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It's Not the Pronunciation I'm Worried About..
All the things you love are all the things i hate.
12/03/10 at 02:00 PM by Micah511
how did we get here in the first place.

i know no one cares to read another blog about a relationship, but this is the only outlet i have that she is not on.

i feel like you are so immature when it comes to situations like this. i feel like if any other couple did something like this, they wouldnt care. and if they did, when the other person apologizes, they would be forgiven. a paragraph long apology wouldnt get an answer of, "its whatever." and another would have a response of, "... I have to go get ready."

all i want you to do is say, "I accept your apology. but this is why i feel like i do." if you told me why you feel that way and at least acknowledge the fact that im sorry for whatever it is that i have done, it would make things so much better. you just drag out us being okay again by doing this. its almost like you enjoy being upset with me.

ive told you before that if you accept my apology, i will be so much easier to deal with. but if you talk like that, it makes it so much harder for me to deal with you. i dont even feel like putting forth any effort when you cannot accept a simple apology for something that shouldnt even be a big deal.

you want to get married sometime, but if you act like this now, something has to change between now and then for that to ever be considered a possibility.
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Can Anyone Recommend...
07/23/09 at 08:55 PM by Micah511
something similar to Copeland's you are my sunshine? Ive really been digging this record lately and dont have too many things from this genre, so if you have any recommendations they would be highly appreciated.

on a completely other note, Im seeing Dance Gavin Dance and Tides of Man tomorrow. Im crazily stoked.
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Why in the World...
07/01/09 at 01:12 PM by Micah511
is magic the gathering all over the site? i hope they are paying you a pretty penny jason tate.

i guess it could be worse. it could be a skyli.... oh wait, thats still there too.
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Angels & Demons
05/15/09 at 10:50 PM by Micah511
i just saw angels and demons. it was pretty good, definitely cut out a lot of the book, changed some stuff (unnecessarily, sometimes) but i liked it a lot, and the book is one of my favorites. Id say it was well worth the price of the ticket.

trying to learn closure in moscows sweet#hart on guitar, its pretty fun.
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04/29/09 at 10:16 PM by Micah511
i think i literally just got a headache listening to the new chariot. and thats exactly what i was hoping would happen.

sucks to be chris paul right now.
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04/29/09 at 09:50 PM by Micah511
Hey, I'm Micah, i love music. Not that that is surprising around these parts, but feel it needed to be said.


I mainly just want a place to talk about all the music I'm digging lately, so here goes.

right now I'm listening to the new dangerous summer album. probably like it more than other other pop punk record, but thats not saying too much because I'm not a huge fan of the genre. i think its the layers in the actual instruments that are drawing me to this, and the vocals remind me of the starting line, but still different enough to be interesting.

I finally heard the new closure in moscow cd, first temple, yesterday, and except for this listen through the dangerous summer, I've been listening to it nonstop, I love it. It seems to put together the catchiness of a saosin or chiodos, with the pure talent of the mars volta. i find it amazing. my favorite songs from it at the moment are a night at the spleen and afterbirth. a night at the spleen is so amazingly catchy (i seem to use this word too much, but i dont know how else to put it) while still mantaining there amazing technicality on all levels.
afterbirth has a lot of that mars volta feel i was describing. the guitars and singing in the verses especially, then the chorus has this crazy slow beat. its amazing.

i cant remember liking a cd this much on an initial listen since i first heard protest the heros fortress for the first few times, and that is still one of my favorite cds.
cant wait til my preorder for this comes in, ships tomorrow hopefully.

well, this is my rant for the night, dont know how often I'll do this, but i usually have a lot to say regarding music, so maybe I'll do it fairly often.
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