outfits with shop’s classic bestsellers: Kitty Ears Hoodies, Skinny Jeans and Scene Queen Jewellery. Four models had great fun posing for the photos. Ruta and Shelby enjoyed posing as two Elves competing for attention of Father Christmas – Clinton.

Little Black Cherry proved once more to support local talents and create opportunity for young models and photographers to be seen and appreciated worldwide. Marlene has got great experience in online marketing, and all photos are being strongly promoted on the internet, with focus on prime Google placement, as well as being featured on popular social sites as Facebook, MySpace, You Tube, Twitter and more. Little Black Cherry has been featured not a long ago on Channel 4 website, as Hollyaoks’ Laura was spotted wearing LBC Pink Chequered Emo Hoody.

Marlene has just returned from London Edge, international Trade Show, from where she brought new stock, in order to prepare for Christmas time. Fresh arrivals in the shop are Vacant Men’s and Ladies T-shirts full of cult characters, and hit straight from USA – NewBreed Girl T-shirts, so popular on highstreet, and also seen in Topshop. It proves Little Black Cherry’s changing face, as it’s moving from ‘underground’ fashion to mainstream, bringing big labels and highest quality clothing along.

Little Black Cherry is online shop based in Plymouth, with two years of trading experience. Selling urban Hooded Jackets, T-shirts, Skinny Jeans and Accessories, it’s focused on young market of 13 – 35 year olds. Marlene tries to keep up with latest trends on Scene Emo fashion, which dictates what’s next appearing on a website: from funky Kitsch Jewellery to Neon Clothing and Accessories.
Tags: scene clothing, christmas, face of plymouth
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Christmas Top Picks Photo Shoot
11/10/09 at 03:54 AM by littleblackcher

The photoshoot has been amazing experience, I am really pleased with how it all went. I had again great pleasure to work with Rebecca Bond, fantastic young Plymouth's photographer, her eye for great & unique shots had made this shoot go smoothly, professionally and really enjoyable. Debbie Grayson, Face of Plymouth '08, agreed to shoot with us again, I was really pleased to work with both girls, as with their experience, professionalism and great chemistry made the shoot both great fun as well as fruitfull experience.

Along Debbie, we had 3 more models supporting us: Shelbie & Ruta, just starting up, for both it was the very first modelling experience, but they were simply born to do it! Clint, the only boy on the set, has showed us fantastic modelling skills, working with him was real pleasure, and I absolutely love all Christmas theme photos, where all three could show off their 'bad ass' nature!
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Retro Popeye Blue Men's Short Sleeve T-shirt
10/29/09 at 08:41 AM by littleblackcher

Retro Popeye Blue Men's Short Sleeve T-shirt
Urban Mens Blue short sleeved T-shirt
Popeye 'back in a day' retro printed detail
Very high quality Cotton Men's Blue T shirt
Buy now for Next Day Delivery!
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How To Add Volume To Your Hair Without Teasing It?
10/28/09 at 02:20 PM by littleblackcher

We love big hair, the more volume the better! But teasing is not the only way to add extra 'umph' to your hair! To make it really stand out, be big and proud, and stay that all day, we've prepared one small trick for you.

After you wash your hair, blow dry it on round brush! Take top layer on a brush, and blow dry your hair going from roots VERTICALLY to the ends. This way you'll lift your hair by the roots, and add extra volume without trasing it! When finished, simply spray with hairspray and you're ready to go! It takes much less time then teasing, and doesn't damage your hair at all - good luck!
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Scene Queen Jumbo Pink Cherry Acrylic Necklace
09/25/09 at 10:38 AM by littleblackcher

Super cute Pink Cherry Scene Queen Acrylic Necklace
Jumbo Acrylic Necklace on 46cm Silver Chain
Cherry measures 45mm x 47mm, made from quality acrylic
This necklace looks stunning with zebra Scene Hoodies and Tops!
Try it with neon skinnies for true Scene Queen experience!
Funky and Fresh Hot Pink Cherry Jumbo Acrylic Necklace
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Tip of The Week - How to Apply Eyeliner?
09/25/09 at 10:36 AM by littleblackcher

Eyeliner is very important for Scene Emo make up, it helps to define your eyes and create the look you're after: soft everyday or evening vampy look. There are two types of eyeliner: liquid or pencil. Liquid eyeliners are ideal for creating thin perfect lines along your lashes, and require steady hand. Pencil eyeliners are more forgiving, great for beginners, and are really good for smudgy thicker lines. Choose the one you feel more comfortable with, if you prefer liquid eyeliners, pick waterproof one so it won't run during a day. If you opt for pencil liner, get soft one, so you can apply it (and re-apply during a day) easily. Maybelline makes great soft pencil eyeliners.

Few tips how to apply eyeliner:
  1. Rest your elbow on a hard surface, and rest your wrist on your face.
  2. Tilt your head back slightly and bring your eyes to a half-open state. This creates good angle for application, while allowing you to see what you're doing.
  3. Pull your upper eyelid gently with your finger to the side and slightly up. This stepis optional, as many people prefer applying eyeliner on relaxed eye. To prevent the eyelid from shaking if you do not pull it, focus gently but intently on your eyes in the mirror. If you are applying eyeliner to someone else's eyes, ask them to choose one spot on the wall to look at.

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Tip of The Week - How to Apply Emo Make Up?
08/31/09 at 02:29 AM by littleblackcher

Here's great tip on doing Emo make-up sent to us by kaitlyn ansinda:

...I think you should:
  • take a black eyeliner and put it on really thick on your bottom eye lid
  • then u should put it even thicker on your upper lid
  • then u need 2 put on a whole bunch of mascarra - and don't listen to your parents when they say no, take it of lol : D - any ways
  • make a poind like cat eyes and make it go really far out
  • then surround everywere you put the eyeliner in exact lines like the cat eyes.
  • Put black eyeshadow over it, and the make up is done!

Now you just need to do your hair the usual way, I can tell u how I do my hair, ok:
  1. First I brush my hair completely
  2. then take flat iron, and go over it as many times as needed to get it super flat :)
  3. then I separate pieces of hair and tease it
  4. then use hairspray - i use gottaB glued
  5. once it's done, I put a bow in my hair (I like putting it by the side bangs)
  6. then I kinda tweak it a bit and I'm done :)

Oh, and don't forget to wear tight jeans and any tight t-shirt prefferably, a t in black with a name of a club or something u have never been 2 - ok well, I think im done here byyyyy...
Tags: emo make up, scene hair, how to do make up, put eye liner
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How To Decorate School Outfit to Look Scene?
08/28/09 at 03:50 AM by littleblackcher

School time is so close, and the uniforms in wardrobe just die to be seen again, not bad if you look super cool in your uniform, and it's flattering. You might call yourself lucky. But what about the rest of us, who are just scared to think of putting this lumpy grey things and become mass product for next few months? There's way around, with a little help of our readers, we've put together few simple tips how to decorate School Outfit to look more Scene:
  • This is more like a rock chick look but try out a strapped siver/grey sequined dress about 6 inches above your knee and then over that put a tranclucent grey off shoulder top with a design of some sort on the front, but make sure the top shows the bottom of the dress. It's a really cute rock chick outfit but casualised if you know what i mean :] -'Lottiee..
  • you could use scene hair bows in school colours, and maybe some Scene jewelry, like studded bracelet or necklace? that's what i do =D

Read full article: 'How To Decorate School Outfit to Look Scene?'

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