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EndSerenading's Blog
Called To Arms Review
11/18/10 at 09:56 AM by EndSerenading
Thanks to Matthew Tsai, AP.net has a review of our new album up here:

Tags: called to arms, album, review, matthewtsaiisawesome
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Life & Band Update
03/16/10 at 07:02 AM by EndSerenading
My wife and I should be closing on a house in a couple weeks. We were supposed to close on it Feb 26 but the seller screwed some stuff up that has delayed us..hopefully this will all be over by the end of this month and we will own our first house!

As far as CTA and the new album is concerned, the very few people that have heard our teaser or any full tracks off the album have provided overwhelmingly positive feedback which is very exciting. If this really is the last thing we record, I feel this will be a worthy exit album and am getting REALLY antsy to get this out there to the public. Who knows, I would love to do one more EP but I don't think any of us have the time to do this band anymore. We do hope to do a short tour to support the disc/say farewell though.

Stay tuned!
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Married Life...
11/12/09 at 01:35 PM by EndSerenading
So I haven't been around here much. Things have been reallllly busy with work. On top of that I just got married which was taking up a lot of my time haha. We had a really small and cheap wedding and it still required a decent bit of planning. It was definitely fun though and married life has been awesome so far! (Besides making me feel like an old man).

New CTA record will be out soon! I apologize for the delays. We had some small setbacks on guest vocals as well as a holdup on album art. Things seem to be falling into place though now. (Everything within our own power was finished back in August).

Been to some awesome shows recently though:

- Last night was The Get Up Kids in Atlanta
- A month ago I saw Sunny Day Real Estate in Atlanta
- A few weeks ago I went to the Between the Buried and Me CD release show...keeping my streak alive. I have been to every single BTBAM release show, dating back to 2002 when no one knew who the heck they were haha. I always look forward to their release shows.
Tags: marriage, called to arms
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CTA Studio Time
07/15/09 at 10:36 AM by EndSerenading
Pre-production, drum tracking, and drum mixing are being done this week and will carry through the weekend. All the other instrumentation, vocals, etc. start on Monday and will take about 2 weeks.

So anxious to get in there. Because of my work schedule, I won't be there until Monday, so the anticipation grows each day I spend at the office here!

In related news, we still don't have a set title for the album, and song titles are still being worked on haha. We have a lot of ideas, and obviously the entire album was written around "The Screwtape Letters", we just haven't finalized stuff.
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Feeling Old...
05/12/09 at 07:52 AM by EndSerenading
So, I've been out of college for 2 years now. I think officially I graduated 2 years ago from this coming Saturday but close enough heh. Its getting to the point now where the much younger siblings of friends I had growing up are in college. For more clarification, I just realized that one of my friends growing up, his younger brother who was still in elementary school when I was a sophomore in HS is now in college. I guess its just weird to me because, as my friend's little brother, I just always think of him as much younger than he is.

The other thing that is making me feel old is that my little sister is graduating from college this coming weekend, and even moreso that my fiancee graduated this past weekend. As I drove off of my fiancee's campus after he graduation reception, I realized I will hardly ever be on a college campus again - at least not on anything close to a regular basis. And this realization felt weird. We've been dating since I was 16, and I turn 25 this year so we have been in school the entire 8 years we have been together until this past weekend.

We always talked about graduating and getting married yadda yadda yadda back then - and at the time it was more of a joke than anything else haha. But here we are, both graduated and getting married in October! I'm definitely excited about it, but it is a strange feeling nonetheless!

And don't take all this the wrong way, its not really complaining just observation. I really had a lot of time to think driving home this weekend and it all just kinda hit me. There is plenty to be excited about this year though overall. My band is putting out our 3rd album this fall which I am EXTREMELY excited about. As previously stated I am getting married in October. And to add to that, we will be going to Costa Rica for our honeymoon (my first time out of the country).

Well enough words. I hardly ever write entries on here, and certainly not long ones! But the spontaneous occasion arose so do with it what you will.

Have a great day.
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Silversun Pickups
04/07/09 at 10:30 AM by EndSerenading
Finally got around to checking out "Swoon" and I think its a very solid rock album. I still have a huge backlog of albums I havent listened to at all that I want to or that I just havent been able to dedicate time to :( But this album is definitely one of my favorites so far this year.

In other news, BTBAM, telescreen, and He is Legend was fun this past weekend. It was weird seeing all of them in SC, especially in a tiny 300 person venue, because it brought me back to my HS and early college days seeing all of those guys in NC on a regular basis (except Classic Case and Codeseven playing instead of Telescreen - the band they merged together to form). I miss those days, a lot actually :(
Tags: btbam, he is legend, telescreen, silversun pickups
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Isis - Wavering Radiant
03/26/09 at 11:25 AM by EndSerenading
so far its my favorite album released this year. The production is stellar and the music is a positive step forward from the sound they already had that I loved. I definitely recommend checking it out; they are still one of the more creative bands under the metal umbrella.
Tags: isis, wavering radiant, album
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Called To Arms Twitter
03/11/09 at 06:51 PM by EndSerenading
so yea, we have a twitter.


i'll be updating it now and then as we continue to write as well as in studio updates while recording this album. I'm sure I'll update it even past then but for now the goal is promotion of the record for later this year.
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