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Warped Tour - Uniondale, NY
07/20/10 at 03:18 PM by mattplayscheap
To be honest, I've always enjoyed Bamboozle more than Warped. There's only one thing that I can constantly say about Warped (over Bamboozle), and that is that I would still go even if there was one band that I knew playing.

Warped Tour just always had something special that draws me in. Where as Bamboozle tries harder, Warped doesn't. Bamboozle has hints and secrets and games, but Warped Tour keeps it simple.

This year I went with less interest in the lineup than I had the past five times that I had attended. To my surprise, I am left with a new outlook on the whole experience. I now realize Warped is an event that shouldn't be missed. It has one thing Bamboozle never had... Passion!

The first band that I had planned to see was Hey Monday. This was my second time seeing them and I was extremely impressed. Singer Cassadee Pope knows how to control the crowd. Whether it was the constant crowd mimicking jumping or the simplicity of an acoustic ballad ('Candles'), Cassadee and the band owned the attention of the audience.

I left Hey Monday earlier to see We Are The In Crowd from Poughkeepsie, NY. Good job to whom ever scheduled Hey Monday and We Are The In Crowd at the same time. In my opinion half of the crowd chose Hey Monday over them, otherwise ...In Crowd might have packed a decent size audience. Having lived in Poughkeespie, I was eager to catch their set. The songs were simple pop anthems brushed with catchy synch and duel vocals. I was impressed with the bands energy and the amount of drive that they put into their set. One song called 'Easy' caught my attention and I was instantly sold. Its catchy chorus touched upon brilliant and sexy: 'I would do things that you couldn't say no to...'. Afterwards, I caught Motion City Soundtrack's set. They simply are one of the scene's brightest bands. They never seem to fail to please a crowd. I was even more excited when I noticed their guitar tech (and manager) was also Brian from The Receiving End of Sirens.

The next batch of bands that I had to see all played at the same time so I caught parts of each. First up was This Condition from Long Island, NY. Thankfully this band has managed to give hope to anybody who felt that Long Island's music scene was dying. With lackluster bands like Stereo Skyline representing Long Island, This Condition proves that we still can produce good bands. The opening song ('The Timing') proved that This Condition is the real deal. They easily had one of the best and most diverse crowds of the day. This Condition truly are hometown heroes.

After leaving This Condition, I caught up with Alkaline Trio's set. I wasn't too impressed with the few songs that I heard but I will give them credit because they did put on an excellent performance. I rushed over to see Of Mice & Men's set. They had a decent crowd and I was interested to see if they live up to hype. Sadly, I couldn't really judge them performance wise because it was difficult to hear or see them. I stayed long enough to hear their single 'Second and Seabridge' which only left me disappointed.

I was excited to catch I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's Business. I am a huge Ace Enders fan despite the fact that I have never been a big fan of The Early November. Ace put on a great set but sadly didn't attract the crowd I hope he would or felt he deserved. Either way the small crowd made it better to enjoy his music which consisted of older and newer ICMAM songs, as well as one TEN song. It was funny to see that a lot of the crowd was made up of band members from some of the bands on the tour. Ace is a genius and sadly overlooked.

Eyes Set To Kill is another band I was interested to see. I am not too familiar with them other than their song 'Darling'. A lot of people have told me to check them out but I failed to see what the hype is all about. It felt as if I was "waiting for the bus" (as my girlfriend says). They had packed a nice crowd who seemed very into the set and especially during their final song ('Darling').

I was interested in hearing both Sum 41 and The All American Rejects, who had conflicting times. For me, catching their sets was more for the "nostalgic" memories that rush my mind when I think of bands such as them from when I was at the age of many of the other attendees. I decided to catch some of AAR's set then catch Sum 41's full set. The first five minutes of AAR contained songs 'Dirty Little Secret' and 'Swing, Swing' which was about all I wanted to hear. After those two songs I went to catch Sum 41 just as they were starting. At times I felt like Sum 41's set dragged on but remained as pleasing and fun as one could imagine. Sometime during the set, the band halted their performance to address an issue in the crowd. It appeared that some had gotten hurt and the band didn't play the next song until things had been figured out. Happily for me it all occurred while AAR was playing 'The Last Song', which is one of my favorite songs from them. Sum 41 predictably closed their set with 'Fat Lip' from their breakout second album. Their set was long and bland but extremely entertaining. I only wished that they played 'Handle This' from that same second album (All Killer, No Filler) or something their first album.

I feel that Warped Tour gave a little something to please both the older and younger majorities. With bands like The Casualties and Face To Face or We The Kings and The Summer Set, the tour successfully gave a diverse crowd a diverse lineup providing plenty of exposure. I could never not go to Warped Tour, it is a world that once you enter you never want to leave.
Tags: warped tour, hey monday, all american rejects, sum 41
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So.. Me + Work + Morrissey...
04/16/09 at 09:21 AM by mattplayscheap
So yesterday I'm at work and out of the blue I hear a voice that only angels can possess. It took a few seconds for me to realize it was Morrissey! I was over joyed and shocked that the radio and shoprite would ever play such amazing music. I was way too happy up until the loud speaker interrupted my listening pleasure. It was like having an orgasm but stopping right before it happens. I was soooo pissed! Then when the announcement was over what was on the radio.. not Morrissey that's what... it was some country shit!!! I hate that lame ass job!
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02/18/09 at 02:26 PM by mattplayscheap
We all have "types"!

Infact, we base everything in life on "types".

We look lack the things necessary to take on ne w "types". We each have a type of person that we see as ideal.. or as our "type". We do this when chosing a girl friend or a boy friend or even a friend in general! There are people we like and people don't like.. we are also at times not open to liking different kinds of people that we are normally unassociated with.

Even in daily life we base our decisions on "types". Such as what foods to eat or what clothes to wear. People tend to not eat what they aren't used to. For an example, sushi! Many people refuse to eat sushi because it is "raw fish" but they remain unknowledgeable towards it.

We even have "types" when it comes to movies (horror or comedy), music (rap or rock), books, politics... etc.

Things such as nationality, religion, and where a person is from are also defined by "types". Even the skills and things already known to a person are ruled by types and it makes up the person that you are.

Basically, yes this is a meaningless blog entry... but lets try to STOP typecasting and lets START with simply living!

-peace and love
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What I Realize...
01/29/09 at 03:03 PM by mattplayscheap
Ok! I am twenty-one now!!!!
wow this is truely amazing. You basically look at life and say to yourself "Where has time gone... What have I done.... How did all this happen...?" Honestly, the biggest question, which may I add is also the scariest, is "Who am I?"
Now to tell you-the reader- the truth once again, I feel like I do know myself! Most people seem to think they know themselves. I have discovered that even when you are sure that you know yourself.. you don't. The people this generation looks up to aren't much of an example. With people such as Britney Spears and Paris Hilton... Elliot Spitzer and Wesley Snipes... what's wrong with this world?
Now there are also certain people that I have found myself to hold as examples for me and I find that their words are both true and heartfelt. My idols are my idols and that is personal and private. I respect them as people and shall not display them as most do... people are people no matter what they do. Whether they tour months at a time or work from 9-5 and come home to take care of a house! I found that you must also in someways be your own idol... believe in yourself and find the true meaning to your existance. Nobody is a waste of life.. we are all hear for a purpose and must seek the best for ourselves. This is also why people fail... because they dont search inside themselves and do not become one with themselves.
I have realized that I am now a man! So what do I long for? Maturity, wealth, the foundation for my future that I am constantly building and at times rebuilding. But when does rebuilding stop? That is something that is different for every person! I am finding myself and my responisbilities and I know I will learn on my way!
Live, Love, and Learn!
Life is beautiful.
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01/29/09 at 03:02 PM by mattplayscheap
Friends... hmm... what to say honestly! I think that this word is something that I use but that I don't honestly realize its meaning. It's something very important to me and I don't think it has given me that feeling that the word really does mean.
What I am trying to say is... when I do say "friend" I guess I haven't felt that feeling that I get when I say it and it's regarding someone whom I care about very much.
Tonight I have spoken to four friends of mine... friends whom have been in my life for a very long time. I am so glad to say that I have finally felt that same feeling once again. I love these people very much and they've always been here for me. I want to always be there for them... also I understand that I haven't been that friend that they need and I will change that!
So in conclusion, keep your friends and loved ones as close as you can. Hold them as close as you can. Love them as much as you can!
The world will be so much better when you do... and don't let go!
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