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Paying Rent is Tough
06/06/07 at 11:15 PM by Adrian Villagomez
Work is physical hell. Standing and walking for eleven hours a day after a month of doing nothing but browsing this site is not an easy transition. Shooting pains grow in the heels of my feet and travel upwards, forming bruises on the inside edges of my kneecaps. Ouch. I miss AP.net.
Tags: bad mood, schlitterbahn, work
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Driving South
06/04/07 at 06:27 PM by Adrian Villagomez
I'm going to head out in about half an hour. It's disappointing to leave the same day that I got added to the AP.net staff, but I can't pay for rent with my good looks alone.
Tags: travel
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06/04/07 at 01:19 PM by Adrian Villagomez
I'm going to grab a Quiznos sub to celebrate.

Tags: absolutepunk, awesome, staff
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Book: Rules of Thumb: 73 Authors Reveal Their Fiction Writing Fixations
06/03/07 at 10:24 PM by Adrian Villagomez
I finished this book at about four this morning that is meant to instruct one on the rules of writing. Here are the top three things that I've learned from Rules of Thumb: 73 Authors Reveal Their Fiction Writing Fixations:

3) Give your characters professions. Most everyone has one.
2) Garnering the reader's interest comes before metaphor, simile, or any other literary tool.
1) To become a better writer, one must write, write, write!
Tags: book, writing
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Book: Bullerís Professional Course in Bartending for Home Study
06/02/07 at 11:52 PM by Adrian Villagomez
After a year of sporadic reading, I have finally completed this instructional text. Jon Buller provides some helpful tips and a sometimes humorous voice throughout the book, which is an adequate start to learning the craft of mixology. Overall, the read was a positive experience. Now I just have to complete one other (instructional) text and Iíll start on another how-to bartend book. I figure itíll help me remember some tricks of the trade that Iíve forgotten since I last bartended down on the island.
Tags: bartending, book
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Album Review: Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - Greatest Hits
05/30/07 at 09:17 AM by Adrian Villagomez

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - Greatest Hits
Record Label: MCA
Release Date: November 16, 1993

After ten albums spanning three decades, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers released their Greatest Hits album featuring the best the band had to offer. With more than a few hit singles amassed during their career, itís no wonder the band released the compilation even though they continue to create new music today.

The band has sold a sizable amount of their previous albums due to the popularity of their singles, launching them to multi-platinum success on more than one occasion. The popularity of Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers can be contributed to the easily accessible nature of their southern rock sound, which appeals to a variety of listeners. Guitar work on the Greatest Hits tracks is satisfying to fans of rock music, but not overbearing enough to turn away casual listeners. Tom Pettyís voice is also smooth and easy to follow, which appeals to fans of the pop genre.

"American Girl" is the opening track of the album, and serves as a fine example of the bandís signature sound. It is immediately likable and singing along to the background lyric "Make it last all night" is too fun to resist. Instantly recognizable radio hits such as "The Waiting" and "Free Fallin'" stand as some of the most enjoyable tracks on the compilation, and both are derived from the bandís characteristic subject matter of young and complicated love. The harmonic background vocals on "Free Fallin'" overdubbing Pettyís voice again prove the vocal appeal of the band. Although titled a "greatest hits" album, two new tracks, "Mary Janeís Last Dance" and "Something in the Air" (a Thunderclap Newman cover), are added alongside the familiar songs. Fittingly, both are standout tracks and only add to the high quality of the album.

Although it feels sacrilegious to say so, Greatest Hits isnít perfect. When compared to the stronger tracks on the album, some songs ("Listen to Her Heart") seem as if they could have been replaced by something more favorable in the bandís catalog of music. In addition, when listening to Greatest Hits it is remarkable how little Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers changed over time. There isnít a discernible amount of musical progression throughout the tracks, so fans of evolution in their bands may be disappointed in that aspect.

The eighteen classic rock tracks found on Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers' Greatest Hits are easy to recommend, because itís likely that some part of the music will appeal to listeners, whether it be the clean vocals or rock-inspired musicianship. Anyone who has found himself humming along to this band while listening to the radio or is looking for a simple heartland rock sound should pick up this album. Remember, this is the same band that was invited to tour with Bob Dylan before collaborating with both Johnny Cash and George Harrison.

Final Verdict: 94%

Track Listing01. American Girl
02. Breakdown
03. Listen to Her Heart
04. I Need to Know
05. Refugee *
06. Don't Do Me Like That
07. Even the Losers
08. Here Comes My Girl
09. The Waiting *
10. You Got Lucky *
11. Don't Come Around Here No More
12. I Won't Back Down *
13. Runnin' Down a Dream
14. Free Fallin' *
15. Learning to Fly *
16. Into the Great Wide Open *
17. Mary Jane's Last Dance (new song) *
18. Something in the Air (Thunderclap Newman cover)

* - definitely download

Recommended if You LikeThe Cars; Bob Seger; The Who; Eric Clapton; Eagles; John Mellencamp; classic rock radio

ListenAmazon; iTunes; Myspace
Tags: album review, greatest hits, tom petty & the heartbreakers
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La Feria High
05/29/07 at 09:26 AM by Adrian Villagomez
Yesterday my brother called me on the phone to let me know that he'll be teaching at La Feria High School, the same high school that he, my father, and myself all graduated from. It was a good day. :-D
Tags: awesome, family
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In Response to LP (Thoughts on blink, FOB)
05/23/07 at 12:33 PM by Adrian Villagomez
I think this is the longest post I've seen from you, Jeff, so I'll make mine long as well.

Haha. The real reason I quoted three dots was just because you had multiple posts concerning TTTYG, so rather than finding each one and making a string of posts to go back to, I figured you would just understand that I knew where you stood and was trying to respond.
all the way through.
Oh yeah, I got that, but I just wanted to poke fun at ya.

I'm a firm believer in buy what you like. It's why they've had shareware, demo, and trial versions of software for the last 20+ years. I'm honestly not worried about you purchasing the album...
Haha, I wasn't trying to assure you guys that I wouldn't steal, but that I would get my hands on a copy and listen to it fairly soon. But I do buy all my albums as a general rule.

...only concerned that you're:
1. Not giving it a chance.
2. Having misconceptions on a 12 song, 40-minute album based on a few second intro to its most-known single.
3. Thinking it's "good" just because people want it to be or are trying to be scene.
1. Rest assured I have always, always planned on giving the album a chance, even if I was making some snarky comments...
2. ...about one of their singles. It's true that I laughed off the beginning of the song, but that was just my first reaction. I have heard the rest of the song and really like it. And I did kind of mouth off to some guy because he seemed to take offense to my laughter for some reason (as if a FOB song is above humor). But the album is a big blank in my mind - I'm not drawing conclusions based on those few seconds.
3. Hah, I'm not a very scene kid, I think. I'm listening to a Brooks & Dunn (country duo) song right now. I try to listen to what my ears like, not what others tell me to like. But I do put stock in the recommendations of people I respect, such as yourself.

Regardless of whether you purchase it or not, though, I'm glad you're gonna check it out for me. Let me know what you think after a couple listens all the way through.
I promise I'll post all my thoughts in my journal upon first listen (and inform you), and I'll update my thoughts after subsequent listens.

What is blink-182 to you? I first heard them in 1997 when my friend played "Dude Ranch" for me (he also introduced me to the Dead Kennedys, Pennywise, and a slough of other bands over the course of just a couple days) and they were my favorite band for years after. I could go on about my feelings on the band and the way they fell apart, but I'm sincerely curious as to how you view the band, especially comparing them to how you think people feel about FOB now. Not saying you're wrong, I feel like I'm coming off like that, but I think I have similiar feelings that you do, so I want to know what you meant by that.
Oh, and you weren't coming off like you thought I was wrong - not at all. And I'm flattered by this question. I don't think anyone's really asked me about my music history before. Like yourself, I could go on and on about blink, but I'll try to keep it brief.

When I was about 13 and my older brother was driving us to school, 'What's My Age Again' came on the radio. I was hooked. I bought Enema of the State soon after (my first album) and listened to 'What's My Age Again' about 50-100 times before I overheard 'Dysentery Gary' and decided to explore the rest of the album. And of course, I played out the rest of the album (every night before bed I left it on repeat on Napster) a countless amount of times.

Skipping ahead I can now say that blink-182 is the reason that I'm really 'into' music, a part of this scene and posting on this message board. They were an integral part of my music evolution, and I love them for it.

I do get jealous when I hear of people who knew them before Enema of the State though, because it makes me feel... like a late fan or something. Like when Mark says on The Enema Strikes Back!, "This song is for anyone who knew us before Enema of the State," that kind of bums me out.

But anyway, to answer your question, blink was like a gateway drug for me (in the most positive sense of the phrase, lol). They pulled me in and I've never looked back. I believe Fall Out Boy has had that same effect on kids around the world, and I appreciate that. I don't consider them 'my' band though, because I was pulled in years ago by blink. blink-182 is my band, and always will be.

I don't know if that's what you asked for, but it was fun reliving old memories. Thanks, Jeff.

- Adrian

[I'm adding this to my journal now]
Tags: blink 182, discussion, fall out boy, forum
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First Impressions: Fall Out Boy - Infinity on High
05/20/07 at 11:07 PM by Adrian Villagomez
I finally listened to this album for the first time.

As much as I tried to fight it (not too much), I recently recognized From Under the Cork Tree as one of my favorite albums. It's just too solid to ignore. More than half of the songs on that album scream 'hit', and if I may be so blasphemous, it may be stronger than any album that blink-182 released.

With that being said, I was looking forward to Infinity on High. Judging by first listen, this isn't half the album that From Under the Cork Tree is. Even the song titles seem to be pushing it. This slump in quality is my disappointment for the day. That and not getting my living room cleaned.
Tags: fall out boy, first impression, infinity on high
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Fatigue Sets In
04/03/07 at 09:31 PM by Adrian Villagomez
I've been awake now for about 25 hours straight after only getting five hours of sleep. I'm done.

Tags: fatigue
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