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wunderlandwar's Blog
me vs robots!!
05/27/09 at 02:22 PM by wunderlandwar
it really is hard not to sound like a douche when trying to hype something new you are working on, i have a childrens book coming out and instead of trying to convince you its worth parting with your money and time i will just copy and paste the one sheet for it..

Vinnie Fiorello is the definition of a "multi-tasker." Between being an ex-owner of Fueled by Ramen, owner and operator of Paper + Plastick, member of internationally successful ska-punk legends Less Than Jake, and a toy maker with his Wunderland War toy imprint it's hard to believe he has time on his plate for anything else. However, he is always expanding his horizons with new and exciting creative ventures. Recently Vinnie decided to eschew shaving and start writing. "Sometimes Robots Like Being Robots" is his first foray into the world of publishing outside of penning lyrics for Less Than Jake. It is a children's book functioning as an open letter to his first love, robots. Fascinated by the mechanical characters from an early age, a collection of them sit atop a tall shelf in his office, looming over him as he toils and schemes his next creative venture. As he has gotten older, the idea of robots has become a little deeper to him than the buzzes and beeps that originally caught his attention. The stories slid around in his head and out of his hands as he traveled from coast to coast. He quickly jotted them down on napkins and in notebooks. These stories are international, written in airplanes and scripted in bumpy taxis across the world. "Sometimes Robots Like Being Robots" was illustrated by Eric Davison (responsible for Less Than Jake's "Anthem" cover as well as a good deal of their touring merchandise). To celebrate the release, Vinnie's friends in This is my Suitcase took one of the 13 stories encapsulated in the book and put it to music. Presale for the book begins May 29th with a June 12th release date. The first 100 come with a limited hand numbered, hand signed, 8 x 8 print on archival watercolor paper available at paperandplastick.com
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taken and shaken
03/12/09 at 11:37 AM by wunderlandwar
Currently at the norva in norfolk, virginia making our way up the east coast, from hot weather to cold weather is how i'm looking at it. the trajectory is the west coast and then off to japen to lust over technology and play with rise gainst and nofx . right now we are sharing the tour with the expendables and the flatliners both sets of dudes are great and bands to match. The florida shows went off with full houses, smokey rooms, and some set lists that had a bunch of my fellow twitters going crazy, i've been posting nightly setlists on my twiiter account, along with some not so lon winded quips and some normal daily routines like trying to find a clean bathroom and how life on tour either smells like piss or pot smoke.
the florida shows always have alot of family and friends, lots of "how are you"'s and " great to see you" 's, it is all rather mundane and sweaty handshakes but peppered with seeing some great people and solid freiends. it never ceases to amaze me when i get on stage of places that i used to see shows at when i was young. standing on the stage of jannus landing, remembering social distortion, or youth of today, or agnostic front or seeing the ramones there.. just the walk down memory lane is inspiring and mind blowing.
i have been finding out more details on south america and in some fun facts i found out is that one in ten white men get kidnapped in columbia, and we are travelling with ten people, does that mean one of us will be held for money while the other 9 are frolicing free getting offered pure rock cocaine and drinking mas mojitos? if it does- i hope i'm in the 9.
Tags: less than jake, gainesville, vinnie, tour
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harvest of dope - st augustine, florida
03/07/09 at 03:46 PM by wunderlandwar
After a few days of being home with a junkies style sleep schedule i get to St Augustine for harvest of hope festival. great to see alot of PAPER AND PLASTICK bands and friends on tour, the cold really didnt help a surreal feeling ive had from just having woke up. and playing a show. Great hangs with CHEAP GIRLS, FAILURES UNION, and BTMI. Thnks for the Xanax and Danzig talks!

Medal of the week goes to HOMETEAM for having the harvest of hope rip shirt called "harvest of dope" amazed and jealous at the same time.
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perth. smerth.
03/03/09 at 05:22 PM by wunderlandwar
Perth was the last show of the soundwave festival, new found glory stopped by our set, as well as face to face, the subways, and underoath. It always works out that once a tour feels like it should it comes to an end.
I went over and watched bayside, and hadn't seen them play in a long time and honestly was blown away with how good they are. I love remembering a band, then revisiting a band and finding out that band has gotten great. Speaking of great - mike from mxpx was over hear doing solo shows and looked dave navarro-ish with his beard.
The wind, the dust, the smoke, it all adds to the feel good atmosphere of the last days of summer before heading back to winter coats and heavy clothes. While one of the guys from dillinger escape plan took to the forever the sickest kids stage with a sign that read "total bullshit" I stopped by to have a few beers with Houston calls as well as talking shop about the future of the band. I feel for bands that feel stuck in a bad situation, regardless of how they get there, being in a band shouldn't ever feel like being a slave, a slave to the label or a slave to the scene or a slave to fashion. Music was meant for an outlet, for the message, for taking what's inside and letting it out.
Currently I'm at the begining of a 33 hour trek home to start the US leg of tour, it's not so glamorous to feel like you've been run over with a stream roller from jet leg and whoever said that it's the life being in a band never had to use the bathroom 30 thousand miles up after 50 hungover band dudes and 200 business people. Next time I write I'll be on US soil, enjoying doomsday news and shitty weather all within arms reach of fast food and I'll be missing Australia.

Update: the flight in Sydney is cancelled and currently waiting a line for 3 hours, and looks like I'll be added 2 extra flights by the time this works itself out. United airlines second fuck up of this Australian tour.
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adelaide is made for you and me
02/28/09 at 06:57 PM by wunderlandwar
Adelaide is in the dust, literally and figuritively. Currently on a plane and headed to Perth for a day off then the final show of the soundwave festival,
It has been a full on reunion down here, seeing the New Found Glory guys, alkaline trio, finch, riverboat gamblers, goldfinger, Houston calls, and blood hound gang - lots of guys I haven't spoken to in a long and not so long time. It feels good to get my crawl on through city streets, in the alleys and small unknown places, thumbing through garage rock records, taking in Australian street art, and some of the best Indian and Asian food I've had.
Australian tours are alot of flying and airport downtime mixed with window shopping lots of local color, there is something an airport that makes for the best people watching, from the guy with the mullet with socks and sandals to the wingnut woman holding a creepy doll who was wearing a table cloth looking sun dress. I've been on a hot streak lately on some serious creative things and there's nothing more satisfying then seeing plans come together even though they are 3500 miles away. Well an empty inbox is the most satisfying thing next to sleeping in my own bed but yknow what I'm saying.
I've been listening to alot of Cheap Girls and Failures Union, getting my fix of the new wave coming and it's pretty magnificent. I very rarely give out large recomendations but I am in love, and I am pretty stoked to put out some vinyl records for both of them.
It's always amazing to find new bands in the wake of this teen dance pop craze, something that feels real and not forced or repeating a frozen minute in time over and over again. There's nothing I hate worse than feeling a band has been bought and sold by the powers that be- hate it. Give me some chords, something to sing along to without all the drama and fashion show and I will make a religion out of it.

listen to cheap girls "stop now" here:

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fight then run away you live to fiight another day
02/22/09 at 04:14 AM by wunderlandwar
went out to see all american rejects and FOB in Brisbane.. watched FOB from the side of the stage and felt proud to have been a part even a little... chatted up friends old and current and left the building feeling less jetlagged but slightly drunk.

Chris didn't make the brisbane show due to united airlines being a company filled with odd rules and shitty employees enforcing those odd rules... sorry to everyone who came out and spent there hard earned money to not see us. we will make it up to you...swear.

Sydney's show was great today, watched underoath and the subways afterwards and both bands are great live.
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australia is hotter than florida. damn.
02/19/09 at 08:26 PM by wunderlandwar
i just slept 7 hours on a plane to Sydney, Australia. by the time you read this i will be drinking a large water at the hotel, and have ordered and eaten breakfast food of some sort. A great way to start the tour i think but you don't have to believe me at all on that. Currently I'm listening to Slayer "christ illusion" and it feels like its making the plane go faster, I'm air drumming between typing and the elderly guy next to me has to be bummed that I'm doing this but it IS Slayer, you HAVE to air drum.
i just saw Buddy walk by the aisle who also claims to have gotten 7 hours of sleep even though he cheated. Chris and Kyle somehow got to the plane in time but through some sort of fuck up couldn't get on the flight even though there's visibly three empty seats in my section. so goes the travel game. you win some and you lose some.
Ah, Smoke or Fire just came on in shuffle, what a great band, "this sinking ship" is a fantastic record, this the record that made me want to work with Matt Alison at Atlas Studio, I haven't heard these songs since the record came out and a few months after and i remember listening to this out on tour and it being THE record of the moment.
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packing then unpacking x 5
02/15/09 at 07:53 AM by wunderlandwar
Is 12 shirts, 14 pairs of underwear, 3 pairs of shorts, and a hoodie enough for 2 weeks of touring, i think yes yet everyone else says no. wrapping up the house, grabbing some masters of records that just got done for PAPER AND PLASTICK, and stacking all the art in one place. Half my suitcase is clothes then the other half is technology of some sort, damn. Excited to see New Found Glory dudes and Bayside on this trip.
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the morning after and after
02/14/09 at 07:18 AM by wunderlandwar
the show last night was good, hot club mixed with old and new friends, just like things ought to be. we dusted off some gems, brought out a few new ones off GNV/FLA, a few covers and an hour and 25 minutes later it was all afterglow.
Tags: less than jake, gainesville, vinnie, tour
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fridays remember and saturdays forget
02/13/09 at 05:24 PM by wunderlandwar
I'm currently at a countdown to playing a show in the bands hometown, Gainesville. sometimes we get a better reception in other towns, bigger draws in other countries but this place for all its faults, all the times it gave us a black eye, it's still our town. the first show back is usually all a blood rush and blur that night, and blisters and "rock neck" the next day. so here's to tonight..
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countdown to the end of the current party and count the days until another one s
02/12/09 at 08:21 AM by wunderlandwar
i'm on the cusp of heading off to australia, with a brief stop in LA prior. i had been looking over the calendar and i go from the Australia tour, into a March US run, to a Japanese tour, then slamming right into a South American tour. 10 countries in all, and enough jetlag to power a small city. i usually write over at my page pickyourpoisons.com but lately i've started to think i am going to try to make that a band free zone and use that page as a creative writing excercise and as an outlet for my other projects. So this leads me to this page and my intentions to have this just be a Less Than Jake based travel blog, from my perspective, sometimes fuzzy, sometimes funny, sometimes a huge asshole who doesnt know when to shut up, and more often than not looking through the lens of a camera or the bottom of a glass.
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