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SoDakValerie's Blog
Can anybody draw?
07/07/09 at 01:27 PM by SoDakValerie
I want a half sleeve of something to do with ghosts/haunted houses that doesn't look like everybody else's. If you are interested in drawing me up something rad, I'm interested in paying you a little for it.
Just message me if you're interested.
Thank you,
Tags: tattoo, ghost, haunted
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04/30/09 at 03:06 PM by SoDakValerie

Please watch that. My roommate, friend & I are trying to win a trip to Boston. However we are about 4,000 views behind the leader. Please watch! It's actually really funny.
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Valencia, Sorry, I don't believe in you
01/09/09 at 12:10 AM by SoDakValerie
Alright, I have sat quiet for entirely too long. I know I'm going to catch immense amounts of shit for this (if anybody reads it). But everybody is entitled to their own opinion, and this one is mine.
Valencia, who do you think you are?
I have seen you several (three) times. And not once have you impressed me. Not only that but you managed to make me not even like you because you were total dicks to me & my friend. All this despite the fact that I really liked your first album LOOOONNG before half the people that jizz over you now have.
I understand that sometimes full bands or certain band members have bad days. I get it. But everytime I see you, you have bad days? And apparently these bad days only apply to big chicks over 21? Because every time I have seen you guys Shane's been passing his number out to every 16 year old looking scene slut that looks his way. I have tried to be nice, make coversation, all that good shit. But after seeing them three times I still haven't gotten to know the names of most of them. I have not had a good experience with any member of this band except Brendan. He's a nice boy.
I know what some of you are thinking. You're thinking, "Maybe this Valerie girl is a total moron. Maybe she was some sort of fan girl. Maybe she tried to get with them and was shot down." WRONG CITY. Not happenin'. I don't do that. Granted, you have no proof of this but I assure you I do not. Most of my friends are in bands and I have far too much self respect to engage in that type of behavior.
I'm not going to say I'm a fan of The Maine (I'm not) or other "neon" bands. What type of bands are these anyway, last I checked neon was 1) a type of sign or 2) a variety of BRIGHT ASS colors. Not really a musical genre (if anybody could enlighten me on some of these bands, please do). But for Valencia to go on this self righteous crusade about how "neon" bands are talentless hacks and a waste of musical space is fucking outrageous. What do you think you are? You are guys that play pop punk. I honestly haven't listened to your new music which will cause me to not comment on it. However, you guys play the same music that about 75% of other bands play. You aren't revolutionary and you aren't better than any of them are.
I am not commenting on your talent, which I'm sure you have, otherwise you would not have gotten this far. I'm not saying that all the music I listen to is revolutionary stuff either. Some of it is just catchy, which you are as well.
I'm just asking you to get off your high horse. Maybe not talk shit about all the bands you have and may tour with. Maybe be nice to the fat girls at your shows. We go to shows and buy CDs and t-shirts too.
Tags: valencia
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Holiday Greetings!
11/23/08 at 04:26 PM by SoDakValerie
So, this year I've decided to send out Holiday cards. My roommate Dani & I are going about this together as we know most of the same people. If you want in on Holiday Card action email your name and address to:
valanddanischristmasgreetings@gmail .com.

I would love to send out a boatload of cards. We're popping them in the mail on December 15th. So get those addresses in ahead of time. So even if I don't know you, definately send your address. Maybe we'll become besties!

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I saw the New Kids on the Block...and liked it
11/16/08 at 04:42 PM by SoDakValerie
I have to say that, I did not want to see the New Kids. My roommate really wanted to go so I said I'd go with her. I wasn't into them as a kid, because even as a six year old I was an elitest bastard. Everybody else liked them, so I couldn't. It was in Omaha at the Qwest on November 12th. We got 30 dollar tickets up in section 210 and just wanted to experience it so her childhood dream could come true.

After a little "parking adventure" we finally got to the Qwest. We had heard that Natasha Bedingfield was opening. When we got to our seats we saw it was NOT Natasha but it WAS Lady Gaga. I didn't think I was familiar with her. However, throughout the course of her 20 minute set I realized I knew several songs. Because I watch entirely too much MTVu. It was fun to watch. Lots of dancing and flashy colors. We were dancing around like goons and realized that there were a LOT of empty seats below. After Lady Gaga a security guard came and told us that they were closing our section. He explained that we could go to a table and get... UPGRADES! We ended up in section 112. This was obviously much closer. Our 30 dollar seats had turned into 60 dollar seats. This excited us greatly.

Natasha Bedingfield was alright. She has a great voice. And I knew more of her songs than I thought I would. She was signing autographs after her set and I thought that was really chill of her.


For starters I have to say that I never understood the hoopla. I got into Jordan & Joey's solo stuff when I was a 13 year old that watched TRL religiously. In fact, I really enjoyed "Give it to You" and "Stay the Same." I also picked up a few of the bigger New Kids songs like "Step by Step," "Hangin' Tough," and "The Right Stuff."
They really know how to work a crowd. Despite the thousands in attendance you felt like you were part of something and that there was some connection. If I were 13 and saw that, I'd be in love. I very much understand why they were so huge now.

They definately sexed up the show for an older audience. There were a couple good shots of Donnie's junk and half a song that Jordan sang shirtless. Donnie also said, "I remember when you were all cute little girls. Now you've all grown up." It was as though we were all the sexiest ladies on the planet. Donnie is by far the best showman of the five. Overall they had good witty banter and I wonder if it was scripted or if it was on the fly. Never has the smell of alcohol been so prevelent at an NKOTB show. It was funny watching 30 year olds lose their shit like they were 12.

As far as WHAT they sang, a setlist is as follows (thanks Yahoo Answers):
New Kids On The Block 2008 Tour Set List
1. Single
2. My Favorite Girl
3. You Got It (The Right Stuff)
4. Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time)/Valentine Girl Medley
5. Please Don't Go Girl
6. Grown Man
7. No More Games
8. If You Go Away
9. 2 In The Morning
10. Dirty Dancing
11. Tonight
12. Twisted
13. Baby I Believe In You (Jordan Solo)
14. Give It To You (Jordan Solo)
15. Stay The Same (Joey Solo)
16. Cover Girl (Donnie Solo)
17. I'll Be Loving You (Forever)
18. Click Click Click
19. Summertime
1. Step By Step
2. Hangin' Tough / We Will Rock You
They played a good mix of old hits and songs from the new album. Also, my dream came true and I got to hear "Give it to You" and "Stay the Same."

The biggest thing I noticed is that it didn't look pathetic. It felt like a decent reunion tour. It did NOT feel like, "uh, I'm poor." They were all in great shape and I found them to be very attractive 40 year old men. The production value was impressive. There were dancers, flashy lights, and pyro. Not to mention they did a few songs on a rotating circle in the middle of the floor section.

Overall, far better than I expected. Dani was right, the New Kids have the right stuff.
Tags: review, concert, nkotb
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