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LOTR & Extended Editions
12/28/08 at 03:36 PM by mp3o
Disclaimer: This following post contains serve indications of nerdiness and lack of life. Please refrain from reading if you are heavily into sports, heavily active, or don't like the Lord of the Ring movies as it may cause reader to spontaneously want to eat protein, throw a football, get into a fight or any other man-like/non-nerd-like activities.


I can't believe it's been 5 years since the last Lord of the Rings movie came out in theaters. Fuck, 5 years ago I was just a sophomore in college. Come late 2003 and into early 2004 I was LOTR-ed out. From about 1999-2004 I read all three books, saw all three movies in the theater, watched 2 of the 3 extended editions numerous times (never actually watched the 3rd movie's extended cut--more on that later) and in one sitting (at a school sponsored event) watched all three original theatrical cuts. So I had good reason to be LOTR-ed out.

Cut to last year around this time when I thought I was ready to make the commitment and start watching the movies again. I had planned over the next three days to watch one movie a day. I only got through the first movie's extended cut on DVD. I never got around to watching the next two extended movies and looking back I just don't think I was ready.

Well-- I think I out did myself this year. I called my brother last week and asked him if maybe he wanted to a have a LOTR viewing and watch all three extended editions in one sitting. I've never done this with the extended cuts and he never had either. His reaction was a swift "Yes". But too be honest the days leading up to this past Saturday I was nervous. Okay--well not nervous but kept on thinking can I really do this and do I really WANT to do this. I was estimating close to 10-11 hours to watch the whole thang--which I was close because all in all it took about 12 hours.

So yesterday we began.

Popped in FOTR at 9AM and it ended exactly at 12:30PM. It's probably the one I've seen the most but still enjoy seeing the most. It just has that sentimental/calm before the shit storm feeling to it. So 3.5 hours done with and I was feeling pretty good.

Took about a half hour break to go grab some lunch and started TT right at 1PM. This movie I like but not as much as the first or even the third. It really gets into the human aspect of the films quite deeply with characters and themes and such. To be honest about an hour in I may have feel asleep for a brief 10 minutes. But after that I was good to go. This viewing ended around 4:30PM. I must add on that after watching this film directly after the first, I gained a little more respect and liking for the movie especially the stuff leading up to Helm's Deep.

Around 4:50PM, we popped in ROTK. By far the least viewed of the series. I never got around to watching my copy of the extended cut and was looking forward to it the most. As I began to watch it immediately I realized there was more than just additional footage. It seemed that this film was actually arranged a lot differently. And sure enough I read online its the one with the most significant changes--not just in additional scenes but scenes being tweaked, different takes used and scenes being shown in different order. This one lasted till 9PM. By far the longest of the 3.

So there you have it we started at 9AM and finished pretty much exactly at 9PM. There was only about a half hour between movies 1 and 2 (to get lunch) but other than that it was one sitting. Not much to really report aside from the fact that I did it--watched all three extended editions back to back to back. It was epic. Watching the movies like that was extremely fun and rewarding in the end (oh, and extremely nerdy). It allowed for the story telling to flow more freely and actually view the three movies as one traditional 3 act film. It made you appreciate the multiple endings of the third film that a lot of people griped about (I never had a problem with it).

It's surprising how I felt after watching the flicks in that I wasn't tired and I was actually a little depressed it was all over. I might try and make it a nice holiday tradition.

Tags: lord of the rings, marathon, nerd
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Bears & Wall-E
12/22/08 at 08:07 PM by mp3o
Bears about to hit half-time and they are down. I just want them to win so I don't have to listen to stupid sports radio complain about it tomorrow morning. It's not even like the host's are bad, it's the dumb ass callers that make no sense. In either case, Packers just scored its a 10 point game. Not looking good. Hopefully we can turn it around at half.

I can't wait till the Winter Classic on Jan 1. It's going to be epic.


I bought WALL·E for my mom and I really want to watch it. I'm half tempted to open it before I wrap it, but that'd be just shady. But honestly the movie is just epic. It's ridiculous good and probably one of the best movies I've seen in '08 (don't worry Dark Knight is up there too).

I wrote a review for WALL-E at another forum I post on. Here it is:

I'll admit it. I'll admit that on occasion I like certain movies so much that make the statement that if you don't like the movie than you are an idiot. And if I haven't flat out said it--well, I've at least thought it when suggesting certain movies to people. And on more than one occasion I know I've exagerrated the quality of certain movies in order to make a statement loud and clear.

That being said I can honestly say that if you don't like WALL-E than not only are you an idiot, you are a soul-less ingrate that thinks 9/11 was hilarious and thought what the Menedez brothers did was quote: "not that bad".

WALL-E follows a what-if type premise. What if in the future, the world was so full of garbage that it became uninhabitable . What if it was so uninhabitable that we developed a plan to deploy drone robots to clean up our mess while we board a cruise like space ship for 5 years until the work was done. What if that plan failed and we never came back--content with the vacation type life style that began making us a characture of our own selves (literally, human's are depicted as live action actors in the past where as in the future we are fat cartoons). And what if we shut all the drone robots off except one aka WALL-E and it's been continuously doing its job for the past 700 years?

From here we follow our lone WALL-E as he goes through his typical day. That is until a strange robot appears from the sky who we see scanning for something in particular which we aren't privvy too right away. WALL-E being alone for so long takes a liking to this new robot named EVE amd the shenanigans begin.

Not only is this a great animation movie but its also a great sci-fi movie. There is very little dialog in it, and I hardly noticed. It's great story telling when you can accomplish with just pictures what others have a hard time doing with dialogue. And really that is what a motion picture is meant to do. To some this story can be seen as a cautionary tale about materialism and gluttony--but I think people that do see it as such are missing the point. WALL-E is more about companionship and the relationships that we build with people around us that make the world work.

I use to rank Pixar movies within the realm of all the previous Pixar movies, but I can't do that with WALL-E. It's already my favorite Pixar movie but I might venture to say that WALL-E is a classic--it's story telling at its best. Not only is it the best Pixar movie I've seen but I fully believe that its one of the best movies released in recent years. It's that good.

Maybe this time I'm the idiot for liking this movie as much as I do and if that's the case I'm not sure I regret it.
Tags: chicago bears, blackhawks, wall-e
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Recover & Hot Dogs
12/17/08 at 05:08 PM by mp3o
I'm about to get some wicked jumbo hot dogs from Portillo's for dinner. It's gonna probably be the sweetest thing since peanut butter and Fluff. Wish me luck.

So I'm friends with Rory from such bands as the Impossibles, slowreader and the Artificial Heart. I've been in contact with him for a number of years through AIM and LJ. Dudes, legit. He was Web 2.0 when the web was still Web .5.

Either way, Recover went on an hiatus so Dan Keyes could pursue Young Love. Well with it he brought all the other members of Recover except, Jimmy Vela the drummer. At least that is what I thought. Since at the time I thought he wasn't in Young Love, I also thought "Man, what the fuck happened to Jimmy" (see sidestory). Being as internet savvy as I am, I decided to fb message Rory.

I simply ask Rory what Jimmy's up too. Not only do I find out Jimmy is in Young Love but that in fact Recover is currently writing a new record.

Originally Posted by rory fb reply
Jimmy is also in young love, actually

and Recover are writing a new record right now

so he's a busy man, besides being the sickest drummer on earth.

How killer is that? I'm pumped and can't wait to see these cats live again. Such a good time.


sidestory: Back in the day when I was in college, Recover went on tour with Taking Back Sunday (still original members) and the Get Up Kids. Well because I'm an idiot I didn't get tickets in time and that shit sold out quick. I really wanted to see Recover. I had all the guys from Recovers AIM screen names and occassionally talked with Ross and Robert. I saw Jimmy on and started talking. Talked about numerous things like the Impossibles DVD that was coming out or already out (it's vague). I let him know that pretty much been around with Reco every time they hit up Chicago. I tell him the story of me being an idiot and not getting tickets and as soon as I said that he was like "Oh no problem, I'll put you on the guestlist". Then something to the effect of taking care of the old school Reco fans or something. Either way long story short, ended up seeing a kick ass sold out show for free cause Jimmy was cool enough to put someone he didn't know on a guestlist. It was rad.
Tags: hot dog, rory allen, impossibles, recover
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SNL & Beer
12/15/08 at 09:24 PM by mp3o
I just had a bagel and cream cheese. Not because I'm trying to watch what I eat and shit but mostly cause are the only two items I have in the fridge at the moment. That and beer and water.

Speaking of beer, I try not to drink on Monday's -- just a bad habit to get into considering its the beginning of the week and what not. That being said I snuck a Goose Island 312, mostly cause I was talking about it today and just had a taste for it.

I watched SNL last night (I had it DVR'd) and I must say the weekend update was hilarious. Actually, everything up until and including the WU was hilarious. Afterwards not so much. I liked the fact that they made fun of Blagojevich.


and finally, it all comes together here:

Tags: snl, blagojevich, beer
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12/14/08 at 04:52 PM by mp3o
Bout to watch the Blackhawks game and do my laundry. Anyone want to do that shit for me?

Just got back from a family Christmas party. It's early this year cause it the only time we could get a banquet hall type thing. It still was a good time, I just wish I had some vacation days coming up...like tomorrow specifically.
Tags: christmas, blackhawks
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