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Show Review: No Parents No Rules Tour
05/20/09 at 06:42 PM by more heart
I'm going to start something new where I'll just do a quick breakdown/review of some of the recent shows I go to. Alright, here it goes...

On Monday I had the opportunity to go to the No Parents No Rules Tour with The Secret Handshake, The Dangerous Summer, The Morning Of, and The Bigger Lights and I have to say it was a pretty good show to say the least. City Lights came over from Ohio to play the show and were pretty good. I know poeple aren't in love with these guys but, they write some fun, catchy, pop punk songs and sometimes, that's all that matters. After City Lights was a local two-piece band called Frankie and Johhny(check them out and tell Frank that Alex sent you). My mom works in a class with Frank so through her, I've known Frank for a little while. His other half Johnny was unable to play so Frank had to play acoustically by himself(something fairly intimidating) which he did fairly well.

The Bigger Lights was the first of the bands on the tour to play. They definitely played with a ton of energy to say the least. It was a little awkward though with Topher on stage. It seemed like he was William Beckett with his bent arm and constantly running around the stage and getting right in front of all of the girls(unfortunately for him, they all seemed to be weirded out like he had cooties or something hahahaha). Overall, they played a good set and their new drummer seemed to fit in really well with the other guys.

After The Bigger Lights was the main reason I was there: The Dangerous Summer. This was the second time that I've seen them and this time certainly beats the hell out of the first. Being that they were on a slightly larger stage certainly helped a bit. Just like The Bigger Lights, TDS played with a ton of energy. We had a special treat when Sergio from Thieves and Villains came on to sing guest vocals on "Disconnect". They finished with "Ther Permanent Rain", easily my favorite TDS song. There was something so magical about that song live. Everyone we singing out loud at the top of their lungs. Simply put, it was an amazing finish to their set.

The Morning Of played immediately after The Dangerous Summer and it was clear that they were the most anticipated band there. it was really nice to see them again because the first/last time I saw them, they were without a drummer and had to play acoustically. Now with a new drummer, they were able to play as a full band. They were definitely fun to watch and there was another special treat when Jay from Just Surrender came on to sing(I want to say he sang on "Reverie").

Last up was The Secret Handshake. I'm not really sure where to go with this one. To me, it seemed like Luis was pissed the whole time and I think it was due to the little reaction he got from the crowd. There were parts during his set where he'd just go "Fuck. fuck my life". Nevertheless, he gave a very energetic performance and he even called me out for starting the clap for "Every One Knows Everyone".
Tags: The Secret Handshake, The Dangerous Summer, The Morning Of, The Bigger Lights, show
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Lord, Get Me Out Of This City Tonight...
05/19/09 at 07:26 PM by more heart
Quite possibly in my top 3 or so lines from a song all time. This line in particular perfectly describes the way I've been feeling for almost two years now...

I'm planning on writting a show review for the No Parents No Rules show I went to last night so check back tomorrow for it.
Tags: The Morning Of, Reverie
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Best News of 2009 So Far
05/17/09 at 06:42 PM by more heart
Right here: http://www.absolutepunk.net/showthread.php?t=1063472

I think the news thread with the new All Time Low song is #2 for me.
Tags: Set Your Goals, This Will Be The Death Of Us, tracklisting, news
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Can Someone Please Explain This To Me?
05/15/09 at 10:01 PM by more heart
How in the hell is The Audition touring with Dance Gavin Dance next month? I thought I've seen it all when it comes to odd tour line-ups but, this is by far the strangest pairing I've ever seen.

If you don't believe me, here's the proof.
Tags: Dance Gavin Dance, The Audition, odd, tour, wtf
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In The Mail Yesterday
05/13/09 at 04:19 PM by more heart
It only took over a week but it finally came

It also came with a t-shirt that yours truly is currently wearing. If you haven't heard of these guys before, I highly recommend giving them a listen.
Tags: Sparks the Rescue, Eyes To the Sun, pre-order
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Upcoming Reviews
05/11/09 at 06:21 PM by more heart
I currently have reviews for Settle the Sky, Blessed By A Broken Heart, Jody Has A Hitlist, and Freshman 15 all in the queue. If I could take a guess, I'd expect them to be posted on Friday or Saturday, if not by some miracle they're posted earlier.

I have a ton of records I want to review except I don't have anymore left that I'd classify as "high-priority". It'll probably end up being whatever I feel like reviewing on Thursday or Friday. Most of it will be metalcore bands with a few others here and there.

Edit: My Sparks the Rescue pre-order is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. Freakin' finally!
Tags: reviews
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I'm So Cool
05/08/09 at 07:02 PM by more heart
In order to prove how cool I am, I decided not to go to my junior prom(which is tonight). Bunch of losers they are, but not me.

+1 for more heart.

Anyway, if you guys are looking for some sunny powerpop/pop punk music. I highly reccomend giving Mercy Mercedes a shot. They're really good and write some highly addicting music perfect for those summer road trips.

Tags: Mercy Mercedes, I'm not a loser
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Don't You Dare Say As Cities Burn Sucks!
05/02/09 at 08:44 PM by more heart
People, come on, get over yourselves. I've never seen so much backlash for someone having an opinion in my life. The fact that people care over some stupid Twitter post saying a certain band's record sucked is extremely immature. Aren't we all allowed to have an opinion. Besides, if you think Jonny Craig and every single band he's been in sucks, why do you take what he says seriously? Maybe you secretly love Emarosa/Dance Gavin Dance and think he's the best vocalist ever but you're too afraid to admit it.

My point is this: Don't over react to a meaningless opinion stated via Twiiter update. Yes the 9/11 joke was over the line but come on already...
Tags: Jonny Craig is teh best vocalist eva!!!
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My Brain Hurts
05/02/09 at 11:56 AM by more heart
I don't think I'm even going to attempt to think for at least a week straight.
Tags: I'm pretty sure I did horribly on my SAT
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How To Protect America
05/01/09 at 05:57 PM by more heart
With the whole Swine Flu pandemic and the outbreak of lettuce tainted with E.Coli a year ago, there have been an outbreak of various diseases throughout the United States. Since both of the aforementioned incidents began in Mexico, this is my solution to the problem thus saving America:

1) Do NOT eat anything grown or raised in Mexico. Come on, have you not heard of Taco Bell? It's like going to Mexico minus all the bad things.
2) Do NOT import anything from Mexico. Does Mexico even produce anything worthwhile anyway?
3) Do NOT go to Mexico. Yeah Cancun may seem fun but, you'll more than likely die due to some strange disease or you'll get murdered by the many drug lords that rule the streets of Mexico.

Problem solved. Case closed.
Tags: more heart to the rescue
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Call Us!
05/01/09 at 02:57 PM by more heart
Why is it that bands are now all of a sudden placing phone numbers in their MySpace display names and asking their fans to call them? Does anybody actually call? Do the bands even answer?

Maybe I should find out for myself.
Tags: I need an explenation
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I <3 Fake Accounts
04/28/09 at 07:19 PM by more heart
You gotta love the people who create accounts just to bitch about giving a generic band a low score in a review.
Tags: fake accounts ftw
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Welcome To New York Hakeem Nicks and Clint Stintim!
04/25/09 at 07:24 PM by more heart
Go get 'em Big Blue!

Hakeem Nicks - WR

Clint Sintim - OLB

Edit: With their second pick in the second round, the Giants selected William Beatty(OT) from UCONN. Sweet!
Tags: New York Giants, 2009 NFL Draft, Hakeem Nicks, Clint Sintim, UNC, UVA
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You Gotta Love My Hometown And Local Venue
04/24/09 at 04:42 PM by more heart
The folks at The Chance/The Loft are such kind and helpful people...NOT!!!
Tags: Ashamed of what I call my hometown
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Chain Me Free
04/24/09 at 02:43 PM by more heart
Ahhh 2005...the year my musical tastes changed forever. Anway, back in 2005, I really started to watch Steven's Untitled Rock(oh how I miss it, but that's a different blog entry maybe). It's hard to say but if I were to say what exactly got me into the music I'm in to today, or at least what got me there, it was definitely SURS. I always looked foward to watching it each and everyday to hear some of my favorite bands and to discover.

One of the first videos I ever saw on the show that(literally) made my jaw drop was The Matches' "Chain Me Free". I wouldn't say it was vastly different from what I listened to back then but it was one of the first independant bands that I ever got into and really helped expose me to this whole other world out there. I was totally blown away when I picked up their record shortly there after. Before I got E. Von Dahl..., I would watch SURS religiously each day and hope they'd play that video(when they did, it made my day). Sadly, I haven't listened to this band that much after I got Decomposer, maybe I should give them a listen again and pick up A Band In Hope. Well, here's the video that started this all...

Tags: The Matches
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