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Kinda True Stories
New account
06/12/09 at 07:34 PM by googirl8907
I've hated my username on here for the longest time and I'm too poor to purchase a name change so I just got a new account. Add me here if we're friends on this account.
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06/12/09 at 09:40 AM by googirl8907
Real life Final Destination
Tags: news
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06/10/09 at 08:18 PM by googirl8907
Some people will never cease to amaze me with their stupidity of course.
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The best part about running my blog
06/03/09 at 03:43 PM by googirl8907
is the response I'm getting everyone. Example from a band whose album I posted this afternoon:

And thanks to Brandon for helping me out. <3
If you still haven't checked it out here you go. It's free music so how can you not like it.
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06/02/09 at 06:19 PM by googirl8907
My best friend just left. I won’t see her again until Winter Break. I hate that we live so far away from each other. And yes I know I post this every time this happens but it really sucks.
Tags: life, friends
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Go see Up right now if you haven't already.
06/02/09 at 07:37 AM by googirl8907

I think this will be my favorite movie of the summer aside from Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince.
How did everyone else like Up?
Tags: up, movie, picture
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This quote hits way too close to home for me
05/28/09 at 05:46 PM by googirl8907
"Have you ever had one of those days where nothing all that monumental happens, but by the end of it you have no idea who you are or what the hell you are doing with your life? Do you ever have one of those days?"- Robin
Tags: himym, quotes
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05/28/09 at 05:18 PM by googirl8907
Little girl: Do you have a fiancée?
: Marshall was here yesterday, they just learned the word fiancée.
Robin: Oh no, I don’t have a fiancée.
Little girl
: Then who do you live with?
: Well, actually, I’ve got five dogs.
Little girl: Don’t you get lonely?
: No, I’ve got fiiive dogs.
Little girl
: My grandma has five cats and she gets lonely
Robin: Well, yeah, that’s cats, I’m not some pathetic cat lady, not that your grandmother is some pathetic cat lady – doeesss anybody else have questions?
Little boy
: Are you a lesbian?
: NO, ARE YOU? Jeez [mumbles] Every woman that lives alone is not a lesbian.
Tags: himym, quotes
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Some of What I Want To Do This Summer
05/27/09 at 09:17 AM by googirl8907
  • Go to a baseball game.
  • Go swimming.
  • Get out of town (even if it’s just a day trip.)
  • Go to the zoo/aquarium.
  • Read.
  • Go to some museums.
  • Catch up on movies.
What are your plans?
Tags: summer, life
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Free music
05/25/09 at 03:16 PM by googirl8907
I know, I know. I keep whoring my tumblr out in here but this one is worth it. I'm always finding CDs, EPs, or samplers that bands or record labels are giving away for free online and I do my best to tell people about them. So I decided to start a blog so they were all in one place so people could find it easily. I don't know if any of you guys would be interested in following it but here's the link.

I'm always open for suggestions about things to post in there so if you know of an album that is being given away for free please share.

Thank you guys.
Tags: free music
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I love cheap movies
05/20/09 at 08:09 AM by googirl8907
at Target. Last night I bought:

packaged together for less than $10.

This has been a good week. I passed both of the classes I was unsure I'd pass and my best friend is here for 2 weeks. The only crappy thing is I still don't have a job but I think I might have a lead on something. Now I just need to get down to Party City to apply.
Tags: say anything, garden state, life, school
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Dude, we're a little married.
05/14/09 at 07:46 PM by googirl8907

This is totally me and my best friend. We act way too much like a married couple.
Tags: scrubs, video
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"I need a chance just to get away"
05/13/09 at 09:05 PM by googirl8907
My friend sent me one of those chain texts asking "What song reminds you of me and why?"

Her answer for me:
nothing but a good time by poison bc i always have a good time with you and it's tacky

It's so funny because it's true.
Tags: friends.
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Summer movies
05/12/09 at 02:13 PM by googirl8907
Here are some of the movies I want/need to see this summer:

And the most important one.

I'm sure I'm forgetting a few but these are the ones I can think of off the top of my head.

Which ones are you looking forward to?
Tags: movies, up, ice age 3, transformers, harry potter
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Oh joy
05/10/09 at 03:22 PM by googirl8907
Between finals, graduation, graduation parties, and company/family it's going to be a looooooong week.
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