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One Ridiculously Classy Broad
Budweiser's Band of Buds
09/14/10 at 06:47 PM by Smotown
]My friends and I entered Budweiser's "Band of Buds" competition to find America's best crew of friends. We're currently #5 in our market (Pittsburgh) and one of the only teams representing our city (Buffalo). On October 14th we'll be competing against 11 other teams in Pittsburgh at a live casting call. The winning crew will move on to Las Vegas for the finals in December. There that crew will have a 1 in 25 shot at $100k, a spread in Rolling Stone Magazine, and an online reality series.

Please check us out and if you like what we're about, cast a vote - http://bandofbuds.com/crew/bff-drinking-squad


Tags: budweiser, band of buds, pittsburgh, buffalo
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TV/TV interview - 07.16.09 - Warped Tour
07/24/09 at 07:55 AM by Smotown
I caught up with singer Josh Ocean the Darien Lake warped tour stop, feel free to check it out:

TV/TV interview
Tags: tv/tv, interview, warped tour, examiner, darien lake, buffalo
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Interview - Less Than Jake - 07.16.2009
07/22/09 at 08:39 PM by Smotown
I caught up with JR on the Warped Tour @ Darien Lake Performing Arts Center on July 16. JR reminisced about the last 15 years of Warped Tour all while trying to convince me that 2009 was Less Than Jake's first year on the tour. Not really any new information here -- but a funny read.


I'll be posting interview with TV/TV, Anarbor and Chiodos later on this week.

Tags: less than jake, interview, warped tour, examiner, darien lake, buffalo
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An interview with Tyrone Wells.
06/22/09 at 06:28 PM by Smotown
Hey guys!

I recently interviewed Tyrone Wells before his appearance at Thursday at the Square on 6/18 here in Buffalo. Check it out: http://www.examiner.com/x-12114-Buff...h-Tyrone-Wells
Tags: interview, examiner, buffalo, tyrone wells
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Shooby-doo-wop & Scooby Snacks: LFO stops by for the summer
06/05/09 at 11:00 AM by Smotown
I use to be a huge LFO fan. Reading their lyrics I'm not really sure why -- but I was ten. What did I know? Of course I'll be making a stop at the reunion tour. Nostalgia rules!

I wrote an article about the history of LFO & the reunion -- the end of the article is full of hilarious lfo lyrics/jokes. Feel free to check it out!

Tags: lfo, reunion, article, examiner
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I'm writing about Music for Examiner.com
05/26/09 at 10:18 PM by Smotown
I was recently hired as a freelance contractor for Examiner.com ó my official title is ďBuffalo Music ExaminerĒ and I just published my first two article today. The first is a piece I originally put together for my Principles of Journalism course at Buffalo State College back in 2007 -- an interview with one of Pitchfork Media's writers. The second article is a preview of Thursday at the Square concert series in Downtown Buffalo. Please feel free to check them out. Thanks in advance ;) And keep checking back because I'll be publishing all sorts of music related articles on a daily/weekly basis -- some geared towards the Buffalo, NY region & others with a national spin.


Oh, and if anyone wants to get involved with writing @ Examiner.com ó let me know! They have a pretty sweet referral program!

Tags: examiner, buffalo, music, freelance, writer
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Tumblr, anyone?
02/14/09 at 08:48 PM by Smotown
Do you Tumble? If so, let's be "followers" of one another


....and then we can drink the purple juice?

/bad cult joke.

Tags: tumblr
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happy birthday, bobby brown!
02/04/09 at 10:17 PM by Smotown
17 minutes into age 24.

In 5+ previous years ó I would have been out drinking and hanging out with friends right now. This year? Iím ringing my birthday in alone. Two steps forward, one step back. Iíve spent the last hour or so listening to two songs in particular - songs that I listened to a lot this past year, because of the obvious "23" reference - and my love for both bands.

Amazing still it seems
Iíll be 23
I wont always love what Iíll never have
I wont always live in my regret
- Jimmy Eat World : 23

Are you where you thought youíd be
So beautiful and only twenty-three
Opposition rests in the hearts
With no, with no, with no opportunity
Itís not that we donít talk
Itís just no one really listens and honesty fades
Like a politician lost in the course
All smiles and no one remembers our names
- Anberlin : Alexithymia
Mid-twenties are so weird.

Im old enough to know better. But Im still too young to care.

Hello 24 ó where are all of your songs?

PS: Officially I don't turn 24 until 2:10PM -- so I'm going to enjoy age 23 a bit more - just because I can :)




Tags: birthday
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20 bands I miss.
01/31/09 at 12:42 AM by Smotown
20 bands I miss.

Many of these bands have broken up, while some of them just sailed off to the sunset with no official annoucement, but I venture to guess they arenít releasing new material any time soon. A few of them are still rocking and rolling as to the best of my knowledge ó it's just that they have since fell off my radar.

Maybe youíve been living under a rockÖ. maybe youíve always wanted to check out the bandís, but havenít had the chance ó- here are some songs to start with:

Liarís Academy: Dying As Fast As I Can ó The Brick Wall Will Always Win ó Sell Me A Minute
Staring Back: Version 2.0 ó Note To Self: Donít Feel Dead ó X.Out
Over It: Waiting ó Dishonor, Disorder ó Serial Kisser
The Stereo: Pay No Attention ó Donít Say Uncle ó Youíve Got Some Nerve
A Small Victory: James Dean B-Side ó Otis ó When Our Hearts Were Gold
Park: Gasoline Kisses For Everyone ó Dear Sweet Impaler ó Which Wrist First
Gatsbys American Dream: Badlands ó Shh, Iím Listening To Reason ó Epilogue
The Jealous Sound: Hope For Us ó Naive ó Anxious Arms
The June Spirit: Roundabout ó Modern Measurements ó If Kenneth Could Speak
Piebald: The Stalker ó Just A Simple Plan ó Long Nights
Onelinedrawing: Better Than This ó Over It ó We Had A Deal
Ultimate Fakebook: When Iím With You, Iím OK ó Weíll Go Danciní ó Far, Far Away
Schatzi: The Spider Smells Disaster ó Bionic Waves ó Death Of The Alphabet
The Benjamins: Riverwest Creeps ó Wonderful ó Clover
Watashi Wa: With Love From Me To You ó All Of Me ó All That I Can Keep
The Working Title: Thoughts On Loveís Mishaps ó Beloved ó The Mary Getaway
Superdrag: Sucked Out ó Bright Pavillions ó Comfortably Bummed
Tokyo Rose: Katherine, Please ó Weapon Of Choice ó Before You Burn
Junction 18: Life Is A Racetrack ó Little Joey ó Flooding Up The Deep End
Acceptance: Black lines To Battlefields ó Over You ó Glory/Us

Side Note: Apparently I really love(d) Lobster Records.
Tags: nostalgia, bands i miss, break up, hiatus
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Do you like me? YES or NO.
01/29/09 at 11:17 PM by Smotown

Sometimes I wish the Check Yes or No notes were still socially acceptable.

Of course it was always awkward to receive a hand-written ďmaybeĒ in reply. Itís a direct question - how about a direct reply? Then again it was elementary school. Yes? Sweet! Letís sit together at lunch. No? Okay, next!

If only things were that cut & dry today. Instead most of us overanalyze and overcomplicate the whole ĒI have a crushĒ situation - Heís loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me notÖ is a constant struggle back and forth through our brains.

Oh, and then thereís the invention of social networking via myspace, facebook, twitter, tumblr, etc ó which has turned us all into expert stalkers. We donít want to look, but we canít not look ó itís too easily accesible. And itís ohh so easy to build up the perfect little relationship in your head. And by perfect little relationshipÖ I mean borderline obsession. All of this information dances around in your head and you havenít even put yourself out there yet. And you know what? You probably never will.
Tags: notes, crushes, elementary school
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J Cook goes Dunk Hunting.... again.
01/15/09 at 12:44 AM by Smotown
By now you've all probably seen these on his myspace or tumblr. Hmm, could it be... a reply to everyone who participated in the "Epic Dunk Hunt" thread? It's a little late -- but it looks that way. Love him or hate him --- you've got to give the guy credit for being such a sport about this. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw these... I'm amused to say the least. Can't wait to see what kind of ammo he gives us for February. Make it good J Cook, make it good!

Geeez... and here we all were thinking this topic was played out.

I kind of want to challenge this man to a Dunk Hunt duel.

Long live the dux?

Tags: dux, jcook, epic, duck hunt, lolz
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Couldn't think of a better way to spend my birthday.....
01/14/09 at 07:03 PM by Smotown
Anthony Raneri & Vinnie Caruana: February 5th - Buffalo, NY @ Mohawk Place

Yes!! It's also my 24th Birthday. Feel free to buy me as many $2 OVs & PBRs as you'd like. I also accept shots of Jack Daniels - and Jack & Cokes for that matter. Haha, seriously though. It's going to be a great time and I couldn't think of a better way to spend my birthday. Paaaaaaartay!

I sure hope Raneri plays some "Choice Hops & Bottled Self Esteem" and Caruana does "Drinking Song" because that would be faaaantastic and I will surely be a drunken mess.


Song of the evening: The Spill Canvas - To Live Without It
Tags: anthony raneri, vinnie carruana, buffalo, mohawk place, birthday, drinking
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10 things (I hate [love] about you)
01/13/09 at 07:42 PM by Smotown
You know what? I just don't care anymore -- here are some things that needed to be said. I feel so much better now. Go ahead and analyze, get angry with me -- whatever. Who cares! Life is too god damn short. I've realized that I can't just bottle up everything -- if you've got something to say, just say it. Get over yourself and let's have a fucking party. Like the rules say we're not discussing. This was therepeutic as all hell. So much stress I was holding inside is now free.

1. List ten things you wish you could say to people but can't. You can list the same people repeatedly.
2. Don't say who they are.
3. Never discuss it again.

1. Generally speaking I like to think the best in people -- even when others are telling me otherwise. I put up with a lot from the people I care about. You can act like I don't exist until you need something from me. Hell, you can even walk all over me when I'm around. When I hear from mutual friends that you've been running your mouth about me? Sure, that hurts me. It even makes me angry. But mostly? I just feel sorry that you decided to hash out whatever problems you have with me to others before (or should I say without) discussing things with me.

2. You might just be perfect. You might just be exactly what Iíve been looking for. But I think youíre too good to be true. And you know what? I bet you are. But until you give me a reason to think otherwise - Iím going to keep hoping, and wishing, and dreaming.. Because damn, boy, you look good. And Iím vain as shit. Also, I might just be a creepy mccreepster - for that I apologize. Haha, wow.

3. You are my protťgť. I taught you everything you I know. I remember when we first met - I was flattered by your interest in my life -- even if it was a bit creepy, hahahah. jk. I love you mini-me. You are like the little sister I never had. And I'm so proud of you for moving out on your own and living your life the way that you want to live it. I'll admit that I can't help but worry about you when I hear that you're going out drinking several times a week. Please give your liver a rest every once in awhile. Okay?! I sort of feel like the pot calling the kettle black, even though I've toned it down -- accept when I'm with you, haha. Some people tell me that I let you influence (peer pressure?) me into making bad decisions. Which is hilarious to me, because I'm older than you. However, there are times that I see where they are coming from - but ultimately I make my own decisions. I do what I want. With that said, I agree that people do have reason to worry about us - and I hate that we make them worry as much as we do. Maybe we really should give "toning it down" a try? I think we could really give everyone else a run for their money if we could just take the paaaaaarty on down a few notches. If you are truly as serious as I am about this? If not? I hope that you can accept me - for me. I don't want to see another friendship that has great potential go down the tubes because of this yummy little substance that we oh so love. I think once break is over and you get back in school - you'll be back on the right track. I'm glad you have a new project to keep you away from the temptations.

4. If I could -- I'd go back in time and change everything that was wrong with us. I'd start at the beginning, not just the last few weeks (months?) of our friendship. This time around I'd be the kind of friend that you needed. Not just the show/drinking buddy. I wouldn't treat our friendship as if it would always be there - I wouldn't take you for granted. We both know I never liked to live with regrets, but I will always regret the way things went down. It's been a few years now - it seems so much longer than that. I'm always going to be sorry that I let you down. I think.. no, I know that a part of me is always going to miss you. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for everything you ever did for me, all the good times, all the great memories. I want you to know that I wish the best for you. I've ALWAYS wished the best for you. I can see now that you are the happiest you have ever been - and I'm glad things worked out for you. You deserve it! I guess everyone was right -- I was too young, you were too (I'm not going to say old...) experienced? Maybe we never mixed together as well as we would have liked. I'd like to think that if we had met at a different time, a different place.. we'd have a friendship today. Since I have yet to invent a time machine... I guess this is just how it is.

5. I think everyone gives you far too much credit than you deserve. Time and time again you are given another chance and time and time again you blow it. How can you expect anyone to treat you with respect when you go around acting like a bitch? You can be a really great person - Iíve witnessed it. But you have to realize that you are not all that and a bag of chips. Why is it that the attention always has to be focused on you? Why canít you just accept that the world canít revolve around you and people arenít always going to be at your beckon call, like youíd like. You demand too much sole attention from people. People have other things they need to concentrate on, they also have other friends. You have this way of demanding time and attention from others in a non-obvious way, but honey, you need to share, there are other people in their lives and other things that would like their attention. Stop being selfish. Learn to be a better friend, stop getting so upset over the most ridiculous things. Sooner or later everyone will catch on, and then what are you left with? Like I said you really do have the potential to be a great person. When youíre not busy being self-centered & dramatic Ďol youÖ you really can be a lot of fun.

6. To be honest with you - I have no clue what I did to make you dislike me as much as you do. Sure I could have apologized when I first felt things were taking this path, but looking back I don't think it would have changed a thing between us. And how do you apologize for something you never knew that you did in the first place? It's been awhile. I stepped back and took myself out of the equation. If you want to chalk this up to me being immature, overdramatic, selfish, egotistical, etc -- fine. I'll take the heat for all of this. I never wanted to make matters worse by turning whatever this was into a war of the words, because generally speaking? I like to think the best of you. Regardless of what other people are telling me, IĎve always liked you. I still like you. Itís just that I felt "letting go" is a lot more mature than letting things continue down the path that they were. Maybe that makes me a coward? Maybe that means Iím growing up? Iím sorry that things are the way they are - Iím sorry that this has been my reaction because Iíve been down this road before. I just wanted you to know that Iím here if you want/need me to be. If not? Iím fine with that too. I might just be jumping ship for no reason here. But I donít think I am? I was never well at reading others.

7. You. Yeah, you. If anything Iím more upset with myself for letting myself fall for you in the matter that I did. Iím better than that. Iím smarter than that. Itís not like me to let my guard down and get caught up in the moment. I had everything under control. I knew what I wanted - and what I wanted wasnít you. And then you came into my life - and left as quickly as you entered. At first I was amused by the whole situation. But then I found myself thinking about you. And then when I never heard from you againÖ I thought about you more. What the fuck? You know what? I AM ANGRY. You fucking dog, you. You knew what you were doing the entire time. I canít even begin to reiterate how happy I am that I played the ďtoo drunkĒ card and passed out. And you, sir, and every dude like you, are the reason I hold such high standards. So really.. I should be thanking you for reminding me that.

8. I miss you. I miss us. What do you say? Letís reconnect. A few times a year is simply not cutting it -- for two gals that did everything together for so long -- weíre doing a pretty piss poor job at keeping in touch. Remember when everyone thought we were attached at the hips? Oh wait, they still do! Which is a whole different story all of itís own. But it speaks in volume - old friends still consider us a package deal. Sure, our lives have taken us in complete opposite directions - but I believe no matter where we are, who weíre with, or what weíre doing -- weíll always be friends. So letís see what we can do and make a little time to get back to our roots. Name the time and place -- Iíll be there.

9. Sometimes I donít think you realize how amazing you really are. I wish that you did. I look up to you. Yeah, I said it.. I look up to you. I bet you didnít see that curveball coming, did you?! Seriously, girlÖ you are one of the most selfless, thoughtful, understanding, and forgiving people I know -- youíre just all around a good person. And Iím honored to call myself your friend - even though we donít see much of one another these days and when we do itís only for a quick second. I just wanted you to know that those quick seconds mean more to me that you know. Youíre always so positive and bubbly and that simply rules. Iím sorry that those who are closer to you often take you for granted. I wish I had the ability to kick all of these people out of your life once and for all - because it sucks to see you walked over time and time again. You donít deserve any of it. God, Iím really doing a great job of making you sound like you can do no wrong, huh? I donít mean it that way -- weíre all human. I guess Iím just trying to say that Iím glad youíre starting to realize that you need to put yourself first sometimes - though itís hard to step back from those youíve been there for. I really sincerely hope that things get better for you and all the petty dramarama goes bye bye bye. Keep your chin up! By the way.. I freaking miss you.

10. Nearly a year after the fact -- I should leave the past in the past. Iíve said it before and Iíll say it againÖ there was a time when I thought our friendship could survive anything and weíd always have each otherís backs. Now? Iíd like to say that if I ever saw you lying in the street I would walk by and spit on you. But thatís a lie. I still miss you. I wish things were different. I wish I knew better. One thing I know for sure is Iím so sick of seeing you out and about. Itís too awkward. I wonder if you feel the same?



Song of the evening: Between The Trees - Darlin'
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Hey Blog Heeeeeyyy!
01/13/09 at 02:03 PM by Smotown
Sooooo.... I figured I should start blogging here. The staff made the feature avaliable - my as well make use of it. Amiright? Or Amiright? Anyway, I'm now I have four blogs. Crazy! Livejournal, Tumblr, Myspace Blog, Ap.Net Blog. Woah! I try to post unique content to each so that's what I'll continue to do here for the most part. I really don't know what else to write about right now. I'll leave this with a list of songs I've been listening to a lot lately.


House Of Fools - No Reply
John Ralston - Fragile
Anchor & Braille - Still Sleeping
As Tall As Lions - Stab City
Mark Rose - How Strong We Are
Company Of Theives - Quiet On The Front
Empires - Valmont
Jonezetta - The Queen City Song
Liar's Academy - Dying As Fast As I Can
The Stereo - Pay No Attention
Finale - Call It A Night
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