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atticusfinch's Journal
I'm Speechless and Redundant...
05/29/09 at 09:20 PM by atticusfinch
Wow. I haven't felt this way in a long time. I miss being happy. :)

This is great. So great.
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But Not Hopeless
05/20/09 at 05:47 PM by atticusfinch
Have any of you ever wondered what it is like for someone to think you're "the one" and not feel the same way back? I've always been pretty curious as to this concept.

One of these days, that's not going to matter.
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It Never Ends...
05/09/09 at 01:22 PM by atticusfinch
Get to the point, get it across
To the boys at the top of the ladder
I'm climbing up
I,I have my doubts

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Kevin Devine @ The Social May 4th, 2009
05/05/09 at 05:11 PM by atticusfinch
So I saw Kevin Devine last night again at the Social, and it was one hell of a party. All of the openers were very good, and even though it was a pretty small crowd, good times were certainly had. Here is the setlist:

Brothers Blood (acoustic)
Cotton Crush
No Time Flat
Another Bag Of Bones
Hand Of God
Sweet Child O' Mine (Guns N Roses) the whole event that led up to this was fucking hilarious, btw.
Go Haunt Someone Else
The Longer That I'm Out Here
I Could Be With Anyone
Buried By The Buzz
Yr Husband
Tomorrow's Just Too Late
All Of Everything, Erased
You Are The Daybreak
Yr Damned Old Dad
Just Stay
Brother's Blood (full band)

I recorded TEN songs from the setlist on video, which you may view below:

Cotton Crush

Another Bag Of Bones

No Time Flat

Sweet Child O Mine (GNR cover song)

This was, without a doubt, the best part of the entire set. Brian Bonz called out some guy who kept shouting "ERIC" and essentially began to freestyle rap/beatbox, which was golden. Then, somehow, our ears were graced with the first riff of Sweet Child O Mine, and the rest is hilarious history. Thanks for a great time, Kevin and Co!

The Longer That I'm Out Here

I Could Be With Anyone

Tomorrow's Just Too Late

You Are The Daybreak

Just Stay

Brother's Blood

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I Could Be With Anyone.
05/04/09 at 06:03 AM by atticusfinch
I'm in love with everyone, with every sweetheart on the scene.

Kevin Devine show tonight!!
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Mae/personL/Barcelona @ The Social
04/24/09 at 11:32 PM by atticusfinch
Wednesday night I saw MAE/personL/Barcelona at the Social here in Orlando. This is probably the best show that I have seen this year. First of all, I've been looking forward to seeing this show since earlier this year when dates were announced. I would like to say 2 things: Dave Elkins and Kenny Vasoli are two of the most genuinely kind people in the scene, and are two of the most approachable people I have had the pleasure of talking with. Dave does a great job of connecting with his fans. He actually called me out on this very website back when the new version of Embers came out. I had voiced displeasure with the removal of the Christian themed lyrics in the song, and he explained to me on AIM why the changes were happening.

We stayed in touch for a few weeks and I have TONS of respect for that dude. Just such a quality human being. Anyway, I was really looking forward to meeting Dave and got the opportunity to do so for about 30 minutes. Very approachable, easy to talk to musician. We discussed LOST (Dave is a big LOST fan) for all you Losties reading my blog, and just talked about Mae's plans for the future.

I aksed Dave about maybe having K-Murda sing on Suspension on the tour. He said Mae wants him to do it, but they haven't had time to discuss it yet. He also mentioned something about re-recording The Fisherman's song with someone else doing vocals (he mentioned he'd love to have Aaron Marsh or Kenny Vasoli do them). So we'll see.

I truly admire what MAE is doing right now. They announced they've raised over $34,000 for the Rhonda House. I am completely 110% in support of what this band is standing for, and I just feel so alive to be a part of all of it.

Dave and I after the acoustic benefit show:

Fun times!

Anyway, enough of my personal sentiments for this band. On with the review!

A band called Tokyo opened the show up, and I was pretty impressed actually. They're from Virginia Beach and put on a great live show. For fans of Augustana/House of Heroes/Edison Glass.

Barcelona put on a good show. They played a decent set, probably 6 or 7 songs. Definitely played these:

Falling Out Of Trees
It's About Time
Lesser Things
First Floor People

personL was absolutely amazing! First of all, I FINALLY after all these years got to meet Kenny Vasoli. Dude is SUCH a nice guy. Really funny and straight up approachable. I bought a new personL shirt (the one with the rubix cube on it, i love that design) and I bought a copy of the Initial EP which he graciously signed:

I also thanked Kenny for answering my question about the TSL DVD on the ap net chat last week, and he was all "oh, that was you?! awesome man! Thanks so much for being a part of it!" Quality dude.

personL played a great set:
2 new songs to start
canyon lands
born in the rainy days of may
help yourself
wooden soldiers
goodness gracious

I shot video of "Wooden Soldiers" and a BRAND NEW SONG that they hadn't played live yet called "The New Sensation." :

Wooden Soldiers

The New Sensation (NEW SONG)

Here's a few photos of k-murda himself:

So MAE came out and played a GREAT setlist for the main show. I also attended the acoustic benefit show afterwards ($5, all proceeds go to Habitat For Humanity) which I recorded and you all get to watch!

Mae's visual set-up on this tour is fantastic. 2 22" Dell monitors playing their movie-set-to-music backdrop and a huge projector screen (with 2 songs in 3D at the end of the set). The two songs they're doing in 3D are "Anything" and "A Melody, The Memory." It's a really cool concept for the fans, and everyone REALLY seemed to be enjoying themselves Wednesday night. Here is what Mae played:

Not in exact order after Painless, but still all those songs were played.

Embers And Envelopes (new version)
The House That Fire Built
Someone Else's Arms
Crazy 8's (demo)
Just Let Go
The Ocean
Two Birds
A Melody, A Memory


Sun (Acoustic)

Here is Mae playing "Sun" live:

Here are some photos from the MAE set I took:

Mae Acoustic Benefit Set:

Ready And Waiting To Fall
Soundtrack For Our Movie
Mistakes We Knew We Were Making
Tisbury Lane
The Everglow

Each video is available in HQ on youtube, and I recommend watching them in that format.

Enjoy the set!

Ready and Waiting To Fall

Soundtrack For Our Movie

Mistakes We Knew We Were Making

Tisbury Lane

The Everglow

I HIGHLY recommend seeing this if it comes to your town. Good times with good people.

You can support Mae and donate to their cause at their website.

Also, Habitat For Humanity is at these shows!! Please help them out and sign up in your community to enact the same kind of hope that Mae is doing for Rhonda and her family!

I work for Best Buy and have helped Habitat For Humanity several times in the past in my community back home in South Carolina. Great organization.

I hope you enjoyed reading this recap and the multimedia contained within!

Thanks to Mae/personL for making my week!

Tags: mae, personL, barcelona, tokyo, the social, live music, habitat for humanity
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Amy Hopler Has Been Upstaged.
04/20/09 at 04:23 PM by atticusfinch
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Record Store Day!!
04/18/09 at 03:24 PM by atticusfinch
Wow, Record Store Day was AWESOME!!!! I had a GREAT time finding deals, and finding some Vinyl records I didn't own that I had been looking to acquire for some time. The store I went to called Manifest Records in Columbia, SC had some awesome deals on used CD's, too. Buy 2, get 1 free, or buy 2 for $4.18. Also had some solid deals on great movies (some half price, like Tropic Thunder for $10!!)

Here's my winnings from the day:


Sufjan Stevens - Illinoise
Copeland - You Are My Sunshine
Cursive - The Ugly Organ
Stars - In Our Bedroom After The War
Explosions In The Sky - The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place
Green Day - Dookie

7" Records

The Decemberists - The Rake's Song
Camera Obscura - French Navy
Taking Back Sunday - Carpathia


Midtown - Living Well Is The Best Revenge
Acceptance - Phantoms
Weezer - The Green Album
Sherwood - A Different Light
The Get Up Kids - On A Wire
The Get Up Kids - Something To Write Home About (I lost my original copy 3 years ago, soooo stoked to find this for $4).


Mirror Noir by The Arcade Fire
Pelican - After The Ceiling Cracked

Unfortunately, I could not find the new Manchester Orchestra EP (I'll be picking it up in Orlando at Park Ave on Tuesday with the new album) or the new Iron and Wine live CD that came out today, but other than that, I cleaned up!!

I love Record Store Day. It's like Christmas for music fans. Best day ever.

Thanks for going out and supporting indie record stores if you did!!!

I know I had an awesome time doing it.

I can't wait until next year to do it all over again.
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BlackBerry Curve
04/08/09 at 08:54 PM by atticusfinch
I love my new phone.

That is all.
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Ben Folds
04/02/09 at 05:28 PM by atticusfinch
I saw Ben Folds for the first time last night. He played almost 2.5 hours and that has the be the longest I've seen an artist play in my time. INSANELY good live show. This man is so talented and fun live.

Here's what he played, with maybe 4 or 5 more songs mixed in that were either fake ep songs or improvs.

It was heavy on Way To Normal and Rockin The Suburbs songs. He played almost all of Rockin' The Suburbs. I love it.

This is in no particular order.

battle of who could care less
alice childress
annie waits
zak and sara
fred jones, pt. 2
losing lisa
not the same
rockin' the suburbs
the luckiest
sentimental guy
you don't know me
free coffee
kylie from connecticut
bitch went nuts
the frown song

one angry dwarf
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The Scene. Is It Dead Or Dormant?
04/01/09 at 12:23 AM by atticusfinch

This is a prelude to my next entry:

Where is the revival?
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So I'll Stay For The Call..
03/23/09 at 03:26 AM by atticusfinch
I guess the real question is, I dont know,
Is, why I am afraid of letting go?

Why am I afraid of letting go?

Here in the meantime,
I'm a fly on the wall, and glued to the action.
A twist in the plotline,
A demand for a call, a loss of attraction.

And I'll tell you the worst part:
You're exactly the way that I thought you would be
So I'll stay for the last call
Cause I'd move away but I'm never ready to leave.

I'll tell you the worst part. June can't come soon enough. Saying goodbye is easier than I thought it would be.
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I Could Tell It Was Over From the Curtains That Hung From Your Neck..
03/22/09 at 08:20 PM by atticusfinch
I just do not care anymore. It brings a certain freedom.

Joy, where have you been?
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Peace Be Still.
03/03/09 at 10:39 PM by atticusfinch
if this is only a test
i hope that i'm passing
cause i'm losing steam
and i still want to trust you

i could hear the church bells ringing
they pealed aloud your praise
the members faces were smiling
with their hands out stretched to shake
it's true they did not move me
my heart was hard and tired
their perfect fire annoyed me
i could not find you anywhere

could someone please tell me the story
of sinners ransomed from the fall
i still have never seen you
and some days i don't love you at all

open wide my door, my lord. while there's still light to run towards.
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This Should Be The Year Of Nostalgic Tours
02/24/09 at 11:56 PM by atticusfinch
With all this hullabaloo about Blink 182 being back, and a new Green Day album coming out in May, it got me thinking. What if my favorite bands who used to tour together back in the day could tour together now, even if they're in difference places musically? I mean who WOULDNT want to see some of their favorite bands ever tour together and play songs from a time period that seems forgotten at this point in the dying scene? 2003 wasn't all that long ago, but the scene is horrifyingly infected right now. Anyway, I'll save that analysis for another blog. This one will simply be wishful thinking:

Cursive/Bright Eyes/Tilly and The Wall

Further Seems Forever (w/Chris)/The Juliana Theory

Brand New/Taking Back Sunday/Straylight Run

Blink 182/Green Day/Jimmy Eat World

Underoath (w/Dallas)/mewithoutYou


Thrice/Thursday/At The Drive In

Coldplay/Eisley/Death Cab For Cutie

Fall Out Boy/New Found Glory/Over It

MxPx/The Gaslight Anthem/Against Me

The Starting Line/The Early November/Allister/Home Grown

The Get Up Kids/The Promise Ring/Sunny Day Real Estate

Rx Bandits/Less Than Jake

I realize that some of these tours will never be able to happen, but it's fun to consider the odds.

With the get up kids and blink being back, i've been really floating in a world of nostalgia, anywhere between 1999-2005. Those six years of my life are where I found my place in this scene..From my first show ever (Dashboard/MxPx/Brand New/Vendetta Red), to spending hours on the now defunct mp3.com and discovering SO MANY of my favorite bands, to being inspired by Dashboard and Brand New to learn to play guitar in freshman year of high school, to being at a place where I felt comfortable more than anywhere; it is these times that I remember most fondly. The times we are in now with the music scene with shitfests like metro station, the maine, all time low, jeffree star, brokencyde and any other run of the mill waste of space and sound help me to better appreciate just how little time we have on this earth, and to live life in the fullest. 2003, arguably the best year for music releases in the scene since the turn of the century, seems like it was yesterday, but in all reality was six years ago.

Everything was different then. Everything was real and better. Everything was whole.

What a difference time makes.

The Scene Is Dead.
Long Live The Scene.
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