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walshknilb281's Blog

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walshknilb281's Blog
03/03/09 at 03:13 AM by walshknilb281
Hey, whats up.
I've spent 3 days in Sydney. What can I say I've had a blast down under so far. Some real chill people here just trying to have a good time. I arrived in Sydney on the 13th and I was off. Right from the get go. I had been on a plane for 21 hours and right from the airport we were sight seeing, meeting new people, and getting to know the city. All I really wanted was a shower. The first day it was raining, hell it was raining the whole time I was in Sydney but it didnt bother me at all. That nigth we went to a local pub grabbed some drinks my new Aussie mate Scott who was a big Brand New fan so we hit it off immediately turned out he was going to the Soundwave Festival also on a different date. We grabbed some chinese food dinner that night and it was delicious. We then hit the pub with our tour guides Kym and Scott (who was really just there to have a good time with us). We drank at the Scubar next to our hostel until about 10pm but everybody was really tired from flying so everybody wanted to go to bed. i decided to go grab a 6 pack for the room so me and the guys could have a couple shakes before bed. I asked around for a liquor store and I ran into this kid from Finland who brought me to the packie. I was shocked at the prices $15 for a 6 pack. I was hesitant to pick one up but I said fuck it its my first night in Australia and the kid invited me to a birthday party. I was also hesitant about this because I just met this kid on the street by myself and he was with his mates from Canada and Ireland but again I said I'm in Australia whats the worst that could happen. We went to the party where there were people from everywhere, North Carolina, Sydney, India, England. It was a good time everyone was really friendly and the kid had an amazing view from his deck. There I met this girl from England and was going down to Melbourne where I eventually would be within the week so we exchanged numbers. Hopefully we meet again when I get to Uni. I only stayed for an hour or two, I had an early morning the next day and I didn't want my orientation group to get worried. I hurried back to the hostel with a solid first day in Sydney.

The next day we arose at 645 to get ready for our trip up to the Blue Mountains. Unfortunately it was rainy and foggy so hopefully it wouldn't affect the trip too much. We got there at around 1030 and began our 4 hour hike. The Blue Mountains seemed really nice and there was a huge waterfall but it was tough to see with all the fog and stuff so some of the views were rough. We made it back to Sydney around 4 or 5 oclock had some chill time and then headed off for a steak dinner at a pub down the street. I hit up the cassino while we waited for our food put in a dime won 5 bucks, imagine if I threw in 10 bucks woulda been a nice pay day. We then hit up some bars around Sydney and hit the dance floor hard. It was a successful night. But the morning wasn't so pleasant having to get up at 730, only got about 4 hours of sleep.

Today was the day I was looking forward to the most. We took a ferry ride to the Torongo Zoo right across the sydney Harbor. Got some great shots of the sydney Opera House and for the first time since I left Mass it stopped raining. The zoo was crazy so many cool animals. Crocs, Lions, Tigers, Snakes, Koalas, Kangaroos. Easily my favorite day. We hadda get outta there by 130 uinfortunately though because the kids going to school in Sydney had to catch a bus at 2. I stayed in Sydney by myself that day though because my flight wasn't until the next day. I went around checked out the aquarium, Darling Harbor and Sydney Harbor. It's like the size of 2 Bostons its crazy. I was dead however since I had been going non stop for 3 days without much sleep and I finally hit a wall. I made it back to the hostel where I would spend the night with two asian dudes I didn't know or talk too. I just slept from 6pm-9am the next day and got outta there ASAP and made it to the Airport where I'd depart to Sydney. I'll update later on whaty I've been up to.

Listening to: Kevin Devine-Brothers Blood
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1st Entry
01/22/09 at 12:34 AM by walshknilb281
Whats going on, I decided to start a blog out of recent boredom.

Since early December I have been on winter break from school. I am studying abroad in Australia this semester and they don't start school until March so I've had time to kill and with most of my friends returning to school I've been pretty bored, just been working and chilling.

I played hockey for the first time in a while last night. Played for a solid hour with only one sub, I was dead after twenty minutes. I gotta start getting into some sort of shape , I could barely move while guys twice my age were blowing by me. Everyone playing was real good dudes too, we went out to the bar for a couple drinks afterwards too, good people. Got to talking with one of the guys who turned out to be a cop in my town and was giving me all the details on the busts and arrests that have been going on with kids I went to high school with, it was pretty interesting. I gotta start getting out more often it was good seeing some fresh faces I haven't seen in a while.

I'm heading to Australia for a semester abroad in about two or three weeks, should be interesting. I got some cause for concern but I'm mostly just excited to get out of here try something new. I'm sick of the same routine every day, so it'll be a good change I think. As of now I'll be going away with about $2000 plus whatever I get from family before I go I'm thinkging maybe another grand or so, and I'll have a credit card in case of emergencies. Within the first week I'm doing some cool shit, climbing some mountains, hitting up the Syney Zoo then going to Soundwave Festival in Melbourne with Bayside, Valencia, Anberlin, Saves the Day and some others. Just hoping to meet some others that will be down to go.

Works a joke as always, no business in the winter. I work in a flower shop in Boston, kinda gay I know but it pays the bills and work with some good peeps. Drama filled as always everyone girls always getting in stupid fights over nothing. Watever 5 more days and I'm done. I had a good convo with this girl about the state of music and trends throughout it. Say Anything was playing and we were talking about how Admit It is so true. We were talking about how kids at Newbury Comics are to indie for their own good and should be listening to bands like Fugazi and Black Flag, instead of trying to find the next band thats gonna get a rise out of you for 6 months and then be forgotten. It's good to talk to someone about music because most my friends aren't into the stuff I am.

Like everyone else I've been jamming to the new Thursday. Really lovin it, I dunno I just feel like ACBTLD was missing something, and this just seems to pick up where War All The Time and Full Collapse left off. Yea it's still a little over produced but its fast and upbeat. With Common Existence I feel there not trying to be something their not like they were with City. Don't get me wrong the slower songs on City were great but I feel like it slowed the album down a lot and thats not what I want when I listen to a Thursday record. I want loud guitars and solid lyrics and I felt their last full length was missings some of that. Just my opinion on that.

Well I'm off to bed, I'll try to update this every so often and write in it when I'm down under.

"I'm sick of tying yellow ribbons to every single tree I see"
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