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Journal By A Dude In A Small Band On Vagrant
The Seams
02/09/09 at 10:28 AM by JonathanDTEA

Tags: the seams, down to earth approach, this feeling, awesomeness
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05/13/08 at 09:27 AM by JonathanDTEA
Holding off on recording for a while.

In the meantime I made a muxtape. Go listen!

Tags: mixtape, muxtape, boobs
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Pre Production Day 2
03/25/08 at 11:04 PM by JonathanDTEA
Even though these are now over a week old, thought i'd post some pictures from day two of pre-production:

Tags: boobs, mike poorman, portland, shoes, dog
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Pre-Production DAY 1
03/13/08 at 08:47 PM by JonathanDTEA

Tags: recording, mike poorman, jonathan lullo, providence, rhode island, driving, studio
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Providence Calls
03/12/08 at 10:12 PM by JonathanDTEA
Right now, I'm laying in Mike's spare bedroom in Providence. We're going to start pre-production tomorrow, and then start recording drums for an EP that I'm gathering together.

I never know what to write in these things besides facts.

fact #1
The first or second week in April couldn't come soon enough

fact #2
Wren Werner CAN in fact cut hair, much in the same respects that Token on South Park can play bass

fact #3
Always pee before you get in bed during the winter months. When you finally get warm in bed, you're never going to want to get out- but the urge will keep you awake and on the computer
Tags: pee, south park, april
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HRC Cover
03/02/08 at 11:19 AM by JonathanDTEA
I posted up a cover of "Safely" by Hot Rod Circuit... Thanks for all the great responses on everything so far! I'm trying to entertain the idea of getting to as many requests as i can!
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Things I've Learned This Tour
12/02/07 at 09:29 AM by JonathanDTEA
1. Singing is a lot harder when you're playing actual guitar parts
2. If you see a Chipotle at any point, just get it. If you don't, you'll wish you did around an hour later
3. Try not to start drinking until the band directly before yours when you're the headlining band. Sometimes you get stuck with 2 local openers, which leaves you with around 2 hours and 15 minutes to drink your face off. I can get a lot done in 2 hours and 15 minutes.
4. Maybe having the windows blacked out isn't such a bad idea
5. Never underestimate the power of a venue shower
6. There is a pick monster, just like there is a sock, jacket, and sunglasses monster
7. Always make sure the trailer door is latched, otherwise you'll be running around the highway to find your scattered boxers and shirts
8. Knobs are there for a reason- to make sure the clean channel of your amp isn't 3x as loud as the dirty channel
9. If you happen to have a fireplace in your hotel room, make sure to have a camera, some towels, and plenty of naked men to pose around it
10. Every taxi driver in Las Vegas won't allow you to just go to sleep
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Wake Up And Smell The Roses
11/08/07 at 12:09 AM by JonathanDTEA
I've been at casa de mark rose's for the past two days. We've been practicing for the tour that starts tomorrow and everything is coming together. It's going to be a fun time, especially just being able to let loose and play the guitar. Chicago is very fun... reminds me a lot of home. For the record, Mark's parents are some of the nicest people I've ever met. They are SO supportive of everything that he does, and get so excited for everything coming up.

It's going to be a very fun tour. I hope Shannon from The Forecast was able to get her left boob re-attached in time.
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Cover Of The Month!
11/02/07 at 03:09 PM by JonathanDTEA
Hey guys,
i'm going to be doing a cover of the month here at AP.net...

this first month is Acceptance's "take cover"....

let me know if there is anything in particular you'd like to hear, and maybe you'll hear it next month!

I'm on the road playing guitar for Spitalfield for the next two months, and writing for a solo EP which i will be releasing sometime next year...
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Stay... what the fuck for?
08/22/06 at 11:24 PM by JonathanDTEA
Dear David Benioff and Marc Forster,
Thank you for reeling me in for 99 minutes, expecting a very deep, comtemplative ending that would ring in my head like a creepy song for weeks, only to cheapen my expectations for any other movies you two may make together in my lifetime.

Jonathan Daniel Lullo
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It's Never Been Like That
07/24/06 at 04:53 PM by JonathanDTEA
Only 3 weeks left of Warped. It's amazing that I haven't been home since May. DeDe came out for a bit, and we had a good time. My chest and shoulders got the first burn of the summer while we were in Tuscon, AZ. I have the best farmers tan of my life.

The new Format record and As Tall As lions records are so good. As well as Phoenix.

I'd like to see The Lady In The Water. I hear it's not amazing, but i have faith.
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Warped Madness
07/01/06 at 07:51 AM by JonathanDTEA
The last few weeks have been a crazy blur. I'm in Dallas, TX right now and still chugging along on Warped. The shows have been really fun and we've met so many new people. We got all the mixes back from the record and they sound AMAZING. I seriously can't wait to release this....

DeDe in 3 days!
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Warped, Album
06/19/06 at 08:18 AM by JonathanDTEA
We're well underway on the warped tour right now. I'm in Kansas and everything has been so good. The album turned out amazing, and we finally get to hear the first 3 songs mixed today....

Album artwork has been started...

come say hello at our booth.

Dede in 15 days!
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Narrow Me Down
06/11/06 at 07:26 AM by JonathanDTEA
Coming down to the last 3 days of recording. We've got most everything done, with the exception of:

-Lead vocals on "Anyone Else" and "When You're Around"
-All guitars on "When You're Around"
-All background vocals
-All organ and piano
-All of the extra little stuff

Shit. Better get to work. See you at Warped Tour.
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Ann Coulter Can Go To Hell
06/07/06 at 07:41 PM by JonathanDTEA
Ann Coulter is quite possibly the biggest, shittiest bitch of all time.
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