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How to create a classic School Outfit?
12/26/08 at 03:21 AM by littleblackcher
How to create a classic School Outfit?

School is back, yes we know, it's killer time for fashion imagination. Goodbye wild hair and make-up, it's time to face reality :) Does the School Fashion Rules really has to strangle you all the way? We dare to think not! We thought this classic number should do the trick and work as a perfect School Outfit - still holding Scene Emo attitude, mind you :)

Ok, that's really nice and eye-catching combination of Black and White Stripe Ladies Tee, Black Skinnies and Accessories. You can change this outfit by adding belt / scarf / jewellery. It's quite flattering combination and you can also replace Kelly Green Chess Hoodie by pure Scene Queen Indulgence - Pink Leopard Print Hoodie!
This look is hottt...
Tags: school, scene, emo, punk, t-shirt, outfit, skinny jeans
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How To Find an Ultimate Christmas Gift - GUYS
12/10/08 at 01:18 AM by littleblackcher
How To Find an Ultimate Christmas Gift - GUYS

Shopping for a Guy is quite an experience, what is the best - and safest - way to shop for Christmas Gifts? Ladies, please don't go for the easiest option on Earth - aftershave and hair gel, it's too popular, I mean he'll probably get it from a work mate :) I know, it's a challenge to find a decent Christmas Gift, which will make your guy a happy guy.
So what do guys (Emo guys we're talking about, right?) wear these days? Simple answer - they love Hoodies, the more the merrier.

Apparently Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy is the proud owner of over 300 Hoodies. The most popular designs are Black and White Striped or Black and Red Striped Hoodies. These are the most classic Men's Jackets, and they go with almost any outfit, jeans, t-shirts, hats, you name it! These Hoodies are easily matched with Striped T-shirts to a make great gift set.

Another great male design is Newspaper Hoodie - fantastic and eye-catching Jacket, very popular with more alternative likings. This Hoodie is lined with white soft fleece, which makes it and ideal Autumn Jacket. You can match it with Newspaper all over print Men's T-shirt or with classic Black and White Stripey Tee. Both sets look very uniuqe, and with high quality materials they are a perfect Christmas Gift!

Have a look on these Gift Sets - Men's Striped Hoodie and T-shirts Set and Scene Queen indulgence - Animal Print Hoodies - these offers make Christmas shopping a pleasure, beat the queus, and let the gifts arrive to you ready to put under a Christmas tree!
Tags: christmas, gift, punk, emo, hoodies, t-shirts, striped
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Join our Mailing List and win Surprise Christmas Gift!
12/05/08 at 02:38 AM by littleblackcher

Join our Mailing List and win Surprise Christmas Gift - exclusively from our Scene Emo Collection! Competition runs untill 21st December, just in time for Surprise Christmas Gift to arrive under your Christmas Tree! Perfect treat for yourself or surprise Gift for your beloved!

Join Our Mailing List and Win!
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How To Make The Most of Your Animal Print Skinnies?
12/04/08 at 06:10 AM by littleblackcher
How To Make The Most of Your Animal Print Skinnies?

You love Zebra and Leopard printed Skinny Jeans, right? Yes, well, so do we. They look great, and they make a great impact. I mean, you can't just not notice this kind of jeans! They look gorgeous, and that's true. But how to wear them to make the most of this amazing design?
The best way is to wear them with plain top, and plain shoes. Ideally black or grey. You could get away with red or purple as well, but only with White Zebra jeans, it would look actually very Scene Queen!

Don't experiment too much with Red Leopard Jeans, we beg! Wear them with plain black or white tee or hoodie, and plain shoes. If you go somewhere special (like a gig, or a show) you can wear them with black corset, and red accessories, it would look uber-cool, just don't over-do it, as you may be seen as goth.

Remember, do compliment these jeans, try to show them off. Avoid printed vans or other shoes, whey will just spoil the effect, go for simple things, like black flats, or vans, or some black boots.
Now accessories: the best way to compliment these skinny jeans is to wear matching accessories, like animal scarf, or bandana on your head, or some animal print bangles. Try to match the hair accessories with these jeans, they will go very well.

Have fun, and if you're not sure of some combination, ask your mates, what do they think, if this or that look works. Good luck :)
Tags: scene, emo, punk, skinny jeans, drainpipe, leopard, zebra
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How To Take Great Scene Queen Photos?
12/02/08 at 09:58 AM by littleblackcher
How To Take Great Scene Queen Photos?

Audrey Kitching, Jac Vanek, Kikki Kannibal, they all look absolutely fantastic, no doubt about it. Now, with status of celebrity, these beautiful Scene Queens are ones to look up to. But where did they all start? We know it could have been Buzznet, MySpace or Bebo pages, socialising, adding celebrity friends and posting fantastic photos. Yes, they all take loads of photos of themselves. Don't they look proffessional? Yes, but this can be done at home too! Here we will give you few helpfull tips how to take great photos of yourself.
First of all, choose funky looking clothes, with strong colours and / or bold designs. The best design on offer at the moment is also one of Scene Queen's favourites - Pink Animal Print - Pink Leopard Hoodie or Pink Zebra Jacket. These Jackets are very flattering, look great on pictures and you can't get more Scene than that :)
Next, make-up, always put heavier make-up for photoshoots than you do everyday, as photos tend to blur the objects, and you want to bring out your eyes and flawless complexion, right? On great tips, how to do Scene Emo Make-Up, please see our guide - How To Do Emo Make-Up.
Now, the most important task, choose where to take your photos! The best light would be outdoors on a sunny day, ideally in the park, or local playground. If you prefer to take photos at home, choose a piece of white wall as a background. And try to avoid sockets and other wiring to get into your frame :)
Now strike a pose and find the one that suits you best. Use digital camera, to know instantly how the photo looks like, and what to improve in your pose, how to put your head, arm etc. Look at Audrey and Jac's photos, how do they pose, smile, and remember, you'll get better with time :)
Tags: scene queen, take photos, emo,
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How To Survive a Gig?
11/24/08 at 05:33 AM by littleblackcher

If you’ve been to a gig before, you know it can be wild place and quite impossible to control. So how to prepare for a concert, what to wear to survive? Keyword is: ‘comfortable’. Put comfortable shoes, not your best pair, but one that could be troddenby the crowd, you’ll be surprised by the state of your shoes after the concert! Well you’ll still need them for your way back, so leave your pumps at home and put some old sneakers instead. Fashion can wait one more day :)

Now, the jeans, ideally black or grey, as you might sit on the ground, be spilled with a beer and other disasters, and you don’t want to show the world story of the night, do ya? Ok, so that’s sorted, but what about the top? Well, that’s a tricky number. Have at least two tops with you, one underneath, sleeveless for dancing when it’s really hot and crowdie, and a Hoodie to wear on your way back. But don’t take your favourite Hoodie with you, you’ll need some old number, one which can be left on the ground, or under the bench, ideally dark coloured, or with some strong pattern.

Ok, so the wardrobe’s sorted. What about other things to have? You might need some secure place to put money in, so ideally in your pockets, have some room for tissues, bus pass, mobile, lipstick or eye-liner, you never know if you’ll need some make-up corrections! And there’s no point of taking backpack with you, it can be easily robbed in these kind of places, even if you leave it in cloakroom.
After all, you go there to have fun with your mates, and not to worry about the state of your clothes, or your bag!
Tags: survive a gig, wear to a gig, hoodies, party
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How To Find Your Own Style?
11/21/08 at 01:55 AM by littleblackcher

We all love dressing up, trying new things, creating new outfits. But how to choose something truly unique, something you can create and wear it in your own style?
First you need to know what kind of tops / jeans / shoes suits you best. There's no point in following strict trends, if the style doesn't suit you and you can be seen as a 'poser'. You must have at least one favourite item - eg. jeans, hoodie or a scarf. Ask your mates if this item suits you, you want to compliment your features - like great hair, beutiful skin or flat tummy. You want to dress like your mates, but find your own style and still look good, right?
Try to wear items that you know will look best on you, eg. if you have shorter legs, wear longer jeans and short tops; if your upper body is bit bigger then the bottom, try different colour combinations - darker top and brighter jeans. Always ask your friends what do they think of your current outfit etc.
Now, when you know what kind of items you're after, it's time to express your personality with a colour! Wear clothes that make you feel natural wearing them - don't make the clothes wear you!
There's loads of different combinations - if you like stronger colours - try Black and Green Chess Punk Emo Hooded Jacket , Pink Zebra Stripe Punk Emo Hooded Top or Comic Print Retro T shirt ! But remember, such a colourful tops need plain colour bottoms - try purple or black jeans, leggins, tutu etc.
Now Accessories - this is what the outfit is made of - just be carefull with different patterns and designs. If your top is colourful choose plain hat: Black Cotton Trilby or Grey Striped Trilby. If you want to wear some funky Urban Beannies: Red Chess Beannie, White Chess Beannie, put plain top and match the hat with the colour of your jeans / skirt.
You'll find your own style and look unique if you match the clothes you wear with your personality and choose things you'll feel natural in!
Tags: scene, emo, style, clothing, indie style
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How To Dress Like a Scene Queen and Keep Everyday Look?
11/14/08 at 10:46 AM by littleblackcher
You know everything about those gorgeous Scene Queens - Audrey Kitching, Jac Vanek, Ezi Xtacy, Katie Babyfayce, Kiki Kannibal etc, got your own MySpace page and even new Scene Pseudo, but now you need to dress the part! We'll show here how to be true to your Scene Queen roots and keep it in everyday look manner!
Scene Queen dress code is all about colour - shout your personality through the clothes you wear - All Over Print Hoodies, Skinny Fit T shirts, Wristbands and Leg Warmers! Don't be afraid to experiment with different patterns and colour combinations!
Latest Scene Queen craze has to be Zebra Stripe All Over Print Ladies Hoodie, so wild and very eye-catching, absolutely must-have Scene top - try one of these designs: White Zebra Stripe Hoodie, Grey Zebra Stripe Hoodie or very flattering and so much Royalty Colour Pink Zebra Stripe Hooded Jacket! You can wear it with Black, Purple Skinnies, tutu skirts or leggins.
Now, most important Scene Queen essentials - Accessories - the more the merrier! But remember, don't over-do the everyday Scene Queen look! You will need one or two quirky kitsch necklaces, hair bows or hair band, bangles and wristbands - try Stripe Wristbands - Black and White Stripe Scene Emo Wristband or funky Black and Red Stripe Scene Emo Wristband!
Now Your Scene Queen look is complete! For tips on How To Get Scene Emo Hair and How To Do Scene Emo Make Up, please check our Guides!
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