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This January
Chapter 3: Stop Thinking So Much
07/28/09 at 08:15 AM by hcky0819
Bitch! Cause it never ended and I jumped ship. Cause if it was another post on BrokenCyde I would have slit my throat. Cause I care. Cause you should too...


So go there and let me know your thoughts.

peace and <3
michael meeze
Tags: BrokenCyde, Chapter, 3, Care, Amazing
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Debt To The Grandiose
07/27/09 at 06:39 AM by hcky0819



Tags: January, poetry, grandiose, Vermont
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The January Index
07/22/09 at 04:41 PM by hcky0819
Yo guys, it is official! The January Index is up and running. Please check it out and let me know what you think!


Peace and <3
Tags: january, poetry, love
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06/21/09 at 06:49 PM by hcky0819
Yo, the blog has some wicked cool links:

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Chapter 2: This Aint No Piercing So Why Are My Ears Bleeding?
06/07/09 at 02:11 PM by hcky0819
check out the new entry on brokeNCYDE, Auto-Tune, and the Something Corporate-The Early November Runion Tour. http://mikemeeze.com

Peace and <3
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Chapter 1
06/02/09 at 11:02 AM by hcky0819
"To Jump Off a Cliff" just posted. It is the first chapter of an indefinite story.

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Trains From Zac
05/17/09 at 12:03 PM by hcky0819
Hey guys,
I just posted "Trains From Zac" on the blog. Please check it out and let me know what you think!


Meeze <3's you.
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He Said "Sex"
05/10/09 at 05:07 PM by hcky0819
Hi everyone, just posted "He Said 'Sex'" on the blog

Tis about a boy who was in a bad place at a bad time. Is situation bad though?

Let me know what you think of it.

Peace and <3
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Artificial High
02/02/09 at 06:10 PM by hcky0819
Rain trickles down the backs of all those who beg for gold.
Fools’ gold, I say! Fools’ gold!
Pain every day and it will stay.
Sane in every way and the rain fills the bay.
Cowardly scouring for what they seek,
They are just like the mouse, hanging from the raven’s beak!
Back, I say! Back, up the peak!
The bay’s dam has a leak!
Shiny nuances of the future’s fortunes,
With women and children by their side.
When the water tumbles down, they will have nowhere to hide!
Rain beats the backs of those who have followed those who have lied.
And all it took was single tear drop to force the deluge which has yet to subside.
Pity those who we knew had cried.

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He Said Sex
01/12/09 at 11:45 AM by hcky0819
He swore it was a lie the moment her lips touch his. How could this electricity be as shocking as this bed they both shared? Her face gleamed with an air of sophistication but her touch was that of a slut. Never mind her wondering hands, as his belt was undone; never mind the temptations. With a certain song stuck in his sloshed head, he capitulated to his antagonist. “I assume this is how it’s going to be.” He thought as he closed his blue eyes. Her breath was poignant on his bare chest, and her nails scratched ever so lightly along his naked hips.
Here was this girl, alone for the first time, yet together for what seemed like eternity. And here was this boy, crazed at his uncertain future, but content at this very moment. Below the surface, these kids could be your middling, nonchalant, run-of-the-mill-product-of-the-emotional-generation-kids, yet to continue your search, one finds pain rivaled by none of their peers. Feelings of being alone and afraid; a life-time of tragedy wrapped up into two multi-celled organisms just waiting for their breakdown to occur.

The room was dark but the moon shed enough light into the master bedroom that two bodies could be made out sprawled upon the queen size bed. Clothes littered the floor, along with the protection that was lost to the moment. Who would want to protect from the passion that permeated every corner of the room? Love was the last emotion on either of their minds. The boy was hoping it was over, the girl pretended like it just began; this lust was overwhelming. With an eye to the future, neither would acknowledged the reasoning behind their decision. All that was considered was the feeling of two young bodies clinging to each other for reasons beyond either’s expectations.

With a quickened pace, the boy went in and out, in and out. This must be a lie; every bit of this satisfaction a falsity to the true reasoning behind such primal instincts and lust. He aimed to kill, with every penetration, all the hatred he had for his life. Sweat dripped from his far-head, and she played with his mind. She grabbed the bed sheets in an attempt to stabilize herself. He grasped the pillow behind her flowing brown hair until his knuckles turned white. Then he collapsed onto her chest.

They may have been young, but their desire was thousands of years in the making. When you grow up with lies, you can play anyone, anywhere, at anytime…even in a collage of sheets. With the rays of the morning’s sun, he rolled out of bed. Naked, he searched for his clothes, paying careful attention in order not to awake his sleeping mistress.
“And so this is how we will be remembered; by our sins, our covetousness, our hatred,” He thought, as he opened his cell’s door. “This must be heaven.”

Peace and <3
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