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ashleynicole's Blog

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ashleynicole's Blog
05/15/09 at 11:25 AM by ashleynicole
I am getting my nose and my naval pierced tonight! I am going to be sore tomorrow and I can't swim for a while. Ahh, well... So we still may be moving I hate this back and forth nonsense my parents are pulling. If they're going to split I wish they'd do it already. And if we're going to move they need to make up there god damn minds instead of saying we're moving then we aren't. Man, they're Bi-polar! Oh, and I'm off my Ritalin now. I took the last of it today so by Saturday night Sunday morning I'll be freaking out. Lol. Well that's it for now. Peace!
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05/13/09 at 11:25 AM by ashleynicole
So the swine flu epidemic... My grandma is one of those people that are like "Oh god a new disease I think I have that" Sorry Grandma not true. She got both her knees replaced and she didn't need to and her appendix. Phsyco grandma's gotta love 'em.
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The city's looking pretty do you wanna burn it with me?
05/12/09 at 11:38 AM by ashleynicole
I'm getting my nose and my naval pierced =) Okay my parentals may be splitting up. And no it's not as sad as it sounds. I've done the dad thing before it's just natural for people to leave you. NO PITY PARTIES!! I seriously hate that.

I wrote my song 'The Raven' and it's really good at least to meh. Lol. I got to play at the winery for an hour. And I got 60 bucks and 40 in tips =) My first time singing outside of my bedroom and vocal. I am totally conquering my stage fright. I can't even describe to anyone what performing does to me it's true happiness in my opinion. But that's just me and I'm lame like that. Lol.

So I'm failing Physical Science.. Lol.

I think I'm moving... Lol.

OH!! I love Smile Empty Soul I'm listening to finding myself right now =)!!!

IDK what to talk about... Lol. Well I'll type tomorrow.. Hold your breathe!!! Lol JK!!
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05/11/09 at 11:50 AM by ashleynicole
Wow, Haven't done this for a while. Lol.

Okay this a rant. Mainly because well I'm mad. Lol.

So I got suspended. Trying to help a friend and some hoe had to run her mouth over something that was none of her damn business. It was over weed to let you know. I seriously hate her with a passion. I hope she kills herself. OH! And to top that off she's 16 and she was trying to hit my 10 year old brother. I almost killed her however she ran like took off. Lol.

AND!!! I had to pee in a cup too get too come back too school, and our principal is a lesbian (so not saying that's a bad thing) And she asked my mom out... heehee It was awkward..

Well to another violent part of my week.. Some chick tried to jump my cousin and OH MY EFFIN' GOD she was huge!!! No lie man HUMONGOUS ! So I had to help get this massive chick of her. It was very disturbing..

And I can't figure out how I'm getting my lip pierced. Urgh! Lol. random I know.. Lol.
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03/27/09 at 11:20 AM by ashleynicole
I'm totally getting into yoga. Not for the whole stupid weight loss thing, but for like the calm. LIKE MEDITATING. And the Hindu people did yoga! It's the exorcise of body and spirit. Yoga derives from prehistoric roots, and develops out of ancient Indian asceticism, It's also a form of ritual disipline.By balancing two streams, often known as Ida (mental) and Pingala (bodily) currents, the shushumna nadi (current of the Self) is said to rise.

Yeah I know I'm a freak. My math tutor did it with me and Lexi =)

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Makeup smeared eyes
03/26/09 at 11:38 AM by ashleynicole
Makeup smeared eyes by Juliet Simms is my current song I am listening to. The girl beside me will not stop listening to Hannah Montana, that chick can't sing and didn't she take a BUNCH of dirty pictures eww.

My mom is getting cooler about backing off. I got so sick of the war against me she seemed bent on. Come to think of it she is bent. I'm still mad at her but whatever I'll more than likely get over it. I love my mom and all it's just I really can't stand being controlled.

I went to that Slipknot concert, it was okay but nothing like the GWAR concert. Hollywood Undead was cool to Brandon got a beer can thrown at his face and got stitches and now has a scar. I thought it was funny. lol.

Damn now she's playin' country...... SHOOT MEE!
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I haven't written for weeks
03/24/09 at 11:18 AM by ashleynicole
So I gave up (sorta) on Buddhism. I meditate still lol but I mean I'm not just letting things roll off my back anymore. All these stupid shit talkers always thinking they have to gang up on Cherokee. I'm not going to let my BEST fucking friend have to deal with that bull shit. So I cracked and bitched everyone out and I almost knocked the hell outa Kelly for calling her a whore but I was trying to contain myself. Last thing I need is getting in trouble for fighting.

Also, my fucking mom is pissed because I won't be a cheerleader. Technically I'm throwing my life away Oh wait I'm letting my life pass me by. I am so absolutely sick of that stupid be a prep now or your life will be hell. I am not a prep nor will I ever be. I have my friends I have my style FUCK I know who I am and I'm not changing I don't get the point of everyone trying to mold you into whatever the fuck they want!! Differences make us who we are. And I'm not in sports my brother is I'm into music he isn't yet I'm the dumb ass I don't get it It's the same thing.

I don't know I'm just bitching.

And this month I'm going to stop eating french fries =( Depressing but I must contain myself. Cleansing?? I'm about to stop this thing to.
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The streets will flow..
03/12/09 at 11:21 AM by ashleynicole
If that fucking Algebra teacher calls me stupid 1 more time my foot will go so far up his ass...

I hate people. Not all people, but the majority are pissing me off...
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Whata bitch!
03/10/09 at 11:21 AM by ashleynicole
okay my cousin Jamie is 22 has a 6 year old kid got kicked out when she got pregnant and had to drop out, but she got her G.E.D and is paying her way threw college the only 'problem' as they call it is she has a day job but she's a stripper to.

I am not praising her for it don't get me wrong. But I think if you have to put your pride aside to feed your kid and make a better life for yourself why not?!

I am so sick of everyone looking down on people because of something so stupid like a job or the way you dress or something like that. It's shallow and it's stupid. Everytime I meet someone like that I think 'Damn now there goes someone who's insecure and pathetic and all they can do is put other people down because they want everyone as miserable as them' maybe that's just me but I think what she's doing isn't trashy it's.............. What's the word?? Honorable.

I am not going to tell you that she deserves better or needs better, but what she does deserve is some respect. Get it?
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03/06/09 at 12:17 PM by ashleynicole
I am going to start and take up Buddhism. If any hard-core Christians are on here Buddhism is a religion that isn't a religion it's a state of mind. Anyone who judges me on this can kiss my white ass.

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My cleansing process.
03/04/09 at 12:44 PM by ashleynicole
I am doing a cleansing process. Okay it's kinda like your fasting but your fasting from fatty foods which really sucks considering I can't eat my Hot Cheetos or my brown soda (well besides root beer but that's a different story yuck!) But I am sticking to it. I have no clue why I am doing it but I am. I guess it's a test your limits kinda thing.

Last month I gave up meat and it kinda sucked but I mean I can live without it. I didn't eat eggs either (ha ha liquid chickens) but that wouldn't have mattered I hate eggs ha ha ha.

So I haven't eaten at school at all today because all they have is well really fattening foods. Yet, they tell us to eat right. Nothing here is healthy really. Oh well I'm gonna have to brown bag it!! ha ha ha.

Maybe I will give up my piano playing and my song writing next month and see how miserably I get. No I won't I can't go a day without it so screw that idea. I would rather give up my social life and my hair ha ha ha .

I need a new idea. Damn.
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Where does respect start?
03/03/09 at 12:44 PM by ashleynicole
Okay, I am not really good at math.
I actually suck at it.

So today I went in to go get some help (I have a C in Algebra 1 genius right?) And Mr. Cole (who is a fuck nut and I totally hope he burns in hell for this....... bastard) said and I quote "it's not like your going anywhere with your life so stop wasting my time, if your to stupid to get it the first time what makes you think you'll get it now. go eat lunch with your friends" Not only was I offended, insulted.. pissed beyond belief. I started thinking why was he saying that. I didn't know whether it was that I spoke out if I disagreed with him in class or the way I look,the way I speak. I guess I won't know and that really bugs the hell out of me.

But he was wrong I am not going to become a welfare case. I am going to make something of myself and when I do I don't think I'll have to say I told you so because I'll be better than a broke down Algebra 1 teacher who tells there students they aren't good enough. What happened to them telling us to respect one another or did that change because since we are children we don't deserve it?

Needless to say I didn't get my math help. But I think he helped me in another way. I will never be nearly as idiotic and miserable as him. Ha ****!
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Age .vs. Stupidity
03/02/09 at 12:36 PM by ashleynicole
So I really hate how people automatically look down on you because of your age. I'm 15 and unlike a lot of people I know I'm smart, I don't mean it in a conceded way I just have (what's the word?) confidence in myself, and I see that people today are lacking it. I've noticed most of this about the girls I've hung around. They automatically think that they should do whatever a guy tells them to or they think because they are women they are superior. I believe in neither I think if a women can think, and use her brain then hell yeah your totally bad ass. But (i heard this today..Preston and Sheraiah) If a guy says he deserves a hot meal, you should take care of his kids..etc.. That is total bull shit! Neither woman nor men are superior to one another, but women who throw away their brains to shake their ass give people who actually work and think look bad. And men who treat people with respect rather than being sexist pigs yeah they're good in my book too.

I don't get how this went from stupidity to sexism but whatever I was witnessing the fight when I wrote this, I have a reason. Ha Ha Ha Ha.
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02/26/09 at 12:46 PM by ashleynicole
okay so I am getting my Monroe pierced and I can't let my mom see because well she's cool but not that cool hahaha so I need a way to hide. I'm getting it done in may and i think it'll look pretty good, but I can't let my mother see because she'd flip well if anyone's reading this and has any idea's well message me they may be very helpful!!!!
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ehh.. these things
02/19/09 at 12:43 PM by ashleynicole
Well for starters I guess I could say me and sheraiah are prolly going to avenged sevenfold. If we can come up with 1500 dollars!! We could get nosebleed seats...? NOPE!! I think it's for the pit =) Oh and supposedly we shouldn't because we could get hut?! We're fragile?? Sexist basterds =) Awww well. Guess that's bye bye jayden (current ex boyfriend).

So I guess nobody's gonna read this. This is just a pass the time sorta thing I guess.

Cherokee's coming back!! After spring break =) YAY!! If Cat get's her in anymore suspended i'm going to make her life hell =) - anti-buddhist hahaha!!

So I've come to learn i'm part gypsy (yesh gypsy!) and my great-great-great grandmother was a spirit leader for the native americans she called spirits and made medication people today would call it witch-craft they called it logic.

And I am totally going to spend the night in romania at dracula's castle and see if i can't see were vlad the impailer was hmmm... torturing people (if you don't know the story look it up.)

well ima guessing that's it so hasta la bye bye!!
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